What is real love??

I asked myself several times what is real love?

A few days ago..I got the answer..

Real love is Unconditional love.

The love of a mother to her children is real love…because a mother give and expect nothing.

The love of a father also is unconditional.

But love between parteners is not unconditional..because they want to achieve happiness out of that love.They want to fill the empty spaces in their souls by that love.

Love between partners can be unconditional in one case.I will explain.

If you want your romantic love to be unconditional love..you have to fill the spaces in your soul first.

But how to fill the spaces in your soul?

We can fill the spaces in our souls by making a unity.

Which unity?

You have to be united with yourself first.You have to be enough to yourself.

How to be enough to myself?

When I feel happy when I am alone..when I feel joy when I am alone..this is what I mean.

The ability to create joy to yourself.

If you can make joy to yourself..if you can create happiness to yourself…then you are enough to yoursrlf..then your soul will be protected.

Your soul will be protected because it has no holes.

But how to fill the holes in your soul??

The only way to fill the holes in your soul is to know your creator well.


But how we could know our creator??

We have to take thirty minutes of our daily routine for thinking only about God.

You can walk during those minutes or run or practise any sport you love.

Thinking about God will make us happy and united with ourselves..it will make us enough for ourselves..it will make us stronger.

When you manage to fill the spaces in your soul …you will be able to love unconditionally.

You will not love for the sake of achieving happiness or safety or whatever.

You will be happy for the person you love even if that person chooses to share his life with someone else…you will respect his choices and you will wish the best for him/her.


Let’s fill the spaces in our souls first …then we will achieve happiness..and then we can achieve real love..


Real love can’t be attained without knowing our creator.

And to know our creator is a journey indeed.

This journey needs some tools…like determination..practise…reading…to be grateful…to try to count your blessings…to help people…etc.

When you fill the spaces in your soul…you will become strong..and you will have the power to love unconditionally.

Best wishes.๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ’

57 thoughts on “What is real love??

    1. Hi jrmessi.. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts here.. Highly appreciated my dear friend ๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ’


  1. SMiLes Verily True You are an Angel
    too.. A Friend For Almost Four Years
    From Word Press A Great Friend Dear
    Sohair A Zest For God in All You Do yes
    A Different Religion but Yes A SamE Essence
    oF LiGHt mY FRiEnd.. SMiLes my FRiEnd Never
    Met a Stranger not even less than a Grain of Sand
    Most Folks
    Will tale
    ya WHeRE i’m
    From at Least
    Never met a stranger
    person than me.. heHe An only
    Person Now within 500 Miles who
    Dances in Public for 11,688 Miles
    NoW in 71 Months in FAcT An only
    Person who does it at all on a Regular
    Basis my Friend and oh yeah… when i tell
    them i wrote a 7.1 MiLLioN Word Free Verse
    Poem Longest Epic Long Form Poem i Name
    ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’ and my Personal Bible too..
    in the History of Humankind.. that surely doesn’t
    make me seem any less as stranger to them.. but
    i have a Propensity for Telling the Truth even when
    that Truth might not make me look so Good in THeiR
    EYes my FriEnd.. that’s Between me and God you don’t
    mind my Truth iN LiGHT You welcome me whether we
    agree on everything
    or not.. few do
    when they
    find out
    all of who
    i am Where i
    am From my FriEnd..
    it’s not everyday where i Live
    that i will stand up for the Story
    of Jesus as Just a Humble Messenger
    of God Just a Man who in his Story insisted
    that he was no greater than anyone else in fact
    as reported in that Story His Hope to inspire other
    Folks to Do Greater Works of Fearless and Unconditional
    Love For All in practice than even Him.. some how that
    Message Gets Lost True those Teachings about Loving Our
    Enemies no different than Neighbors surely inclusive of
    Any Immigrant too.. i don’t consider myself an ‘Official
    Catholic’ but what i do believe in is one God For All
    Where Love Rules all with the least consuming of
    Others and the Rest Nature With Harm surely
    A Fearless Love to Be Unconditional
    This Way too.. smiles my Friend..
    Where i live for most folks
    ‘that Jesus’ either Got
    Lost in apathy
    of others
    for His
    Teachings or
    or they still haven’t
    been understood by the
    Folks who continue to make
    Jesus into an Idol of a God Falling
    Down on their Knees to a Man in the
    Story they read that clearly says the Last
    and the Meek and the Poor of Spirit Inherit
    the Kingdom of God as Love At Hand Now Within
    no wHere to look Deeper into one’s own HeART
    SPiRIT SoUL my Friend.. for surely all of these and
    So Much more we are blessed as Gift At Birth By God
    to Develop Love as those Who Love us Unconditionally
    And Fearless Will Garden That Seed of LoVE iN BoRN
    iN US GRoWiNG A Majestic Human Being OF LoVE
    ToWeRinG AS Tree oF LiFE And Lamp All
    LiT uP
    Ever to: Go Dim
    From: LiGHT oF LoVE
    mY FRiEND Gardening
    LoVE MaKinG Tree So much
    Higher and Broader as LoVE
    Spreads in Give and Share Way even MoRE iN LiGHT..
    It’s True my Friend Sohair Unconditional Love is
    Much Different than ‘Romantic Love’ or what is
    commonly Known as ‘Falling in Love’ For True
    the Falling Part is the Neurochemical Serotonin
    That Does Make us a bit more Empty inside and
    Fearful and even Obsessive As Deep in our Biology
    Tells us as our Inherited Shadow within that ‘This Opportunity’
    For Successful Reproduction must not be missed at all costs
    even if we rationalize
    it with Just Poems
    and Flowers
    my Friend
    or other ‘Reasons’
    Why A Flower it is
    Beautiful too never
    the Less Falling it what it is
    too until Bonding and Potential
    Children too.. Many People Do not
    Feel the Unconditional Love of doing for
    the other no matter what they do.. until they
    have their First Child Biology too.. as even Testosterone
    Levels of Men Will Fall and the Bonding Neurohormone
    For Love Oxytocin Will Naturally Rise.. and yes ‘the reason’
    Yes the Feeling that Falling in Love is Sweet as Bitter Sweet
    too.. is Dopamine the Pleasure Neurochemical Erupts and
    Suddenly the Entire World is more Beautiful Now other than
    Less Serotonin that makes one fight as Hard as they can and will
    For A Budding Flower of A Romance now.. True to Hear God’s Face
    is to Look Within And Fill Ourselves up in Feeling Great as Love
    WiTHIN WiLL Bud too yes with a practice of whatever works to
    Keep our SPiRiT OuR HeART Our Soul in Tune in Balance oF LoVe
    Moving Meditation and Writing Meditation a continuous Dance and
    Song is my ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’ Yes a never ending Prayer always Starting
    AS LoVE NoW Yet i AM only HuMaN i fall down a bit some days but i rise
    As i also have
    A Tool Kit
    that works
    to keep
    me from
    Falling down now..
    Smile my Friend.. Yes..
    Co-Dependency between
    Married Folks is verily a Rough
    Ride iNDeeD until they Find a Way
    To Fill the LoVE uP WiTHiN First true
    A Child Will Help with this but there will
    Come a day likely for an Empty Nest too..
    then a crisis if folks have put their Entire
    Sacred and Holy Meaning And Purpose of Life
    Solely And Souly into Raising their Children alone
    True with a Job this way too.. We Must own our Love
    Within ourselves for if not sooner or later the External
    Crutches we depend on Will likely God Away and We Will
    Be Left Empty then if not Empty now.. smiles one of the
    Best things about being Happily Married this way is it
    takes so much
    Stress out of
    what other wise
    come in an Entire Game
    of Love mY FriEnd True a
    Difficult Path and Journey to
    Navigate and sadly a Journey and
    Path that some folks think will just
    Happen without Life Long Dedication in
    Practice to keep the FLamE oF UNCoNDITiONaL
    Fearless Love Consuming others and all the Rest
    of Nature with the Least Harm now.. This Agape
    Love IS A FLaME of SoUL YeS LoVE BuRNinG BRiGHT to LiVE..:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Fred dear friend.. I enjoyed reading Fred’s talk.. Peace and blessing be upon prophet Jesus the word of God.. He was sent to teach people love and to teach them that God is love..
      God bless you dear Fred..
      Smiles of hope for a world.. A United planet.. United with Love..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Smiles Love is surely a Powerful
        Force My Friend particularly when
        it comes in Peace and Harmony of Balance
        never Ending
        This Way
        Smiles to
        Give and Share
        for Free Cheers to
        Love Cheers to Love
        That Truly Smiles with No
        Restraint smiles my Friend some
        Days more of a Challenge than others
        But What i do know feel and sense is in
        the Longest of Runs that is Life Love Wins
        in Balance
        And Harmony
        From Eyes that and
        who Give and Share
        over Take and Hoard
        And General Ownership of God and Love
        Love Enjoys Freedom Love Breathes Light Free..:)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. First of all, thanks to you Sohair.
    To empty one’s soul is to be in unity.
    Being able to receive The Other.
    It is to be full of unity.
    So we expect nothing more than to live the Other in this gift of self.
    And Allah is the most learned.

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. Real love canโ€™t be attained without knowing our creator. Good point.

    You can tell alot about a person by how they treat the nature world, because for me that is the physical representation of God.

    Real love is about being selfless, its about stopping on the street and chatting to a homeless person rather than walking past, realising that your time is more important to them than money. Its about thinking about others and forgetting about ones self.

    filling the spaces of your soul, i think filling the voids in others in more important.


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  16. This was such an awesome post. I totally agree that real love is unconditional and the only way to experience is through our creator.


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