Friday thoughts🌹

Unblock troubles
Face them
And they will vanish like bubbles
Unblock sadness
Face it
And it will be replaced by happiness
Unblock the past
Face it
Its sad memories are lessons in fact
Unblock fear
Face it
All mysterious things will come to be clear
Unblock bad expectations
They are only imaginary complications
Block toxic fellows
To your heart they put arrows
Block worry about money
It is safely kept in the sky honey
Block waiting for a quick healing
Diseases are temporary and not lasting
And finally trust your creator
Cause he is your life’s operator



19 thoughts on “Friday thoughts🌹

  1. Yes.. Well said my dear friend Kamal. Thanks a lot dear. Highly appreciated. Stay safe and have a beautiful day 😊🌹🌷😍


  2. Hehe Dear Sohair Been Writing Every Day

    For 3838 Days Now Online Without

    Missing Even One Day Since

    Thanks Giving Day

    of 2010

    Some Days

    A Breath of Fresh

    Air Just Doing Nothing

    Sounds Good at the End of the Night

    Yet As Soon As i Wake Up Energizer

    Bunny All Wound to UnWind in Flow All Day Long

    As Tradition Has it Arriving After Publishing A 55,306

    Word Blog Post Yet this Go Around 2130 Facebook Profile

    Pic Thumbnail Photos Included That House Approximately

    16.8 MiLLioN Words in Just the Last 12 Months Hehe The

    More i Give The More i Give For Giving Thanks Giving Just Never Ends


    Again Now

    With Morning Break

    Days Are Getting Brighter With Sunshine

    Sentences Still GRoWinG Longer With SMiLes..:)

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  3. What a beautiful song Fred.. Yes.. Keep the good work my dear friend..
    Life does not make sense without action.. GOD BLESS You.. Have a great day with Smiles 🌷🌹😍🙏😊😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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