My today’s Quote 😊

Keep shinning even if your light bothers their eyes..🥰🙏



12 thoughts on “My today’s Quote 😊

  1. Haha.. Sohair i kid you not back when i sang in the Church
    Choir in my Mid-Twenties so much Joy i experienced my Face Lit-
    up enough where a Young Woman Covered Her eyes and sad you
    are blinding me with Your Light.. occasionally it still Happens somethings
    And Also Do..
    i Tend to Embrace
    Every New Change
    that is happening at
    Light Speed these days
    with the Light that Shines Within (God)

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  2. Amen..what’s happening these days is unexpected..people everywhere are expecting death at any time..this crisis will end soon insha Allah…keep praying Fred..keep smiling 🌹❤😊

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  3. SMiLes Sohair.. What Wanting to Die Best With the Worst Pain Assessed by Humankind For 66 Months From Wake to Sleep Teaches
    is Hungry for Life
    Most Now Without that Pain Perhaps Corona Will Teach Others More about Will
    To Love all
    NoW That is
    Nature God’s
    Face in DarK
    Stepping into
    LiGHT For ‘Them’🌟🌹❤️

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