Old life..❤


I was sitting silently ..thinking about my old life…I was wondering ..was it in Egypt..or in Europe..or in the southern Africa..

Then I began to ask again..

Did my soul live a lot of lives..How many?

Is it important to know some information about my previous life??

Then doubts began to attack me about the other worlds and periods..Is it a reality or nonsense?

Then my eyes fell on that verse..and I liked to share it here..

Contemplate the verse..

And follow the best that has been revealed to you from your Lord before there comes to you the punishment all of a sudden while you do not even perceive;56.Lest a soul should say: O woe to me! for what I fell short of my duty to Allah, and most surely I was of those who laughed to scorn;57.Or it should say: Had Allah guided me, I would certainly have been of those who guard (against evil);58.Or it should say when it sees the punishment: Were there only a returning for me, I should be of the doers of good.59.Aye! My communications came to you, but you rejected them, and you were proud and you were one of the unbelievers.60.And on the day of resurrection you shall see those who lied against Allah; their faces shall be blackened. Is there not in hell an abode for the proud?61.And Allah shall deliver those who guard (against evil) with their achievement; evil shall not touch them, nor shall they grieve.62.Allah is the Creator of every thing and He has charge over every thing.

Al zumar Chapter

The point is

This life is my last life..I will not care for my old lives..I will look at this life and take care of my deeds..because there may be no other future life..

Study well in order to succeed..