Above the stars❤️

Loyalty, integrity and sencerity
A lot of merits
Not just a parent inherits
It is a matter of same spirits
They are both similar
Their unity is a hidden treasure
That is Beyond all measure
I am talking about him
I am talking about my soul twin
At dawn time
And within this rhyme
I ask my Lord
For whome I adored
And I never ignored
To keep him fine
On that straight line

Sohair 🙏🤲

25 thoughts on “Above the stars❤️

  1. “All is one and One is all ”
    In light and love ,  we can recall ,
    Peace and  joy are  our goal ,
    Easy to flow , with life we scroll,
    We share the view of such a call ,
    Never too big but never too small , everyone could call all in all ,
    With people like you ,
    We ‘re beyond control …
    With God , we become complete and whole …
    Say once again, stars never would  fall …

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    1. That was great Wael.. So beautiful and So well composed.. Thanks a lot dear friend.. GOD BLESS You.. Keep writing.. Stay well 🙏💚😊🍀💐🌲🌿🌳🌷


  2. SMiLes Dear Sohair Soul FRiEnD
    Stars above Sun Beyond Within

    EartH A Play

    i Love to Breathe

    Moon that Lights

    The Night As Day

    i really don’t

    Have any

    Complaints Except

    De ja vue in View

    Came Here 2 Weeks Ago

    With Same News Just Completed

    Another 55 Thousand Word Blog

    Post This Go Around in Review of

    One Hell

    of a


    2020 i’m Tired

    Yet i’m Still Breathing

    No Real Complaints

    Still Happy to

    Love This

    Life And

    Dear FRiEnDS

    Like Sohair From Egypt True…:)

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    1. Beatifully written and said Fred my dear soul friend.. May Allah the Almighty grant you and yours joy, Health, wealth, happiness. Highly appreciated dear friend.. Keep smiling, giving and writing.. Life is great and beautiful with good friends like you Fred.. Stay well 😍🌹🌲🌿🌳🌷💐🍀😊💚🙏🤲🌹

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    1. Hi Kamal dear friend…thanks a lot dear..your feedbacks are always encouraging..God bless you..keep the good work 💗🌝


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