Life is good ☘️

Inhale the good vibes
Breath well
Get Out of the cell
Be free away of all prides
Far away of all tribes
Give a hand and help
It’s a heaven and not a hell
Leave sadness and the bad tides
Melancholy and the dark sides
They will grind you inside the mill
And put you then on the grill
Life is But a garden of all types
With different colors in all sides
Breath well
And feel the beauty of its smell
Life is a heaven and not a hell
You get your power from Allah
You draw your path as a novella
You are the hero and the plot
Beside your Truth just put a dot


Allah says

قَدْ أَفْلَحَ مَنْ تَزَكَّىٰ
But those will prosper who purify themselves
وَذَكَرَ اسْمَ رَبِّهِ فَصَلَّىٰ
And glorify the name of their Guardian-Lord, and (lift their hearts) in prayer
Chapter 87
The most High.)

16 thoughts on “Life is good ☘️

  1. SMiLes Sohair We All Rise
    And Fall At Best We
    All Lift Each
    Other Up
    And Insure
    No One Not
    Even Less than
    A Grain of Sand
    Falls Behind in God
    EYes of Love For Real
    How i Will Improve on
    This Love only one Way Love More
    And then i
    Will Surely
    See More
    of God
    Outside and
    All Around As God
    Is This Love We BReaTHE iNDeeD..:)

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