Flaminco is Not just a dance
And it is not a kind of romance
It is a reference to a story
Or May be a lost glory
A glory of a nation
That achieved a great implementation
But they were tricked by the temptation
The temptation of life decoration
They forgot about the struggle
Their parents efforts vanished like a bubble
They were all killed
And savigely destroyed
Except for those farmers
Who escaped to the mountains
Their grandsons were singing
And some times they were dancing
In their songs they tell the story
The story of that lost glory
Their agony was transformed
Or May be reformed
To the flaminco dance
That reminds us of a history
That vanished in a glance



14 thoughts on “Flaminco💃

  1. SMiLes Dear Sohair Speaking of the ‘Flamingo Dance’

    That Saves The Ancestry of Dance And Oral Traditions

    To Keep Cultural Stories Alive What If A Culture Existed

    Where Everyone Told Oral Tradition Yet No One

    Asked Questions And Interacted to


    The Flower

    of the Story

    To Create New Colors…

    Increasingly i Visit Word Press

    Sites That Have Perhaps a Hundred

    Likes Yet No One Even Drops By to Say

    Hello Way Before they possibly Might Say Goodbye…

    i Remember Visiting Himali’s Site And Her Saying ‘Hello Fred’

    She Eventually Said ‘Hellove Fred’ Yet i was still So Impressed with

    Just ‘Hello Fred’ as i had been Visiting a Site for Folks Who have Functional

    Challenges in Reciprocal Social Communication where i Wrote Millions of Words

    That Were Surely Not Poetic and Hard to Understand Then Yet i rarely
    Heard Any Reply back at all, yet i understood as that is the

    Challenge of the Condition that i too have Been Dealing

    With all my Life; Just Nothing Back to Say to

    Folks When they Attempt to Dig into

    Who i am; Truth is i had Become

    A Tool of the Big Cultural

    Machine An Audience

    Member of the TV;

    A Grade

    In School; A PayGrade

    At Work Servant to Do whatever

    my Bosses Directed me to do, Yet Truly

    There was no Me. no Voice Within to Develop

    Too Busy Becoming the Voice of others Never developing

    The Ability For Who Makes Who i Am in All Those Years and Days…

    Introspection, Contemplation, When Humans Philosophize together

    Over Life in Back And Forth Way ‘Chewing the Fat’ As the Old Folks Used

    To Say Sitting in Front of Stores And in Living Rooms Where Folks Used

    To Communicate Back and Forth With Each other Without Any Electronic

    Devices at All Voice As Song And Before then yes Free Dance Together

    Hand in Hand in Communication too.. So what is Left So what is

    Left Yes

    Button Presses

    And Sohair and Fred

    Hehe our Flamingo still Dances my FRiEnD..

    i For one Will Never Stop Dancing and Singing Now

    For i for one was practically None Before no Who am i at all


    i Am me With SMiLes

    For You too mY FRiEnD Sohair…

    Back to the the Autistic Folks Where

    i Visit Now Strange as it may Seem Overall

    Now they Communicate More in Social

    Reciprocation Than the So-called

    ‘Normal Folks’ On Word

    Press who

    Seem to

    only Press Buttons

    in Ways of Doing that Yet

    You See ‘The Wrong Planet’

    Has an Older Tradition With no Like

    Buttons Available Or Follow or Share

    Buttons kind of like the Old Living Room

    Without Electronic Media As They Have to Do something for a Reward…

    Smiles Dear FRiEnD, How Complicated Will it Be to Understands this

    Makes me Wonder Some Days Are Humans Even Human At all Now…

    Perhaps Like

    me they

    Will Get

    Around to Doing

    it Before they Die…

    It’s Like ‘Ferris Bueller’ Said

    In the Movie About ‘His Day Off’…

    Life Moves Pretty Fast if We are Not Careful We will Miss

    It.. It’s Worth Noting to me at least i almost did for 53 Years….

    Since then my FRiEnD For 91 Months of WRiTinG “SoNG oF mY

    SoUL” as today 3.18.2021 is the Anniversary Month Date of that

    And Tomorrow 3.19.2021 is the Anniversary Month Date of

    Recovering Out of Hell 92 Months Ago too…

    True All those



    My Day off Now…

    Somedays Ya Have

    To Take A Day off to

    Even See Who We Really Are

    And Dance ‘The Flamingo’ Again my FRiEnD

    Without Dancing With Others it might get a bit cold…

    Hehe No Shortage of Heat When i Come around with SMiLes…

    Bonfire Fueling All these Words Within A Soul Will Surely Dance And Sing Free..:)

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  2. Hi Fred.. Thanks a lot dear friend for sharing your opinion here.. For me WordPress is a place where I can write Whatever I think of and I believe in.. When I get some likes I feel happy because some people care to visit my site and leave an effect although I know that most of them did Not read What I write..
    I consider WordPress as a closet to my favourite dresses which I chose with care and I put them in this public closet because after my death a passer by May need to use Or take one Or some of those clothes.. Or May be no one will pay attention.. But this place is some thing that means a lot to me first and it is a symbol also that I am still alive.. I read the posts of my close friends.. I also miss those who stopped to write.. I like photography So much.. Photography for me is a unique Poetry.. I take a lot of pretty images from the sites of my friends.. And your blog Fred is So rich with those images.. Besides your writings and videos also.. That’s why I call your blog as a gorgeous theatre..
    The space here is wide and life is definately good..
    We follow each other.. But we should Not be real followers.. In order Not to lose that inner voice that can guide us to the right way..
    Smiles Fred
    Keep giving 😊🌹💐😍

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  3. Ah Yes Dear Sohair Now to Find the Inner
    Voice The Dance And Song Free This Much
    We Can And Will Depend on in Life Giving

    Sharing Caring Free True as Well

    And Yes To Create is to Breathe

    To Follow Is Often to Go No

    Further And Suffocate

    Soul Leads


    Soul Breathes

    Free Spirit Leaves

    Shells on Beaches For Us

    To Remember Who We Are

    If We Have Problems Remembering

    Feeling Sensing Our Fuller Breaths Of Life…

    Meanwhile We




    Shells on the Beach
    Messages in Bottles

    Washing Up on Shores

    Perhaps for Others To Feel Sense

    Our Spirit Wind Set Free to be ‘i Am’ NoW…:)

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