Not yet..

This is not the end..

There are a lot of interesting books I have never read..

There are a lot of nice people I am going to meet and laugh with them..

There are a lot of interesting movies I will watch while eating pop corn ..

There are a lot of people who I haven’t helped yet and wait for my hand to shake it..

There is still an abundance of fresh air I haven’t breathed yet..

There’s a lot of delicious dishes I haven’t tried yet..

There is a nice character that I haven’t met yet..we will have a great time together..but we haven’t had that chance yet…

There are a lot of opportunities are on my way but I haven’t got them yet…

That’s what I think of God..Allah..I am sure that he will give me more than I want and I am sure he is always on my side..

And you my friends..What do you think of God???

Allah says..
Then what is your thought about the Lord of the worlds?

فما ظنكم برب العالمين

Al Safaat Chapter

Verse 87



15 thoughts on “Not yet..

  1. SMiLes Sohair.. i met someone today at a Store
    in the Mall Just a Customer Service Representative
    there who related they had Type Two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia all Waking Hours as i did for 66 Months
    the Suicide Disease as Commonly Named and
    when i had it that way i never found
    anyone online or offline who
    had the Same Form
    and Surely no
    one who
    had ever
    recovered to give
    me Hope what it might
    be to be on the other side
    of that Horrible Life Taking
    Illness Killing All Emotions
    of SPiRiT HeART And
    SoUL too as i told
    him Pain
    Taught me
    that All Colors of
    life Dark through LIght
    Are Sacred and Holy Full
    of Meaning and Purpose if
    we strive to see the most Mundane
    so-called Breaths of Life as Miracles
    each and every one as even Science Suggests
    that the Chances of Us Being Born Human in this
    existence is 1 in 400 Trillion Odds surely a Lottery
    Greater Than Any Material or Money Prize this Gift
    of Breath Each and Every one and even Blink though
    Hell of Pain and Numb too.. the Greatest Gift is change
    and this will Pass too for those who visit Hell on Earth
    Within they surely develop a Better FeeL And Sense for
    Heaven When that Experience of Life in Peace And
    Harmony comes too.. true God is the Miracle
    of life the Gift We aRe Given for Great
    Thanks and Praise for even
    Existing at All.. the
    More We Love
    We See God (Love)
    and yes of course the
    ‘vice verse’ of that too..
    The Other Day A Group of
    what they call ‘Red Necks’ where
    i live ‘really so called big men’ who
    were very small wanted to Destroy me
    just for my Happy Dance but You See they
    Didn’t realize i already had it all there was no
    way to go down for me as i’d already been where they
    were.. i asked them where they were from they didn’t know
    i told them if they didn’t quit picking a Fight with me in Public
    in the Dance Hall they would go to Jail.. just as a guarantee as
    they lived in the Jail of Hate the Place of Hell within where the
    Gnashing of Teeth goes on as Just another Day of the Damned
    Already.. anyway the Security Folks Put them out of the Dance
    Hall so they could find another place to Spread their version of Fire..
    Smiles the first time i’ve really met evil brave enough to face me.. hopefully
    the last time too.. but of course there were Three of Them and Just one of me..
    there are many
    flavors of Heaven
    as there are Hell as
    Well sadly some folks
    are Gardened to go to Hell
    and others are sadly born that
    way too.. where small Animals Suffer
    at their hands for the only Pleasure they feel
    Anyway.. your post sounds very encouraging
    A Great Attitude indeed Hope you are Feeling
    Much Better Dear FRiEnD Sohair… Today in Church
    Obviously the Priest was upset that His ‘Hero Trump’
    was getting impeached listing all of what he named
    he Was Angry about that he Hoped Trump and His
    Cohorts Would Fix.. and very little of it had to do
    with love although he called it that.. there is
    Love and there is Truth Truth will Trump Love
    When Love Becomes Lies for Selfish Might…
    There are other
    People in
    the World
    that don’t spell Love…
    And There are Bullies like
    those Men in the Bar who congregate
    Together and Pitch Fork the Least among
    Us With Their Words Perhaps only 5 Percent
    of the Population… but never the Less even
    Seen Significant in Terms of Science Studies
    one will think one will sense one will feel
    Love Will Be Complete if Love Becomes Love More Often..:)

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  2. Hi Chris dear friend..thanks a lot for the encouraging…have a great evening in Boston..cheers⚘😊


  3. Hi Fred..thank Allah that those(red necks) are caught and away from you my friend..I wonder why people like those attack peaceful people..why?..they are mentally washed by the enemies of humanity…May God protect you and your wife my dear both have a great massage to spread peace and love everywhere …
    Thanks a lot Fred for the great talk..have a great evening with smiles of hope..keep dancing..keep giving ♥️⚘😊🌼🌼🌼🌼

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  4. SMiLes Sohair Hope You Are Doing Well.. Celebrating a 75th Month
    Anniversary of the Message i am Writing in Free Verse Poetry
    Now at 7.5 MiLLioN Words as the Dance Miles now increase
    to 12,260 Miles as the End of this Month is the 75th Anniversary
    of that Message too as of course A Meditative Dance
    Sends Message of Peace and Harmony
    With Zero Fear.. Smiles some folks
    Enjoy Tearing other Folks
    Down to Lift Them Selves
    Up.. it is what Lobsters
    Do in Competitive Fights
    too.. an old Part of our Reptile
    Brain too for fight and flight and
    Successful Reproduction too.. What is
    Often Termed as the Shadow of us in Memes
    And Archetypes of Carl Jung.. it is said if one
    does not bring this Shadow out into the open
    and Play with it that Shadow May Master Us as Moving Meditation
    will Naturally do Yes Yoga and Martial Arts As Tai-Chi too as i do some
    what of a Free Form of that Dance That is Movement and Repose as
    the Planets Revolve around the Stars in Balance too.. Modern Humans
    have fallen away
    from this
    And Harmony
    of loving Existence
    as is one With God
    With Gravity to Competitions
    That Rely on External Wins to Lift Self
    Esteem Up While Peaceful Meditation does the
    Same to Regulate Emotions and Integrate Senses
    Where through Bio-Feedback We Master how we Feel
    within so when a Lobster Human With A Reptile Brain comes
    up for a Challenge one already has an Endless Supply of Confidence
    Within that one Masters Their self in Self-Esteem that will afford one now
    to Be Meek and Graceful as there is nothing to Prove Absolutely nothing to
    Gain in a Fight except Defend Yourself if Necessary when Injury of a Fight
    Actually Does Occur.. generally speaking i haven’t needed others to raise me
    up in Life.. usually have found that Source of Love Within.. including Confidence
    And Self-Esteem at least in my Venn Diagram of Existence Within God All that
    i co-Create.. Those Guys Were operating at the Lowest Level of Human Existence
    only Crustacean Living to fight and reproduce is what they focus on too.. sadly
    they can’t understand
    they can and will
    Have all the Great
    Feelings and Senses of
    Life in Pure Positive Agape
    Love All for free but it’s not really
    Free as one Must Practice A Way of Life
    From Wake to Sleep that works to attain a
    Never Ending Eternal Bliss Now Within they
    made the Mistake off assuming my Grace was
    Weakness and what they found instead was a Brick
    Wall to Bounce off of.. i was just moving like a Planet
    Around a Star or a Star hehe around the Black Hole of them
    True though i am Human i am not faster than a Speeding Bullet
    so i asked for assistance as Truly Smart Humans Will Do when they
    Sense and Feel a Human Being in their Presence With Little to No Soul
    Out to Terrorize harm to others.. i worked with the Public for Close to two
    Decades at a Military Bowling Center Where Helping to Resolve Potential
    Explosive Conflicts amongst the Customers was part of my Job.. i was pretty
    good at it i lasted Close to two Decades doing just that and again this is the
    First time i required
    Assistance from
    Someone else..
    Speaking Most
    Humans are more Honorable
    than those Guys and someone like
    Trump too the Problem is when folks start to
    Idolize them like Darth Vader from Star Wars hehe…
    Smiles i am Yoda and sure got a bit of Darth as Shadow
    as We All Do.. but i master that Shadow and have it work for
    me instead of being slave to it as those Guys were to their Lobster
    Minds hehe.. all it did was get them kicked out of the Bar usually when
    The Environment is not good for Spoils Lobsters move on to Easier Environments
    hehe.. Nothing
    Against Lobsters
    But Humans will
    go much much Higher
    And unless someone gas
    lights their reality or they are
    born in such a way not to understand
    Love and Grace of Balance is the Real
    Foundation of Will and Strength i had
    Already been Dancing 2 hours straight without
    a Break when they came up.. and their Girl Friends
    Seated at a Table had been watching me already for
    about an Hour When those Male Friends came in
    i suspect they didn’t like the Attention i was
    getting surely why Male Lobsters
    Pick fights
    Lobster too hehe..
    it was probably hard for the
    Guy to go back up to see his Girl
    Friends after he fell on his Butt and
    Probably why he came back to Threaten
    me with Two of his Friends in tow.. but anyway
    i wasn’t taking any chances as i neither fight others
    foolishly or am i willing to take a bullet just to be a fool..
    Anyway After Dealing with Literally over A Hundred Thousand
    People in the full 25 Year Paid Career with the Government and after
    Interacting Directly or In-Directly with perhaps more than that online
    in the Last Nine Years as i used to spend Wake to Sleep doing this online
    thing for 33 Months or so on the ‘Wrong Planet’ too.. and many other places too..
    With Several Different
    Other User (Avatar)
    Names too then Yes
    i still find Humans
    Very Rarely is
    it i can’t resolve
    conflicts that come along
    but the Human Condition does
    have its way ups and downs too hehe..
    Hope You are Feeling Much Better Dear
    Sohair i am soaking as much as i can out of
    this Story for a teaching experience as the best
    way to teach is actually to experience the dark part
    of life this hasn’t really happened in Decades so chances
    are this is my last chance to write about it in my life hehe..
    one will
    pray at
    least as really
    Human Nature is
    Overall still good
    where i live ignorant
    yes but it is rare that
    i can’t evoke a smile in another Human face to face at least
    When i can’t it is a warning sign considering the other successes hehe…
    Anyway Love to You my Friend and from Katrina too.. true both of us have
    brought many smiles to people in this World for 3 Decades now.. still vibrant
    and full of love more than ever before.. not having to work is really Key my
    FRiEnD surely if we both still had all that stress we wouldn’t be as fresh
    still as
    more than
    Thorns as life
    is a Struggle so much
    of a Struggle for most people
    these days the fact that not more folks
    Break and harm others is a Testament
    still and old Testament about the Natural Good In Human… i’ve
    Lived Long enough to see that is really what Human Nature is when not too stressed..
    oh and also when Humans actually practice their Human Nature and don’t become
    the Tools they Co-Created that ideally Help with this and do not harm.. it is a gift to
    connect with you my FRiEnD no less gift that seeing you in person for what we
    teach each other as FRiEnDS remains in a Permanent record of first hand
    Accounts to help others you are the teacher too who has helped me
    to bring a message of Love that extends beyond boundaries
    of Difference my FRiEnD.. this is what is great about
    the Internet many
    Will Fall Down
    but true on the
    other hand those poor
    of spirit in Dark will shine
    the other way below in DarK too my FRiEnD
    as they don’t face much potential consequence
    for their Bad Behaviors online.. easy enough to
    avoid that online now too with smiles.. Additionally
    i find much more focus writing than i would in a crowded
    Noisy Environment this laser focus of Writing in Flow invites
    more of the Force of God as Love as LiGHT to inspire what comes next..
    With an Extreme Meditative Flow of Dance Additionally too totally sober
    in a Crowd of close to a Thousand Intoxicated Young Folks this will be the
    288th Week Night of doing that.. pretty nice record of avoiding conflicts so far..
    smiles not too much
    Dark in my
    my FRiEnD
    but we can’t
    totally ignore
    the Shadow as
    True that is where
    DarK Comes From Most…
    After Trump is gone in 2020..
    it will be more like 99 Percent Light with Smiles..
    That’s the thing too he has emboldened the ‘Roaches’
    to come up out of ‘their Motels’ but true we find now
    The Truer Nature more of who People are deep down..
    Truly Fascinating to LiVE iN These Days LiGHT and DarK..
    By the Way Roaches and Dragon Flies are among the Longest Surviving
    Champions of Living.. 300 MiLLioN Years or so in other words no Offense
    to Roaches
    Still the
    the True Champions
    of Living Still in this World..
    this way the outcast who is
    seen as last remains first
    so much more
    will be
    other folks
    do not pay so
    much attention to you.. hehe..
    i usually only come out at Night
    to Dance in Public at Least i learn
    something from every Part of God’s
    Nature if i can and will still now more..:)

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