Hey..Covid-19..Are you going to catch me?

Allah knows what he is doing..he is the most merciful..so don’t worry..peace..

Philosophy Through Photography

corona virus“Most people talk about fear of the unknown, but if there is anything to fear, it is the known.” Deepak Chopra

Don’t let Corona infect your mind !

My friend,Let your faith be bigger than your fear.

“Of all the liars in the world,sometimes the worst are our own fears”       Rudyard Kipling

Are you anxious about the pandemic my friend?

On a lighter note…

Me: what could possibly go wrong ?

Anxiety: I’m glad you asked

Yes.I can understand you.You all are worried and anxious.Sure it’s a frightening time. By now you realized that this is not like other worries and it’s a rare situation.

I know you decided to brace up but confused a lot.I also know that you are becoming sick of TV channels and getting bored staying home..and just dying to go out and you are aware of the  ‘corona party’ that is…

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15 thoughts on “Hey..Covid-19..Are you going to catch me?

  1. Wow so nicely written and yes there is nothing to fear as Deepak Chopra has written his inspiring quote. We have to be positive and look at the virus in the eye. Nothing will happen if we all do not think negative and take His Name who is always there with us. He knows what he has done and all this will pass the day he realizes that Humanity has taken heed of his call.

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