31 thoughts on “This post is for females πŸ˜Ž

    1. Yes of course Mr.Mel..your comments are always wise and inspiring..highly appreciated dear friend πŸ˜ŠπŸ™β™₯️⚘


  1. “Wounded Afraid to Speak Personal Truths Lacking Self Worth Staying
    In Toxic Emotional Environments With Others Seeking Validation of
    A Lack of Self Esteem through Extreme People Pleasing Apologizing
    For Who One Is Along With Negative Self-Talk”

    “Honoring Personal Truths SPeaKinG Them Without Fear Generating
    Self-Esteem Within.. Setting Boundaries that Continue to Speak Love
    Yes.. the Validation Within that comes From Generating Self-Esteem
    Most Definitely Inspiring Others to Shine… Living One’s True Self Authentically
    Without Apology Required With Yes Always Empathy in Loving One’s Self as Others too..:)

    Smiles Sohair.. Generously .. I’ve Paraphrased Your Wise Quote that is two
    Separate Bullet Lists into Two Paragraphs.. One Now that Describes an
    Emotionally Damaged Human Being Not Able to Regulate Emotions
    And Integrate Senses Out of Synch With A Soul of Mind And Body
    Balancing Whole in UNiSoN instead of Falling Apart
    And TaKinG
    Ships but of course
    it is the Wounded Part that
    Most often Comes First Holding
    Humans Back in some instances in
    Many Instances of Never Really Genuinely
    Attaining A Self-Authenticity of Life Not Afraid to
    Come Out of the DarK Into the LiGHT So Free Just to Be and Do…
    SMiLes My FRiEnD TGHere is a bit of DarK and LiGHT in the First
    Profile that comes close to diagnosing a Emotional Regulation
    Disorder that some folks Name Full-Blown as ‘Border-Line
    Personality’ that may Happens with Super-Sensitive People
    Who Do Feel Empathy but are just Out of Whack with Mastering
    Intense Emotions and Senses out of Balance.. Dominating a Self
    Where Functioning
    In Every Day Lives
    of Conflict may be
    Just too much to take
    As Emotions and Senses
    Out of Control Are Certainly the
    Feeling of this Darkness Any Day or Night..
    But then again We ‘Normally’ are Not THere to see Just
    How Deeply Wounded the Human Is that Brings them to
    this Place of Real Human Chaos Now.. Yes.. it’s a Challenge
    But those Folks Do Need a Loving Touch Somewhere that Never gives up!..:)

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    1. There is a famous saying by some one I don’t remember his name..he said..( Shame to humanity when someone committed suicide and all what he/she needed was a hug..)..
      We need mercy for ourselves and towards others..
      Thanks a lot Fred dear friend for your great talk..highly appreciated..smiles of gratitude 🎢β™₯οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ™βš˜

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      1. “There is a famous saying by some one I don’t remember his name..he said..( Shame to humanity when someone committed suicide and all what he/she needed was a hug..).. We need mercy for ourselves and towards others..”


        SMiLes Sohair the Way i ‘See’ IT ALL Yes ALL Faith LoVE
        God No Separation We/ALL Are Integral Parts of God DarK
        Through Light Now the Existence Now Yes And No
        Then is Now For Love AGaiN DarK Thru LiGHT
        People Closest to
        me in some
        Feel i
        Am a Fool
        For Believing
        And Acting this
        Way A Fool For Love
        i Will Be Forevermore
        NoW iN A Place AWaKeNoW
        Love Lives And Doesn’t Die Now For
        Real That Much of Existence (God) i Will Master Now (God) As ALL
        That Much of Existence IS Love and Truth iN LiGHT for me at least ALLGOD..:)

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      2. Be yourself Fred..don’t care for people..they will backbite you anyway..there is no escape from people’s tongue..
        Thanks Fred β™₯οΈβš˜πŸ’•πŸ˜ŽπŸ™πŸŽΆπŸŽΆ

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      3. SMiLes Sohair.. “It Is What It Is”.. i’ll be wearing that Shirt to Public
        Dance tonight Emblazoned in Text With a Neon Font on a Black
        Background Shirt that truly stands out too..
        Yes.. i am what i am
        No One Directs
        what i do in Life
        Now that i no longer
        Am Slave to any Paymaster
        of Green.. of Course i Navigate
        All Local.. State.. and Federal Laws
        as Any Lawyer.. Judge.. and Jury Mind will
        Do in Analytical Ways as an INTJ Flavored
        Personality Will but True i go to the Polar Opposite
        Place of Art Mind and Soul with ENFP Flavored Personality
        too on a Flip
        of a Dime’s
        It bothers
        Some Folks when
        other Folks are not
        Predictable in whatever
        Potential of Different may
        Come Next but for me at least
        It is Flavored With Love the Guiding
        Force that takes me through Life Seeing
        Both Sides of the River Hades of Hell and Heaven
        too.. in places as Low where Demons will Fear to Go
        And Other Places that will burn Most Angel Wings as
        i Fly so Close to a Shine of Sun Star Within… i have Great
        Patience for the DarK and LiGHT of the Entire Human Spectrum
        of Differences.. in So Many Ways those Colors And Shades of Grey
        And BLacK Abyss do or do not come and go Now.. I rest as i please
        When i Enter the Darker Places of the Personal Souls in Personalities of
        Folks i Visit in Life knowing feeling and sensing that if it becomes a bit
        too much.. i will just step back and relax in the Cool and Soothing Warm
        Waters of Heaven’s River Again.. in Flow of Dance And Song.. the People
        who i am speaking of who haven’t really literally called me a fool or named
        me foolish for Standing by the Side of Some folks in my Life who experience
        incredible Challenges
        of their own Soul
        are actually
        my Psychiatrist
        And Psychotherapist
        the People who understand
        Just How Dark the Places are i’ve
        Spent Years in Before.. they are really
        Just Afraid someone will take my Heaven
        Away through another Person’s Dark issues of
        Life and send me back to Hell.. but You see i’ve so much
        ‘Time’ in Heaven Now Wiring myself in a way that is a Light
        Shield Force Field that i will raise almost by will without even
        A Dance And Song to Accompany it now.. i’ve Had so many Years
        Away from Responsibilities owed to Pay Masters that i at this point
        in my Life i know just about all the short and long distances of the LiGHT
        And DarK oF mY SouL Where there were literally Decades that i was so much
        for even
        who i am
        Deep Within
        then… Know Feel
        And Sense thyself and
        Not much More Will Harm
        one other than Sticks and
        Stones and Triggers that Send
        Bullets Now.. if i find someone dark
        enough to be a Friend too it’s a Just a Challenge
        to Explore More of Humanity and Build this Love
        Muscle of my Soul a Bit More with enough rest and
        relaxation in Heaven now true too.. most People do
        Not have all the
        Advantages i have
        Most People haven’t
        Seen Angel Wings
        Burn Now Demons
        Iced over Petrified
        to Descend to the
        Places i’ve
        Lived as Death Before..
        in fact Most folks have no idea
        These Within Experiences of Life even exist..
        Souls Evolve Differently Blessed are We who
        Are Challenged and Survive to help a Person in Darkness another Day..:)

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    1. Yes..so great quote my dear friend 😊..thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts..keep inspiring …keep giving πŸŒΉπŸ™πŸŽΆβ™₯️⚘


      1. You are truly welcome now and always …..l understand this so much more as l was a wounded male by helping a female who took it as far as trying to kill me …. but also by helping males who left me for dead Amen to you my friend Sohair πŸ™β€οΈ

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      2. Thanks Ian..may happiness be always your companion..and may pain do not visit you again my dear friend..stay well..best regards 🌹β™₯️😊


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