A question..

If someone is going to commit suicide…what will be your advice for him or her????


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  1. Part 1


    So many difficulties have happened to me in my life that I hate this life. I always turned to Allah, I implored Him to end my life as soon as possible. This is still my wish, for I see no solution to my problems as death; he is the only one who can save me from this punishment. Is this behavior forbidden to me?


    If someone wishes for death because of something that happened to him, he does something that the Prophet s.a.s has forbidden:

    “None of you should wish for death because of a suffering that has befallen him. If he so wishes, he should say, ‘Oh Allah, give me life, if you know that life is better for me; and kill me if you know that death is better for me. “(Buhary and Muslim)

    Therefore, no one is allowed to wish for death because of suffering, harm, or some difficulty encountered in him. He should rather have patience and hope for Allah’s reward for what he is going through. He should also wait for the relief that will come, as the Prophet s.a. said,

    “Know that victory comes with patience, joy with despair, and relief with hardship.” (Sahi to Albany)

    The one who is afflicted by some affliction should know that this tribulation extinguishes sins for him that he has committed. No believer is afflicted by a worry, sorrow, or a pain without which Allah ta ala, because of these worries, repays for him (the sins), even if only a thorn stings him. If one has patience and hopes for Allah’s reward, he will reach the status of the patient. This is an upscale position, Allah ta ala states about this:

    “But tell the patient a glad tidings that, when they meet a calamity, say: Let us return to Him.” (Surat Al-Bakara)

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  2. Part 2

    The woman on this issue feels that there is no solution to her problems than death. I think that’s the wrong view. Death does not solve problems. In fact, the predicament could get worse. How many people die while suffering from pain and problems, but they have wronged themselves and have not given up their sins and repented of Allah. Then her death is only an acceleration of her punishment. If they had survived, Allah ta ala might have led them to repentance, seeking forgiveness, patience, steadfastness toward the problems, and the prospect of relief. Everything would have been good for her. Therefore, you who asked the question must be patient and hope for relief from Allah ta ala. Allah ta ala says in his book:

    “And truly, the tribulation is accompanied by relief; verily, the tribulation is accompanied by relief. “(Surah Ash-Sharh)

    Schaikh ibn Uthaimien

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      1. Sohair, I’m a geography teacher (basic school), and I’d like to know where I find some informations about geography teaching in islamic countries?? I’ll thank you for any information.

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      2. In my country we study geography in a gradual way..
        In primary school we study geography of Egypt…including the study of winds and the climate in the north of the country and in the south..east and west…
        Then in the prep and high school we begin to study geography of the whole world..
        In primary school ..they teach students how to draw a map of Egypt..of the River Nile..and to learn the precise position of every town in Egypt..the places of mountains..oasis..petrol mines…etc..
        In primary school a child should learn about the human and environmental resources of the country where they live.
        In brief…Islamic countries teach Geography away from religion…Geography is taught as a science..

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  3. You could also tell that person that death is not the End of all worries and Problems. Indeed it is a sin to take your own life that Allah gave you. That Person also will be punished for committing Suicide. They way you kill yourself will be the punishment. If that person jumps from a building, that person will continue jumping, crushing, coming alive again and jumping again… That is they punishment in Islam for people who committed Suicid.
    So in the next world that person will be in no better place at all. But if that person will trust Allah, make dua, pray and also tries to better the situation with own hands, there will be a light at the end of the Tunnel.

    Sorry for the long text.

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  4. One day, I met a person who asked me for help. I said to him: I love you. You are a creature of God. This person is still alive and I always tell him : I love you, you are a creature of God. I say to him: God loves you. You are His work. Every day, I ask Allah to save humanity. I pray: I beg you God save us all.

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      1. Such sad news! And it sounds like you are hoping to come up with “the right thing to say” that will make her feel better and pull her back from taking that action. That is a frightful situation to be in, too.

        I’m no expert. Alas, even the experts are not experts, I’m afraid, in the sense of being able to offer guarantees. Still – I believe the experts can often help, and their help is something to try to get, I think, if possible.

        I have a little experience, which I don’t mind sharing: for some people I have known, and for myself, having something to live for that we felt responsible for, even if we didn’t think we were doing a very good job with it, turned out to be life-saving. A child. A cat. No one can really do precisely what you do, and you are needed. This turned out to be a helpful idea to have.

        Only later was I able to take really seriously the idea that when one is thinking of suicide, that’s evidence that one is not thinking properly, in particular about the value of life. Life is really not the hopeless mess it looks like from inside that place, even when it is very bad. In other words: when you’re thinking that way, you’re in a place where you can’t really trust your own thoughts & feelings/perspective on things.

        Since then, knowing that has been a good thing to remember.

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  5. Life despite her pain still has a beautiful face
    Suicide or death will not change what you feel
    You have to fight your bad feelings and plant your beautiful things

    Talking may be easy
    And you suffer alone
    Always try to find your goal
    And always see who is worse than you Look at the grace and count it
    You will be really satisfied

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  6. A Difficulty With Folks who are Now ‘Entertaining’
    Suicide is there is no Full Depth that We Can possibly
    Understand of their Current Difficulties unless actually Living
    Within their Soul.. it surely
    is not a threat to take
    anything but very seriously
    When someone says anything
    about Taking their Life now..
    as of course it is not a
    Completed Mistake
    that will be
    reversed my Friend
    Professional Help is highly
    Suggested where i live but i’m
    not Sure that is even available where
    You Live as there may be great Stigma against
    Mental Illness as there is in many Countries as well
    as many folks staying quiet as they don’t want to worry
    other folks about their misery and suffering within it’s Often
    Harder for Young Folks to Deal with Depressions as they don’t have
    as much experience of the transition of Successfully recovering and with
    Older Folks they may feel too Old to Recover now.. smiles my friend of course
    i would witness to
    them what i went
    through and
    all the Wonderful
    Butterfly Colors Sprang
    from that Drab Cocoon of
    Depression then.. for i really can’t
    imagine anyone having much More
    Potential than i had then in Turning
    Around a Life Back to Joy then my Friend..
    Smiles i would probably ask them to Dance
    and Perhaps Dance to Cheer them up if they
    didn’t Feel like Dancing but true even in Super
    Walmart Verily that doesn’t even work on so-called
    “Normal’ Folks who may not be very normal at all my Friend.. Sohair…
    Anyway.. i will keep Your Relative in my Prayers my Friend Best Wishes…:)

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  7. As a person who has considered and actually tried committing suicide i Dont think there is much that anyone can say to change your mind especially when the person has reached that last straw in trying to fight this selfish feeling personaly i think that the best that you can do for them is to do something special for that something that might make them reconsider because talking is the last thing that person feels like doing your words of comfort will be completely misinterpreted i remember ..i even hated being around people and seeing them smile or laugh …
    Hated the outdoors hated light …. I most cases its all psychological and not much can be really done
    The person has to survive these feeling all on they own on their own time just be there to keep an eye on them and support them…

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  8. It’s a very complex question. Love, love ,love them, listen to them, be there and support them. Help them to find something positive to do with spare time,steer the mind away from the constant negative thinking by doing Something that will make them FEEL wonderful and Alive!!
    Pray and give all your worries and fears to God.

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