The wisdom of 5 prayers in Islam🌷

Muslims perform prayers Five times a day.

Allah Almighty had a purpose for Commanding the Muslims to physically, mentally and spiritually worship him 5 times everyday and for a total of 15 to 20 minutes. The distribution of Prayers throughout the day helps the Muslim to (1) Reconnect with Allah Almighty and to cleanse away any sin build ups in him; (2) To constantly take a physical and mental break from his daily stress; and (3) To keep the body muscles physically stretched, energized and in minimum shape. Of course, if one wants to be more muscular, then he needs to work out more to gain the maximum shape.

All of this, if done on regular and daily basis, would eventually lead to a better personality that is hard to be intimidated, and is sporty and easy going. Such personality would also lead to prosper and success.

The Wisdom that Allah Almighty had for the 5-daily Prayers, had been psychologically and scientifically proven to be a Great One. Allah Almighty certainly Knows what’s best for us, and if we only follow His Holy Commands by the letter, then our lives would be much better.



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