It’s personal.. Another role..

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “It is from the excellence of (a believer’s) Islam that he should shun that which is of no concern to him”.

الثامن‏:‏ عن أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه قال‏:‏ قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم ‏:‏ ‏ “‏ من حسن إسلام المرء تركه ما لا يعنيه‏”‏ ‏(‏‏(‏حديث حسن رواه الترمذي وغيره‏)‏‏)



31 thoughts on “It’s personal.. Another role..

  1. Smiles Sohair, according to the “National Science Foundation’, the average Human has anywhere from 12 Thousand to 80 Thousand Thoughts a Day; and 80 Percent of those thoughts are Negative; and 95 Percent of those thoughts are repetitive.

    Additionally, the Average Human has the Attention span of less than a Gold Fish;
    according to Science too; as that puts the Average Human Attention Span at Less
    than 3 Seconds.

    Haha.. see those two short paragraphs so Close to ‘Normal’ Grammar for me
    and sure another source of Worry Grammar Will be out of Flow the River
    and Float of Life that is Nirvana Bliss and Heaven now….

    It’s Not so much that we do not use all our Brain as we Naturally Do in Day
    to Day Activity as far as Lighting most of it up to do what we have to do;
    but it is what we spend our existence on thinking that takes so much
    away from our Human Potentials now in feelings and sensing Life.

    True… Matters that do not concern us that worry us
    only take us away from this Gift of Life that will either be
    Potential Used or Human Potential Not used.. to Squander this
    Gift of Life on Worry that is another name for Fear and Anxiety that
    Brings Discord and Discontentment and Harmful Stress Hormones that
    Shorten our Days on Earth; yes, no use in worrying over what does not concern
    us and what we cannot reasonably change if we choose to Maximize our Human
    Potential and Fulfill this Great Gift of Life from the Nature of God Set Free within
    us without so many Bites out of the Apple of Worry every second of our Life in
    Negative Thoughts.. so how to escape this Dilemma.. on thing for sure
    is that thoughts in General will be counterproductive so to focus
    on Activities other than thought is an excellent way to reduce
    Negative Thinking.. Repetitive Thinking and thinking
    Overall that for most folks comprise 80 Percent
    Negative Thinking that is of waste
    and Repetitive too but no not
    really as far as what we are evolved to do still now..
    Overall.. Namely Survive as We Naturally Remember Fearful
    Stuff still that Happens in our Life most so we do not do that
    Fearful thing again that may Risk our Existence for Survival now…
    Well.. true… it’s great to remember the Danger of the Snake or Tiger’s
    Teeth in a Jungle or on an African Savannah as Poison and Jaws and Claws
    that Big do not Bode Well for Human Survival but what about the things we
    Worry about all day now.. for Young Women it could be did they use enough
    Filters to look Good on Instagram comparing their Beauty to all their Friends..
    for Young Men it could be worrying are they strong enough to be a man all
    Day long perhaps obsessed by how big certain body parts are gifted as
    more and less too at birth as well.. so many opportunities to worry
    so many opportunities for self-defeating negative thoughts yet
    so many opportunities to escape all those Negative and
    Counter-Productive ways of thinking and feeling and
    sensing life yes so many other potential avenues
    to the Highway to Heaven instead of Purgatory
    Grey thoughts all day long and the Highway
    to Hell now.. smiles my Friend i believe
    We Worship the Nature of God
    Best by Fulfilling Our Human
    Potential and setting the
    Devil of Negative thoughts
    aside and i’ve found a fool proof
    way that may seem foolish to others but never
    the less an Art of Meditative Dance Free Style works
    to take us out of our Neo-Cortex as long we find the Sweet
    Spot between Anxiety and Boredom to increase the complexity
    continuing a practice of Perfection that will never reach absolute
    Perfection otherwise one will get bored leaving room for Negative
    Thoughts to intrude as we are naturally as Human Beings inclined to do..
    Oh yeah and then there is the volunteer gig now o write 7.3 Million Words
    of Free Verse Poetry in 73 Months too at a rate of around 100 Thousand
    Words a Week as really i am not that much of a Word Thinker and more of
    A Pattern and Visual thinker at core.. true when i worked there were many
    days where i just couldn’t even find a word to say.. even when there was
    some motivation to do that in Meetings with Bosses and stuff like that..
    of course i was a non-Verbal Child as Autistic until Age 4 and considering
    the research above that could explain why i was such a Happy child
    Not as much opportunity to Develop Negative Words Flooding
    My head.. i experienced the World more directly in Feelings
    of Empathy and Sensing the Beautiful River Environment
    i was raised at age 3 too.. for true before i could speak
    Words the Feeling and Sense then is that Eternity
    is Heaven now in Flow for true this is how
    life is when we escape that 80 percent
    Negative Repetitive way of thinking
    life that is sourced by associated Negative
    feelings and sensing that are the vicious cycle that brings
    the negative thoughts in a feedback Loop of anxiety in life..
    that seemingly never ends.. the closer we get to ‘Angel Life’ is the
    Farther away we travel from Negative thoughts and feelings and senses
    for then we are no longer Frozen in Human Potential from the Anxiety and
    Fears those Negative thoughts and feelings and senses actually are as so much
    less of what will be a fulfilling life of positivity in Productivity and Creativity more..
    People ask how am i this Productive but you see there is really no separation from
    what i do and what i am as far as Positivity flows as what i do in Positive Dance
    And Song a practice towards Perfection never reaching there as i constantly
    raise the Bar Higher in Complexity more in the sweet spot between boredom
    that brings Apathy and Anxiety that Freezes all of our Human Potentials
    other than fight or flight that should really only be used to escape
    Poison Snakes And Tiger Jaws and Claws and the such as that..
    We may Believe in our World of Thoughts that we are
    so much Smarter than the Tiger or the Snake
    but in Fact with all our Cultural Clothes
    the Complexity of our Technologies that
    Began with the First Written Word these
    are all concerns that indeed become Negative
    and Repetitive too so who is smarter the Tiger
    the Snake or the Human need we look around at how Human
    is Pillaging and Raping the Earth as Science suggests that we will drive
    1 in 8 of all species of plants and animals into extinction in the next Few
    Decades well my Friend the Truth is We have the Potential to be the Smartest
    Creature on Earth but only if we seek and find practices in Life that allow us
    to Focus and Concentrate on the positive Stuff in Life that Brings Goodness
    of Love to All of who are involved from Leaves of Grass and smaller than
    a Grain of Sand for when we truly focus on the Beauty of this we savor
    Nature and no longer see it as not worthy to save as Beauty my
    Friend… next thing we know we will no longer Destroy
    the Dandelion because it offends the Sidewalks
    that we Create we may Cherish the Beauty
    And that Dandelion indeed may be
    associated with the Kingdom
    of Heaven We Co-Create now
    And Truly a constant Positive Dance
    And Song Will work but not until we Shed
    Enough CuLTuraL Clothes that allow us a Path
    to Heaven now within to give and share to all others
    for free yes the rest of Nature God with Least harm now..
    smiles my Friend i just went so far over my ‘normal’ expected
    Human attention span of less than 3 seconds now but true so
    far and few Negative thoughts and feelings and senses for me
    i am only Human but i found a Path to Heaven that works for me..
    smiles if i was
    still working
    in almost any
    Job as a Slave to
    Pay this Potential would
    still be like a Camel Entering
    the Eye of Needle for you see my friend
    that Needle eye is 95 Percent of Repetitive thoughts
    where on average 80 Percent may be Negative now..
    A Parrot of Hell our CulTures will Bring us to be.. there is a
    better way a Dance and Song Holding hands in Heaven now
    that should concern us more than the Folly of Hell we associate with Words now..:)

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  2. *Oops 100,000 Words on Average
    a Month not a week but i surely
    Share more than 5.2 Million Words
    A Year online so many more that Repeat..
    And the Photos oh My God they are just about
    everywhere the Videos of me Dancing other folks
    take still Multiplying like Rabbits After Easter my Friend..;)

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  3. Yes it seems to be erased by you by accident..never mind my are always welcomed and I learn a lot from you..stay blessed ..peace♥️💕💜🌼🌼😊

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  4. SMiles Sohair yes it appears
    i pressed Control Paste instead
    of Control Copy and Erased what
    i wrote.. most often though what
    that means in looking at Doors
    that Close just a
    way to Open
    A Greater
    Door With Smiles..
    God Bless You Dear
    too a Pleasant evening
    i hope for you through
    all Your Work at Least With Smiles..:)

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