A cry for help( A true short story)😊

In Africa ..there is a tribe..in this tribe..when someone does something wrong..they take him to the centre of the village where all the people gather there.and surround the person…the person spend in this place for two days..

During those two days ..the people of the village tell the good deeds that this person did during his life time.

It’s a cry of help of this person who made a mistake..

Do not blame your self all the time for your mistakes and wrong doings..

You are a human..just remember your good deeds and situations..

Turn over the page and open a new page..

The lesson is..everyone is good..be merciful to yourself.

Allah says..

Say, “O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah . Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful.”

Al Zumar chapter

Verse 53.


31 thoughts on “A cry for help( A true short story)😊

  1. In Deed Dear Sohair While Some Folks, Cultures and Or Religions
    See Human As Mightier than the Rest of Nature to Dominate
    And Even Isolate God as something Small
    As A Human Being
    There is no
    Doubt that the
    God Of Nature ALL
    The Reality of what
    Is Now ‘Sees’ Human
    as No More Important
    Than this Corona Virus
    Much to the Chagrin of
    the ‘Trump’ Mentality of
    Soul No matter How that
    Comes In Culture and Or Religion
    And Human Too In Terms of Dominance
    of One Integral Part of Nature over the Other
    in Terms of Overall Balance of Dark and Light
    In Even Peace And Harmony That Will Come
    For Breathing Creatures when this Real Existence
    Magic Comes to Be.. Smiles Dear FRiEnD Not everyone
    Will ‘see’ ‘The Overall Balancing Pure Nature of God Love’
    of the Corona Virus but some of us see farther than our own
    Nose our
    that otherwise
    Wants to Consume
    all the Oxygen of God’s
    Love Life other than Us
    That Ignorance will
    Go Away either
    With Us
    Us No Doubt at all
    my FRiEnD Love is
    SmART Both Smart and Art
    If Not Humans Fail and Go Away
    Losing This Life Love Forever in this
    Place Now That Will Other Wise Be Balance
    of Peace And Harmony Real Magic of Heaven’s GoDLoVENoW..:)

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  2. Hi Fred ..thanks a lot dear..yes..they are one team whose cooperation depends on mercy and understanding..who knows..maybe the whole world become oneday like this village..and wars will come to an end.
    You know Fred..Corona virus is the reason that the weather has changed here a lot.
    In May we were suffering from a very hot weather..but the hottness of the weather this year is moderate..I am sure the same thing happened in everywhere of the world..the ozone hole is mended now..the earth is achieving a balance..thank Allah πŸ˜ŠπŸ™
    God bless you Fred dear friend..smiles of hopeπŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸŒΉ

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  3. SMiLes Sohair No Doubt Without
    Mercy And Forgiveness There is
    No Love And True Ignorance Will
    Take Any Chance of Mercy and Forgiveness
    Away plus
    Any Chance
    Of Loving Those
    Who may Otherwise
    Suffer in Misery how
    Easy it is for some Humans
    to Sweep Harms and Injuries
    Under The Rug Pretending they
    Do Not See the Harm They Bring
    Or Perhaps True undercover in
    Veils of Ignorance All
    Truth in Light
    may be
    Hidden in
    Darkness for them..
    Smiles.. When everyone in the
    Village is Needed for Basic Survival
    in Life Making Each Pair of Hands And
    Feet Necessary for the Work of the Day
    And Night Complete Attitudes Change
    As One Team May Thrive in Faith of Hope
    And Love for without This Mercy Now And
    Forgiveness for
    The Entire
    Village Will
    Go Away and
    Die in Ignorance
    Away from Love that
    Breathes Peace and Harmony more..
    Smiles my Friend These People are connected
    to Each Other they are one Force of Love they
    are a
    of Humanity
    For the Nature
    of Human who is
    Love When Set Free
    From all the Human Tools
    That Separate Us From Love
    or True With Good Use Tools
    May be Used to Garden Love too..
    SMiLes Sohair Hope Your Tuesday
    Is Full of Peace And Harmony too
    in these challenging Days as We
    Find Ways to Adapt to Survive and Thrive too..:)

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