Old people and Islam☺

As I told you before…my blog is to teach people about Islam and Quran..

Today I want all people whether they are moslems or not to pay attention to old people..

It’s all about mercy.

When a person reaches the age of 60 or over…they need to be treated as children..yes..we should be merciful with them..we should give them the love they gave all their long life.

Don’t be upset if they are nervous..give them excuses and give them respect..

In Quran Allah ordered us to treat our parents with mercy even if your parents are not following your religion or even if they don’t believe in the creator of the universe…

Allah says…


And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him. And that you be dutiful to your parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of disrespect, nor shout at them but address them in terms of honour.
24. And lower unto them the wing of submission and humility through mercy, and say: “My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was small.”

Al Esraa Chapter..

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36 thoughts on “Old people and Islam☺

  1. “It’s all about mercy.

    When a person reaches the age of 60 or over…they need to be treated as children..yes..we should be merciful with them..we should give them the love they gave all their long life.

    Don’t be upset if they are nervous..give them excuses and give them respect..”

    SMile Sohair We Went to A Buffet
    Restaurant Tonight And When the
    Cashier Asked if i got the Military Discount as Folks
    Are Always confusing Me for Law Enforcement or Military
    Particularly when i get a Fresh Shorter Hair-Cut like today
    And i went on to say no but in Less than 10 Months on June 6th
    of Next Year i will be Getting the Senior Citizen Discount For Reaching
    60 i am Glad to Know that you will be Treating me Like Children Merciful
    in Kindness With Smiles More 10 Months From Now.. It’s True How A Society
    Treats Both Children And Elders Will Make or Break a Society in the Future
    Now.. And When Empathy goes too in General The Glue of Love That Bonds
    Us Together in Neurohormonal Ways of Oxytocin as our Mirror
    Neurons may Allow
    Us So Many Ways
    to Walk in The Shoes
    of other Folks and even
    Feel their Pain and Pleasure
    if We are that Sensitive as Empath
    Now.. It is true i tend to Salute Folks both
    Older and Younger Than me with Yes Ma’am
    And Yes Sir but it is not a Bow but Simply a Sign
    of Respect that they are Human Beings and i Will
    Love to Bring Happiness to anyone i will meet by showing
    them Kindness With Respect.. Not all Folks Are Receptive to
    the Moving Connecting Co-Creating Ways of other Human Beings
    Tolerating those who Are Quiet and Aloof too and sure a bit disgruntled
    With Discontent too as what i’ve Noticed is a Truly Successful Life Will Be
    Measured by the Ease of a Smile From Elder Folks as they Stroll Through Life
    More aware of this Great Gift of Life We Do Share Best in Peace And Harmony
    of Love..
    my Friend
    i truly Feel Younger
    than i’ve ever felt in my
    life in the sense and feel that
    i live a life without illusory fears more
    than anything my Friend if someone scratches
    a Brand New Car of Mine a Car Load of Kids Perhaps
    Having Fun and Accidentally Banging their Car Door Against
    Mine i am Happy for the Children’s Happiness for all i drive is
    a Piece of Dead Metal From Point A To Point B.. i’m just not much
    one for Material Goods anymore but it is true i’ve had Cars in my Life
    that i treated with so much Tender Loving Care one might think i was
    Married to my Car.. True we Humans We Become Attached to Stuffed Animals
    And Just about anything We Set our Heart to but the Flesh and Blood truly
    Will Touch Us Back
    if We Work
    On Our
    HeART STRingS
    Our Vocal Chords
    And Heart Drum Beats
    For the Music of LoVE NoW
    MoRE LoVE to Give All Nature
    Than Tools We Make Not Breathing
    as Life.. Smiles it is often the Elders
    who are both Happiest And in a State
    of Discontent but true who is to say who has
    Weathered What Hell they could not Help to get
    to that place.. a Smile is always Fortunate Worth the
    Patience to Lift a Frown up or at least not down it more..
    People Frustrate me a bit now and then but then i remember where i’ve been
    And Dance
    Sing Yes
    understand now
    better where they
    are now too.. it’s a blessing
    to Go Downstairs to have the
    Mercy of Upstairs Now my Friend
    A Mercy that Will Not Go Low enough
    As far As i see from Where i have been before now
    in the Cellar of Soul Existence then.. It is the Elders
    Who have made the Most Mistakes and Learned from
    them we Younger Folks even me at my age have a lot
    still to learn from our Elders still i always see it as an opportunity
    to take but haha.. fewer and fewer People seem to be older than me these
    days with smiles and ironically the Youngest Healthiest of Folks 40 Years
    my Junior still are not able to Keep up with me on the Dance Floor or Leg
    Pressing all that 610kgs either.. When i was 21.. i heard a Marine Captain under A Bench Press say at 30 years Old.. oh this is getting too hard blaming it on His ‘Advanced Age’ for he heard A Fallacy that We ‘Must’ Get Weaker as We Grow Older Then As A Hard Stead Fast Rule.. sadly that Average was/is based on A Culture that Couch Potatoes their Life Away.. the really Good News is if we take care of ourselves there is No Reason why we ‘normally’ Have to Lose our Vigor into Elder Age.. Seen many People Who Do take Care of Their Selves Who Are Really Enjoying A Real Golden Age Now and on the Other Hand of Course Plenty of the other.. Really
    Wish i Will Motivate Folks now
    More To Get Up and
    Dance Smiles still
    on it
    Day my Friend.. Lovely Yes Now
    Meanwhile it’s a Beautiful Day/
    World Surely one Worth Dancing
    And Singing to Seeing the Wind of
    God in all of Our Existence Holy and
    Sacred Full of Meaning And Purpose Now my Friend Sohair..:)

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  2. Hello my dear friend Fred..how are you? Sorry for the delayed reply ..wordpress had something wrong..don’t know what it is ..but thank Allah it works now. ..The new scholastic year is about to begin ..less than a month…I began to prepare for it..
    I am happy but somehow worried..
    You are 53 Fred..but you look in the early forties..you and Katrina look younger than you real age..me too..hehe😂😂
    Thanks a lot for the precious talk..and I apologize again for the delay..
    Smiles 😎🙂🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸😊

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  3. SMiLes Dear Friend Sohair No Problem For The Delayed
    Response Your Care for me as Friend Exceeds All Distance
    Space Time or Matter Hehe and Apparently Age too With Smiles
    Nice of You To Assess me in my Early Forties and Katrina Younger
    Than Her Age of 49 too but actually i am not 53 Either Hehe as You also
    Are Being So Generous There as i am Actually 59 Reaching 60 Next June 6th
    And as You Arrive at that Age 53… i wonder if it is actually me who is confused
    Who Thinks You are 13 Years Younger than me as actually Perhaps Your Birthday
    is in ’79 And Not ’73 as i originally thought my Friend and if so i apologize for
    Mistaking that Number but
    True the one Picture
    i’ve Seen of You
    is Truly a
    Beautiful Woman
    Who Will Surely Pass
    for Late 20’s or Thirties
    too All Women of the Middle
    East and Further over Seem to
    Age This Way.. of course if they do
    not have to Live a Life Mostly Outdoors
    my Friend.. smiles i’ve spent most of my life
    out in the Sun but true Age is Just A Biological
    Process That Will Be Literally Slowed by Those now
    Who Remain in a Flow of Peace And Harmony as the
    Telomeres that control our Aging Process are best Slowed
    by a Kind and Loving Heart Who is firm in Holy and Sacred Fearless
    Purpose and Meaning of Life As True Religion Will Save our Aging now
    this way as long as it is bound in the Love Force of Peace And Harmony
    of Doing least Harm in Consuming Others and Nature True in Light too..
    Smiles my Friend When i did live in my Early Forties Confined in an Office
    Job Working Assisting a Captain of a Military Navy Station in Pensacola Florida…
    My Goodness at 42 Years Old i felt a Hundred Years Old compared to now.. and it is
    True For How Young We Feel Within Will Be Reflecting What We come to Be on the
    Outside too.. We are all Flowers That and Who Weather our Environments Differently
    If People Really Understood the Heavenly Benefits of Remaining in a Loving Flow of
    Moving Poetry of Life in every step and every word they take as a Practice of endless
    Art in Gratitude
    for this Great
    Gift of Life and
    Love Laughter and
    Smiles and Joy too smiles
    my Friend they would more
    Likely Be Like my Mother then too
    Living off of 500 Dollars A Month
    Sure Perhaps Subsidized Older
    As A Senior Citizen in a Cheaper
    Apartment But Never the Less Enough
    Light Within of Love in Joy of Artful Fruitful
    Life With Plenty of ‘Money’ Still Left Relatively SpeaKinG
    to still give as Charity of HeART BRinGS New Hope to others..
    Smiles the Best ‘thing’ my Mother Taught me is Love is more than
    A Word And Then One Smile is More Valuable than All the Material Goods
    in the World and that my Friend is the Lesson God Taught me in 66 Months of Hell..
    A Smile
    is the
    of God
    Truly in this
    Life that is all
    That has ever counted
    And all that will ever count
    my Friend the Gift God Gives Best
    The Human Smile that Radiates Light of Sun (Love) Within and Yes ALL Around
    to the Rest of Nature (God) It’s True my Friend if i passed away today and Katrina
    Relatively SpeaKinG We Will Be the Love the Couple That and Who Never Ages
    Smiles with that Sung i still Look Forward to Living Older as even Younger Within
    Souls Dancing Singing Now For Real in Flow Need Never Grow Old my Great Aunt Jettie Taught me that Lesson Well as She was 16 in Spirit at 94 and i was Beyond Age in Dead Soul at 47
    then.. Oh
    Truly now
    Living Loving
    Beauty Wisdom Brings
    if we are truly fortunate
    We pass aLong a few before
    We go.. and come back again my Dear
    Friend Sohair.. The Nice Muslim Teacher
    of Young Women in Egypt too Good ForTune oF LiFE LoVE MuSiC iN LiGHT
    Yes to A New Scholastic Year ALWaYS Room to Evolve Younger Souls Now..:)

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  4. Hi Fred…hahaha . .sorry about the misunderstanding about the age ..I was born in 1974….but I thought that you are 53 ….sorry…but I insist..you look younger ….42 may be..never mind…you and me have the souls of children inside and that’s why we look younger…we should always take care of our inner child..because life is hard and exhausting…
    Your mother was a great woman indeed…
    Thanks for the good wishes and the kind words Fred..stay well ..stay blessed..smiles 🙂🙂😎🌸🌸🌸🌸🍫

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  5. SMiles Friend Sohair 3 Weeks in a Row i had to Show my
    ID at the Dance Hall to the Audience.. Who.. Demanded
    i was in my 40’s too hehe.. When i went to High School
    Shortly After You Were Born in ’74 as a Senior in ’77
    With a Beard and the UnderClass Folks then they
    Mistook Me For a Teacher When i was Seventeen
    And i Did Not Drink Beer But Peer Pressure
    Got the Best of me and i Bought
    A Case of Beer For my
    Same Age ‘Friends’
    Partying Desires then..
    It didn’t work out well at all..
    They had a Wreck in their Car and
    The Next Morning The Boy who was
    Pressuring me into buy the Beer.. His Mother
    Was Threatening to Get ‘the Judge’ After me
    However at Least my Friend Was Honest and
    owned up to the fact That it was He who was
    actually contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor Child
    Haha His Mother Went on and on How Just because i Looked
    Older than Everyone else i thought i could get away with anything…
    Those Same Friends Who Really had No Real Religious Affiliation attempted
    to get me to Try Marijuana and it did nothing for me but take away the Light
    of Soul Away from me.. One ended up in Prison and now Both of those ‘Friends’
    Became Very Much Fundamentalist Christians they no longer have anything to
    do with me
    my Freedom
    Now Plays into
    their New Found
    Rules of Worshipping a
    Man Who Never Expressed
    A Desire to be Worshipped by
    anyone in Fact Servant of all as
    All Actual Real Leaders and Male and
    Female Alpha Beings Really Do as Empathy
    And Love is the Greatest Human and Even Ape
    Force As Yes Women And Children and Elders and
    Disabled Are Cared for First Based on Real Needs my Friend
    Not a Power Struggle to see who is number one Just Altruistic
    Love The Same Every Child Who Is Born and Bred of Love Does
    even the
    Who Never
    Saw A Stitch
    of Culture as Clothes..:)

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