An effect 🤲

We were Not created to immortalize.. So make a good effect for yourself that will remain after your departure.
Najeeb Mahfooz
An Egyptian writer
Allah says
إِنَّا نَحْنُ نُحْيِي الْمَوْتَىٰ وَنَكْتُبُ مَا قَدَّمُوا وَآثَارَهُمْ ۚ وَكُلَّ شَيْءٍ أَحْصَيْنَاهُ فِي إِمَامٍ مُبِينٍ
Verily We (Allah) shall give life to the dead, and We record that which they send before and that which they leave behind, and of all things have We taken account in a clear Book (of evidence)
Yaseen chapter
Verse 12


14 thoughts on “An effect 🤲

  1. SMiLes Dear Sohair Happy to See You Here Today i wonder How

    Many Word Press FRiEnDS Return Each Others Communication

    Regularly Only For the Condition Of Love That Is No Condition

    Yet to Connect in Kindness For All For Going On About

    66 Months for Us hehe Give or Take One or More

    In the Summer to Fall of 2015 as i had

    Very Few Friends At All Online

    Then Just Rafiah And


    Then for Some

    Reason Like Intuition

    Alone When Himali Came Around

    I Felt She would Never Go Away

    And Then You Came along And I was

    Just Shocked That Someone Else online

    Wanted to Be A Lifelong Friend for

    No Other Reason Than Friend

    Ship That Rare Boat

    On the Ocean

    Weathering All Seasons

    Storms And Enjoying Flowers And

    Fair Weathers And Following Seas too..

    You Know What i bet that is rather Rare

    For This Many Months That Two Folks

    Who really Only Have in Common

    Friend Ships Keep Meeting

    And Greeting in Kind

    Ways Just for

    A Religion

    of Kindness My FRiEnD

    You Know What No Matter How Much i leave

    Behind i don’t think that is the Value of one True FRiEnD

    Made in Life Who Never Makes You Feel Anxious Who You

    Just Trust Who Allows You to Be Who You Are of Course Unless

    They Fear Life Choices or Circumstances Are Gonna Harm them
    In Some Way It Would Be Sad in Life Never to Have one FRiEnD
    For Years Who You Could Trust Would Always Be There For You..

    It’s True it seems i have some more Friends Now Who May Stay

    Around Yet it’s also True i do Believe You’ve Helped me come to

    Be The Kind of FRiEnD Who is Worth Staying Around in Unconditional

    Ways So True it is When We Value This Life And Other People For No Other

    Reason than Caring Feels Good and is the Best Life to Do that extends to the

    Rest of Nature too in Empathy as Well in a way of Love That Comes to Breathe

    Life for All Existence All as the Wheels of Life Turn it is connection that may

    Remain the Same no Mater How Different We Co-Create Dances And Song of

    Life that Move Us Along in Life And Smiles as far as Leaving something behind
    You’ve Surely Helped me upload my Soul OnLine to Give and Share for anyone

    That Might Provide a Little Spark to Climb Higher in Life’s Light Out of Darkness

    True So i keep Dancing And Singing Leaving Shells of that on the Beach for True


    Those Are

    Foot Prints

    On a Beach

    That Will Hang

    Around a bit Longer

    When this Story of Flesh and Blood

    Of Life Ends And the Shells of my Soul

    Perhaps Organic in Someways of HeART and SPiRiT Remains
    Many Servants And Slaves it took to Build A Pyramid Where

    You Live in the Country of Egypt As Pharaoh’s Wished The

    KA The SPiRiT of Their Lives After Death to Carry on

    Monumentally in Edifice of Appreciation of them

    Yet What Was Left of Their Soul Pictures of

    Their Forms Sadly They Rarely

    Wrote a Word

    to Turn

    Soul into Symbols

    More Lasting And Deep of Who they
    Were Now… Perhaps it’s Just as Well

    If They Lived then As Empty Shells of Power Alive…

    i Do Believe i’d Rather See A Poem From them Than Pyramid of Their Soul..:)

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  2. Hi Fred.. How are you my dear friend.. How is Katrina.. I hope that you are always doing well..
    Yes.. Soul friends are true friends..
    They are Not just animators.. But they are true friends that May know a very important part of our personality that some people who are around us May Not know..
    Yes pharoes left pyramids and symbols behind them.. They also left a unique system of life that modern Egyptians are too Far away from it..
    Ancient Egyptians considered polluting the River Nile as a crime that has a severe Punishment.. Now in our modern time factories put their wastes into the Nile and no one punishes them.. Diseases like cancer spread widely here among children and all ages because of the pollution we make..
    I think that When a time comes.. It is worse than the former in all aspects of life and the morals of the people of the past are better than those of now.
    Many great traditions disappeared.. I feel that I live in a forest Or a jungle.. The strongest eats the weakest..
    Anyway.. Life is good with the trust in our creator.. His protection and mercy is everywhere..
    Thanks a lot dear friend Fred for your kind talk.. Highly appreciated.. Stay safe and well.. Smiles 💐😊😊😊😊😊😊🌹😍🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🙏🤲

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  3. Ah Yes Dear Sohair Sadly in the West Ancient Egyptian

    Culture Is Denigrated Through the Lens of

    Mythic Stories of Religion as in the

    ’10 Commandments’ Movie

    That So Many Americans

    Watched it Seemed Like they

    Were Against God And Nature Instead

    Of For Nature in Balance Appreciating the Gifts

    On Earth As You Relate Whatever Culture Rules Tends

    To Denigrates Ones Before Not Seeing Deeper of What Comes

    Before Like the American Indians Who Lived in Balance With Nature

    Living More Wild and Feral Loving Like the Other Animals Named

    Savages When Actually

    They Were Dancing

    Balance of Nature Friends

    With Gravity And Singing

    With Nature Instead of Against

    Nature Love It All In Balance It’s Not So Difficult

    To Understand Until We Start Taking and Hoarding

    Abundance Away From Balance of Nature Indeed For All

    Sadly Humans Are Rather Selfish And Short Sighted

    This Way They Take Great Joy in Taking and Hoarding

    The Most Like in Our State That Put Economy Over
    Life in the Pandemic as the Church in Unmasked

    Masses did too ironically the Only Saving Grace

    For the State Were Private Corporations

    Concerned With the Liability

    of the Health of their

    Employees Getting

    Sick in Preventing Humans

    From Over Consuming the Earth
    As We Do With Buy And Take and Hoard

    Over Give And Share And Love All in Balance

    SMiLes A Pandemic Slowed it Down a Bit Yet

    Ignorance in Greed And Selfish Taking Hoarding is
    A Ravaging Pandemic Wave Unto itself the Human Ignorance
    That Mass Cultures of Over Consuming Brings Yet We Don’t Realize

    That We Are Just Infants and Nature Will Burp Us Up Like We Never Existed at all

    Even The Pyramids Will Fade Away as Truly Nothing is Our Own on Earth except

    For Our Loving Breath We Connect and Move Co-Creating in Balance or Suffering



    of Imbalance

    As You Say Like Polluting

    The Nile River as Nature

    Yes God’s Face Big Disgrace

    It’s a Metaphor indeed for

    What is Wrong With Human Most The Race to Greed…:)

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  4. Hi Salma
    Peace be with you dear sis and friend
    Thank you So much dear for your kind feedback
    Your words always mean a lot to me
    Stay blesssed 🌹❤️🌷🌷🌷🌷

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