The people of our planet are sleeping..don’t wake them up..

A family is being prepared to be burnt…this is happening in Borma..Minamar..

Where are human rights activists..shame to humanity..😣😢😕😓


30 thoughts on “The people of our planet are sleeping..don’t wake them up..

  1. Perhaps what is most painful about ‘this Picture’ is the Loss of Human
    Dignity of Innocence not only the Genocide that still continues in
    South East Asia but the Young Boy who is being set his Future
    example for the Burning of the Naked Couple and their
    Child for this is His Future A Killing
    Future With NO Real Human
    Soul Perhaps He
    will become
    A Soldier
    And Be Decorated
    for Honor in War Crimes
    Like this Perhaps this Started
    When a Leader Forgave Crimes Against
    Humanity as Status and Power and Material
    Goods Becomes More important than the Soul
    of Humanity that demands Justice for inhumane
    Acts of Souls falling further and further down in
    DarK away from Life… Sadly today in the so-called
    Country that supposedly sets the Example for Freedom
    Liberty and Justice the Minions of the Populace once again
    Follow the Most Despicable Leader even justifying his 13,000
    Lies as ‘the chosen one by God’ this is where Religion Turns not
    only Sour but Deadly as well.. for this is where Genocide Starts
    When Lies Become Both Human And God as Dark over Truth in
    Light that Loves Fearless and Unconditional and who is not afraid
    to Stand Tall against the DarK the DarK Reminds of this necessity to
    Stand Tall and Roar the Lion of Love again if People remain Minion and
    Asleep following the most Despicable Leader as they have done and fallen
    through the Ages to their own Nightmares Horrors and Despairs this Country
    Will Fall to
    the Death
    of Where
    South Asian
    Countries that
    Genocide their fellow
    Humans have Fallen too..
    it’s already happening the Treatment
    of Refugees from South of the Border Prove
    that we are already Capable of destroying the Souls
    of Young Couples and Children who we see as different
    and less fortunate than us.. as far as why we are not helping
    the people in Burma more it is no different than what we have
    done now to the Folks South of the Border of us.. they don’t have
    any oil to give us no Material Goods Where Money is God they are nothing
    at all for
    in this World
    Money is God..
    Smiles the only
    Good News is We Can And
    Will Do Better but only if someone
    speaks up and no longer ignores the Devil in their own Home…
    Smiles Sohair There is a much Greater Problem than this We Humans
    in this Zombie Apocalypse since the 1700’s continue to ‘Eat the Queen’
    not the one with Scepter And Crown but the Face of Nature That is Both
    God’s Face and Mother Earth the only Home in View of even Science
    That Will Support the Life of Love this Gift of God’s Nature most
    the Greatest Gift We Are Born to give and share naked free…
    We Are So Far Out of Balance With This Face of God’s
    Nature that Nature the Face of God is rebelling
    Against the Nature of our Ignorance of
    who we even are part and parcel
    of this Living Earth Nature
    of God’s Gift of Love to
    Us.. We are no
    more important to God’s
    Nature than any other integral
    Part of existence not even less than
    A Grain of Sand that Holds up the potential
    of Humanity’s Mountain of Love.. Smiles my FRiEnD
    Humans Are Not Rational Beings We Are Creatures of HeART
    SPiRiT of Mind and Body SoUL that at best Balances in LiGHT over
    DarK Consuming Each other With Least Harm Giving more than Taking
    Sharing More than Hoarding.. We cannot continue to Gorge ourselves with
    the Face of God’s Nature and expect the Nightmare We currently see not
    increase in intensity of Dante’s Rings of Hell as We continue to travel down
    this Path
    of ignorance
    more.. All that touches
    the Art of HeART is Just
    THAT Art my FRiEnD those who
    are inoculated against the SPiRiT oF
    Art that is HeART complete are already
    Lost from finding Most to save to inspire the
    Light of Truth in Beauty of Love’s Wisdom more.. as
    Souls Determined to Stand up instead of falling down away from Love…
    So what is the Solution what is the Humane thing to do when Humans
    LiVE So far out of Balance Eating the Face of God sadly my FRiEnD
    if we don’t
    we Simply
    Go Away Nature
    is God’s Arm Nature
    needs no weapons God’s
    Nature Will Set the Balance
    Back in Order of Art our Structures
    Will Tumble and Fall there will only
    Be Dust left of us 300 MiLlioN Years after
    the last of US is gone.. meanwhile the Nautilus Fossil
    Shell Remains and the Meek Who LiVE iN Balance Will iNHeRiT the EartH…
    We may Wish For Fire For The Wish We Fulfill Next Will be The Fire We Bring…
    We Make
    Smiles Holding
    Hands online around
    the Globe to change
    to See more LiGHT is one
    Small Step for Humankind to
    at least extend our lives longer
    at best
    in LiGHT
    in BaLaNCE
    oF LoVE What
    Beauty What
    Wisdom What
    Courage is Worth
    the Thorns and Flowers
    that Make Rose our Reality
    of Dance and Song for me at
    least a Flower in my Back Yard
    And Less than a Grain of Sand
    And Sun Above that Drives the
    Dance And Song of me Forward Above Below…
    A Young Naked Couple Holding Their Child Being
    Burned Alive by Fear and Hate that my FRiEnD
    is the Future my Country is
    From the Pews of Church
    How this Disgusts me how
    this inspires me how much this
    Wakes up the Lion of Love the Roar in me for change..
    and find
    of Love a God of love instead..
    Ignorance is surely the Devil in Clear sight.

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  2. Hi Fred dear friend..thanks a lot ..may peace and love prevail the whole world one day..🌹
    I was notified of your new video on utube..keep giving my dear friend..⚘😊

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  3. Seems the pattern for the people of the world when confronted with killings is to wait till thousands or millions in one area are killed, and then to act. There is no excuse for this behavior. People are only becoming explicit in horrendous acts. We need to step forward and seek to stop these killings, whether they are a part of culture or not.

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