Trauma ( Another role)…♥️

Everyone of us has passed through a certain trauma in our life..

But the difference between one person and another is how to deal with that is our choice be or not to be..

To be a good person and choose the straight path after that trauma..or to choose to be a bad person because of that trauma..

A man decided to believe not of God and stopped worshipping Him..why?

He said ” God didn’t stand beside me in my illness ..he left me and didn’t help me..”…he didn’t know that God had a wisdom ..God wanted him to taste the value of being healthy and to enjoy life after that disease ends..

That other man had a trauma in his childhood..his parents were killed with no he decided to be a criminal ( the joker)…but that other man had that same trauma (Pat man).. and decided to help people and protect them from criminals..’s our choice to be good or bad..

Allah says..
(6) And a soul and Him Who perfected it (7) And inspired it (with conscience of) what is wrong for it and (what is) right for it. (8) He is indeed successful who causeth it to grow, (9) And he is indeed a failure who stunteth it.
(٦) وَنَفۡسٍ۬ وَمَا سَوَّٮٰهَا (٧) فَأَلۡهَمَهَا فُجُورَهَا وَتَقۡوَٮٰهَا (٨) قَدۡ أَفۡلَحَ مَن زَكَّٮٰهَا (٩)وَقَدۡ خَابَ مَن دَسَّٮٰهَا

Al Shams Chapter

Verses 6,7,8,9

Peace ♥️😊⚘


21 thoughts on “Trauma ( Another role)…♥️

  1. “Allah says:
    (6) And a soul and Him Who perfected it (7) And inspired it (with conscience of) what is wrong for it and (what is) right for it. (8) He is indeed successful who causeth it to grow, (9) And he is indeed a failure who stunteth it.”

    Wonderful Wise Words Sohair.. now i have a couple of
    Quotes to Share First one from the Batman Movie from’ the Joker
    and the Second one by me…

    “Ever Kiss the Devil on Pale Moonlit Night’

    “God Kisses His Loved ones on the Face”

    Of course i’ve experienced both a Very Slow Dance in
    Hell on Earth for 66 Months for all practical experience
    With Neither Intent or Purpose A Devil Incarnate with No
    Feelings of Soul in Spirit of HeART As a Synergy of 19 Medical
    Disorders including the Worst Pain known to Humankind assessed
    as worse than the actual Torture of Crucifixion from Wake to Sleep
    Like a Dentist Drill in my Eye and Ear Where NO Drug Would touch that
    Pain yes the assessed Suicide Disease with the 18 Other Disorders
    including Sjogren’s Syndrome where my Eyes Quit Making Tears
    and Dysautonomia Where My Nervous System no longer
    Properly Synched my Heart with Blood Pressure
    close to passing out Day and Night.. oh Lord
    all the cocktail of Anhedonia.. Severe Anxiety..
    Severe Depression.. Mood Lability.. Alexithymia.. Spinal Stenosis
    Severe Degenerative Arthritis in my Spine too.. Fibromyalgia..
    Super Long Bouts of Insomnia Almost 40 Days with No Sleep
    Just one Hour Shallow Card Board Sleep each night for the First
    35 with an Alpha Blocker to Slow my Heart.. none the Last 5 of 40 Days..
    The Worst Part of Hell and Devil is Not ReMeMBeRinG iF You’ve Ever
    Smiles or Laughed as Emotions Leave as Memories Are Emotions
    No Reference Point out of only Time in Hell And There is no Path
    There Immediately to Get Back to Heaven Free Within now for real..
    But of course it was 11 Years of Chronic Purgatory Stress Related mostly
    to Work that took me to the Last 2 Years of Acute Fight or Flight Stress
    Basically Destroying Every Bodily System Cell By Cell as the Fear in as Stress
    Top to Toe takes its Total as a Destructive DarK Force within of Us.. it’s Relative
    For Each Model and Make of Human Being to Experience Life more differently
    As Every Dance With And or As a Devil in the Pale Moonlit Night We Devils do
    at Least from our Experiences that we Will relate if avenues are created for IT…:)

    “God Kisses His Loved Ones on the Face”…
    May come in Term of ‘God Winks’.. Yes.. Synchronicity
    A-Causal Connecting Principal Psychologically Meaningful When Experiencing
    This Gift one may Trash Substantial Logic as Those Human Constructs not overall
    God Will ad Love Within Now For ReaL…

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  2. True, Sohair and I agree totally with your words. In this life everyone reacts differently according to their own reactions and becomes good or bad and will blame our beloved God unnecessarily and in his name kill the humanity. U have said it very nicely. Thanks

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