6 thoughts on “The Christmas Muslim Song 🎶

  1. SMiLes my FRiEnD Sohair i surely Agree Without Mercy
    Without Forgiveness Without Smiles for Strangers there
    is No God there is No Jesus there is No Love There is No
    Beauty in this Human
    World.. The True
    Beauty is most
    Children are
    Born this way
    only Waiting to
    continue to Flower this
    Way if Watered and Fed
    With Courage in Kindness
    Wisdom in Beauty of Love Fearless..
    Where the True Garden of Eden is in deed
    Within Heaven Kingdom Come Now Wings
    of Love that Touch Souls With Brave Kindness..:)

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  2. Yes Fred…the whole world should know that children are the seeds of a better life if only watered by mercy and love..
    Great talk as always my friend..have a great Friday full of joyful smiles😊😊😊⚘

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  3. “Children Are the seeds of a better
    life if only watered by mercy and love”
    Beautiful Poetry in Deed And Most definitely
    Worth Quoting in Any Bible that Speaks Love
    by Sohair Too in Poetry…
    Thank Sohair…
    Leaves of
    Whole ALL
    That/Who Always
    ForgiveS iN NoW iN
    Mercy below above more
    Our Feet of Love Dances Sings Free Love..:)


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