The stubborn 😒

He stayed home
He was afraid
I asked him
Why are you afraid?
He told me
I am afraid of Corona virus
I asked him
Did you see it?
He said ..No
I said:So you are afraid of the why don’t you believe in God..Allah…creator of all ..?
I continued: Do you remember that day..when I asked you ..why don’t you believe in Him …and you said..because He is unseen..
Do you remember that day when He (God) sent you messages and you ignored them…do you remember that day when you delivered signs from Him and then you closed your eyes in order not to see you remember?
And now you are hiding in your house..hiding from the unseen?
The stubborn answered:I believe in science..and science can see the unseen viruses…
Me:So you believe in science and do not believe in God?
I continued..
Study science well..then you can see God in the atom accurate the universe accurate the sea bottom darkness..
But the real darkness is in your in your blind mind..that prevents you from diving inside..
Your Lord is inside your heart
Go and search for Him
Before the time is late..
The stubborn kept silent
And I went out..

Chapter 74 The cloaked one سورة المدثر – Al-Muddathir: Verse 16

كَلَّا ۖ إِنَّهُ كَانَ لِآيَاتِنَا عَنِيدًا

By no means! For to Our Signs he has been refractory



35 thoughts on “The stubborn 😒

  1. SMiLes Sohair i remember Being taught
    By Churches.. Religions.. Priests.. and Pastors
    That God is Everywhere But Inside And Never
    Even to Meet Face to Face.. Then After Living in
    Hell Within for 66 Months It Was Already Clear
    WHeRE HeaVeN Is That Place i took For Granted
    For 47 Years Before Hell Came Within Next..
    Anyway i couldn’t take the Light of
    Day even at 3 AM the Street
    Light was LooKinG
    Directly into
    the Sun
    The Only Hours
    i tried to get Exercise
    to Walk Around the Neighborhood
    BLocK i Wondered Why Is God So iNViSiBlE
    To Hear And Then my Voice the Force of Deeper
    Speaks Within Then and Still Now God Is in me God
    is in You God is in Them and Those And Us and We
    ALToGeTHeR God Is after that i figured out that only
    i am limiting God Within no Longer Just a Human
    A Spirit of Love only Beginning to Evolve and
    Love More.. My Whole Life People Taught
    me Different My Real Life God
    Still Teaches me within
    Direct Conduit No
    Time, Distance,
    Space Or
    Even Matter
    oF Old Days Physics
    New God Old God Same
    God Always Evolving in
    me Complete More Nothing is
    MiSSinG Only Praise to Be Alive More
    Every Breath God’s Breath Within me Free to Be..:)

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  2. Yes..evolve..this word is so important..and need a lot of books to explain it..Allah that I knew when I was 10 years old is somehow different from Allah that I know now..Knowing Allah or God is an evolution journey indeed..Bravo Fred..well said my friend..keep giving..keep smiling 🙏🌹😎

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  3. It seemed to me to read somewhere “these are the eyes which are blind and the ears which are sealed”.

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  4. They are found in holy books..Quran..Jospel..Torah..
    Thanks for reading and sharing your view..stay well🌹


  5. l’Esprit Qui Ressent
    S’Eloigne des Malheureux
    et, d’Un Pas Léger
    Prends le Chemin du Paradis
    Puisqu’il Distribue
    les Fruits de sa Vie
    Aura Une Belle Surprise
    Avant le Jour J’…🌹🌹🌹

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  6. Sohair, Si
    Tu Connais le Secret
    du Miroir
    Tu Verras
    Un Jour que Dieu Veut
    qui j’ Suis…
    j’ Me Permets de te Dire
    Que Tout ce Que J’Entends,
    par Dieu
    Je l’Ecris…
    Sois Béni…🌹

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  7. Hello Kamal dear kind friend..well said ..thanks a lot for sharing your view here..and I apologize for the delayed reply..I was busy helping my students to complete their work through the internet..Thanks again dear friend..take care🥰🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


  8. I am a teacher in a high school..but because of Corona..I contact with my students through the internet..thanks dear 🌹


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