A letter to soul twins 🌎❤

Your light is so strong
It lasts for so long
Be careful of the dark
Your light will attract
You are the candles of awareness,
The torches against depress
Your light attracts the ghosts
The enemies of progress
Your love knows no loss
It flies to the highest skies
Your souls never dies
They swim swiftly among the galaxies
Until their union begins
Actually they are United
Before the life is created
And now your light
Prevail the whole site
Dark powers retreated
All evils are eliminated
And your light triumphed.
Blessed be soul twins..
And shame on dark powers.

Sohair 🙏❤


17 thoughts on “A letter to soul twins 🌎❤

  1. تملأ الدنيا قسطا وعدلا كما ملئت جورا وظلما …
    God or the source of creation eternally and infinitely knows the biggest picture of why , how and when to purify people and restore justice …

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  2. Loved it.. I wish dark powers vanish n I meet my soul twin for eternity to witness.. Dark powers are generally not that bad,sometimes people get confused and create chaos in others life as well and out of that chaos everything shatters apart for some time.. but it can stay temporarily.. those who are meant to be together ultimately meet and become one.. I habe firm faith in that.. ❤

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  3. SMiLes In Life We Find
    Folks Who Nearly Dance
    And Sing A Same Song
    We Do Folks Name
    These People Twin
    Flames or Soul
    Mates Deep
    In Deed Yet there
    Are So many Days
    That Anchors Need
    Sails And Sails Need
    Anchors To Stay Afloat
    In Rough Seas And
    Reach Safe Harbors
    So in Deed While
    A Good FRiEnD
    May Be a Soul
    Mate or Twin
    Flame A
    Life Partner
    A Marriage
    Best May
    Be almost
    Totally Opposite
    From Each Other
    As i am Fire
    Is Ice She
    Is Nothing
    Like me But She
    Fits Just Right
    For Yin And Yang
    Balance Different
    Is Beautiful

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  4. You sum it up Fred..opposites complete each other as a one unit..God bless you and Katrina…teachers of love..
    Stay well Fred dear friend 😎😊🌹⚘🙏❤

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  5. On A Science Note it’s Interesting That When
    Women Take Birth Control
    Pills They are Attracted
    To Less Masculine
    Men This indeed
    Will Change
    The Face of
    Human Nature
    Over the Long
    Term but i
    Feel Nature
    Will Make
    Less Human
    Heroes This Way
    Leading to our Potential
    As a Surviving
    At Least
    From a
    Brutally Honest
    And Yes
    Politically Incorrect
    Where i Live But
    Not Where
    You Live of Course😁

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  6. In my simple point of view men should have both male and female energy..to achieve balance ..but in our societies men fear to reveal the yin energy..they hide it ..they think that it is a kind of weakness…
    My best example for men is prophet Mohammad..he was mercy for all people..he was not ashamed to cry with tears..although some men here see tears as a shameful behaviour..
    Thanks Fred..😊🌹

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  7. Fearless Love That At Best
    Sees No Harm.. How Does this
    Come it actually comes in many Ways
    But Takes a Metaphor of Grace in Balance
    A Foundation of Love to Hold Will and Strength
    in Truth
    in Light
    SMiLes Sohair
    Science Shows
    Emotion is Source
    of Most All our Decision
    MaKinG Process Whatever
    Emotions We Have influences so
    Much What We Come to Say are Our Reasons
    for Life Are but indeed Most are the Senses that
    Make Our Emotions from Head to Toe and further out
    for those Who ‘See’ Without Eyes or Ears in Other Words
    Empathy Dancing And Singing or Just Walking and Sitting
    Without a Word through the ‘See’ of Others… the ‘Hero Archetype’
    Comes through Dark Struggle to Achieve Both Balance In LoVE NoW
    And Strength in Will to Do Greater Works of Life iN LiGHT oF Truth
    Yes too in the Case
    of the Hard Man the
    Husband Who Leaves
    the Soft Woman the Wife
    Behind it is up to the Child
    to Travel Through Dark Challenges
    to come out of the Tunnel to See Light
    To Shine Upon Others Brighter than Before
    Yes.. Original Greek Definition of Apocalypse
    Lifting the Veils oF iGNoRaNCE the Garden
    of Eden Story in the Christian Bible Oldest
    Testament that Clearly Shows the Nature
    of God is Within Us as We Are Born Free..
    Take Away that Nature in any way
    And Change the Future of Us
    And the Species too.. so
    Yes i am agreeing
    With You here
    And i already Intuited
    That Mohammad’s Father
    Was Absent from Your Description
    of Him.. Indeed That Makes a Struggle
    No Matter Which Parent is Absent in this
    Case Death of Course Before Mohammad was
    born in my Case an Aloof Father With No Tears
    Visible ever at least who Left Early for Us to mostly
    Fend for Ourselves.. with only Small Financial Help along the
    Way.. in This Way One Makes the Man They Are it is not Spoon-Fed for one
    And this in deed if successful Makes Who One Is Perhaps even a Hero..
    And Yes of
    Course this
    Applies to
    Women too..
    Obviously.. if My Father
    Stayed i would Have been more
    Like Him Loving Money Instead of Love and Loving
    Life and All Others Including the Rest of Nature Yes!
    Seeing All That is Dark Thru LiGHT As Love (God)
    NoW While in his case everything
    in His Life
    the Color of Money…
    Smiles My Friend i am
    only a Leaf of Grass but i am the Grass too..
    If He had stayed chances are i would have
    Stayed just
    one leaf….
    And Sadly
    Been more
    the Color of Money
    Than a Flower that
    Doesn’t Stop Blooming..,
    Two Different Worlds.. one of
    God that is Nature the Love of Life
    Naked Free Without Cultural Clothes to Be
    Clear is Metaphor for the Veils oF iGNorance
    That Hold us Back From Our iNHeRiTanCE LoVE iNCaRNaTE..
    No Longer Domesticated And or Cold Just Wild and Free Hot For Loving It ALL..
    A Squirrel
    Will be More
    NoW iN
    Human Beings
    ‘These Days’ Clothed
    Away From God That way..
    And of CouRSE THeRe aRe a Beyond
    iNFiNiTY of Human Paths ALWaYS NoW
    The Most Important Lessons From ALL the
    Paths through Struggle of DaRK iN Truth’s LiGHT Becoming
    Empathic With Compassion With as Many EYes of OTHeRS as Possible
    And i Do Mean All Others… Less than a Grain of Sand… to Mountains of Human
    DiFFeRent SaME..:)

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