It’s natural (A short story)

With some tears on her cheek

She remembered what happened last week

After she heard the squeak

It was that high shriek

Coming out from that antique

A shop which was so unique

Built by her father

Who lost the ability to speak

The man lived a life

Which was so unique

He was so strong

And could fluently speak

He reached to the mountain peak

But in a sneak peak

He became too weak

And lost the ability to speak.

That day he left

It was on the mid week

Taught her a great lesson

Whatever strong you are

It’s natural to be Weak.


Allah says
Chapter 4 The Women سورة النساء – An-Nisa: Verse 28
يُرِيدُ اللَّهُ أَنْ يُخَفِّفَ عَنْكُمْ ۚ وَخُلِقَ الْإِنْسَانُ ضَعِيفًا
Allah doth wish to lighten your (difficulties): For man was created Weak.


41 thoughts on “It’s natural (A short story)

  1. As Short As A Breath
    As Long As ReMeMBeRinG
    LoVE iN EYes of Daughter’s
    Song A Father Now
    Continues to See
    Four Winds Sail
    No Provisions
    But An
    Soul’s Face
    SMiLes Sohair
    Hope Your Morning
    Is Nice in Egyptian Deserts..:)

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  2. Good morning Fred
    No deserts at all
    Only green lands
    The Nile is still running
    God is always generous with us
    AS he always is
    Thanks a lot Fred dear friend
    Wish you a great day in Florida
    With a lot of Smiles and the flowers of joy.

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  3. Smiles Sohair.. Actually it is me now in Egyptian Saharan Deserts Dear
    FRiEnD… i’ve come for Tea as i Breathe Your Country’s Desert Sands
    By Way of Desert Dust Cloud ‘Godzilla’… the Largest Dust
    Cloud to Visit Us in Over 50 Years.. Sublime in Beauty
    High in June Dust Covers Moon in Shape of Angel
    Wings With HeART Beat of Moon Within
    TaKinG Photos of Night Skies Last Night
    But You See For most
    Folks Now it Will
    Only be
    Dust Yet
    We too Are Star
    Dust Made into iMaGiNaTioN
    And Creativity Breathing God
    We Do have the Potential to
    Create Lands of Heaven
    in Dreams of Waking
    Fruition Within
    Of Purgatory
    to Sadly Beyond
    Sorrow in BLacK Abyss Nightmares
    of Soul Walls Forevernow Closed With No
    Escape.. However.. Change is the Gift of Now
    Hope to Rise And Fly Free Now out of Moldy
    CocoonS AGAiN.. Key Now is To Color Life More
    With New Colors Never Seen Before The Gift is Plain
    to See for those Who Create New Colors iMaGiNaTioN BRinGS
    For It is True Even Science Shows iMaGiNaTiON And Creativity
    Seeing New Colors Breathe is as Real NoW as Any Stone that seems
    not to move
    But At Core
    No Different
    Than The Rest
    of Existence Breathing This Way
    88 Months to Date Last Night A
    First Creative Blog Post As Breath
    of Creativity comes Back to me then
    Ever Since i was 18 Years-Old as
    Holy Creative Spirit Touched me
    Within Writing in a Philosophy
    Class then.. only Temporary
    As i met my First Love
    And As That goes
    She Held my
    until 10
    Months when She
    Left as Darkness Replaced
    My Light.. Oh the Journeys of Life
    The Hopeless of the First DarK the
    Beauty as Light Breaks through DarK again..
    Before that i was 13.. Writing Plays in Middle
    School Winning A Christmas Contest Story Having
    No Idea Where the Creativity of Words come From then..
    Truly Magic Holy Creative Spirit Escape Yet only to be
    Put into Prison of a Patriarchal Desert of Onward Christian
    Soldier Bully Boys Threatening Smiles and All Arts of Divine Within..
    How Ironic
    of God
    Same ‘Trump’
    Philosophy of Anti-Love
    Then We See today NoW as
    Lioness of Love AwakeS AGAiN
    Love GRoWinG Stronger Globe-Wide Again..
    How Blessed am i to have a bit of God’s Breath Gift
    iN iMaGiNaTioN And Creativity GRoWinG Freer Evolving
    NoW as Nautilus Chambers of Spiraling Breath
    Free Grow Even Larger This
    Way Spreading Out as
    Months Grow
    Longer too..
    Smiles.. while verily surely
    too big for most folks to see
    in Whole it’s true that Oldest Blog
    i created 88 Months ago with that
    First Blog Post Just a Private Message
    on Facebook to my First and Only Facebook
    Friend Then Nice enough to tell me thanks for
    Defending Someone Where Empathy Did not exist..
    What One Thank You Will Do When Everyone Else
    in the Entire World Seems to Turn You Away in Dark
    Then i Come
    to Understand
    i am the ONLY
    one NoW Responsible
    For Creating my Light
    At Best Create It Give it
    And Share it All Away For Free..
    True 300,000 Views of what i still do
    on that Archive Blog “KATiE MiA/Aghogday”
    Views From The Autism Spectrum And Beyond”
    Does come to Fruition for Others to see.. all it takes
    from me is Just Less than a Minute of Copy and Paste
    of Novel Size Long Form Poems Weekly to Provide a Space
    for those
    Where at Least
    it’s possible to open
    up my Blog as Word Press
    isn’t Nearly as easy to see.. hAha..
    But i’m finally reducing the Size of
    my Photos to make it easier as the ‘Darkness’
    of Word Press Breaking my Blog for A Couple of
    Weeks With their Update Helped me Learn to do that too..
    Smiles my FRiEnD.. Yes..
    It’s True all 8.2 MiLLioN
    Words, 13,344 Miles of Public
    Dance And Over 100,000 Photos
    i’ve Taken And Many Other Blogs
    And Other Avenues of Soul Giving
    SPiRiT HeART Free Just Another
    Global Dust Cloud of An OVeR
    FLoWing Nile of my Soul
    as Most everyone Now
    Has A
    to upload their
    Soul Online And Keep
    Giving And Sharing their
    Soul Breath Free Long After
    They Leave This Terrestrial
    Earth Indeed ExtraTerrestrial We Breathe Now
    Pharaohs Tried to Breathe Their Spirit Beyond
    Death By Hiring Others to Create Art and Build
    Pyramids but You See Those Builders and Creators
    of Pyramid Art Are Truly The Spirit That Lives on
    Pharaoh Names are only Empty Shells without Souls
    No Different Than Taller Golden Towers inscribed With
    Labels Like ‘Trump’
    For that
    And Not
    Created by Him
    True only the Soul
    of His Parents Remembered
    No matter How Tall Towers Grow
    With Only A Name Created by Other Souls Still Breathing…
    But You See the Key is all i am doing is evolving My Soul iN LiGHT
    The Part of me That is Forever Now TaKinG Responsibility Eternally NoW
    A Gift
    Is Just
    A Gift
    to be Shared
    A Soul We Do Not Escape
    At Best We Colors Our Souls
    With Love to Give And Share Free
    Acknowledging Darkness of Shadows Giving Light’s Breath Newer
    Colors.. Smiles Dear Sohair.. i’ve always wanted to See Egyptian Pyramids
    Perhaps one Day if i Will Convince Katrina into it We Will Meet and Visit You There
    SMiLes Now
    Until then
    Kindness BReATHE
    ‘Tea in the Sahara’ my FRiEnD..:)

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  4. Good evening Fred.. Sorry for the delayed reply.. My stomache is a big problem today.. I have to see a doctor God willing.
    I hope that one day I can see you and Katrina.. May you come to Egypt oneday Or I May visit you in Florida oneday.. I dream to visit US oneday..
    Thanks a lot dear friend for the great talk.
    Keep praying for me.. I need your prayers Fred.
    Smiles 😊🌞💮💚❤️🌞🌸🌸🌼🌼

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  5. SMiLes Dear Sohair.. A visit
    Will be Lovely From you too
    And i surely Will pray
    That Your Visit to a
    Doctor if you go
    Helps With Your
    Stomach too.. Blessings
    Of Love And Peace With
    SMiLes.. Your Way

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  6. Hello Kamal dear friend..thanks a lot. Stay blesssed. Love, peace and light. 💞😊🌸🌼💮


  7. Thanks a lot for reading and for sharing your thoughts here. Highly appreciated. Have a great day 😊🌸💮🌼

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