The wisdom of ablution.💪

As I told you before my blog’s aim is to teach people about Islam.

Today I will talk about ablution.

Simply ablution is the act of washing certain parts of the body which muslims must perform before prayer.

Purity is the power with which the mysteries revealed upon you. The purification of body strengthens your soul which ultimately bring you close to Allah. This is the reason why Islam emphasizes on purity, as it is the basic part of faith in Islam.

Every Muslim performs ablution (wudhu), before offering prayers. It is a simple, certain and obligatory pattern of washing ones body parts with which they start their prayers. As Allah said in Holy Quran that,
O you who have believed, when you rise to [perform] prayer, wash your faces and your forearms to the elbows and wipe over your heads and wash your feet to the ankles. (Al-Maidah)
After about 1400 years, this pattern of washing the body parts became an amazing thing for scientists all around the globe. Many Muslims are unaware that ablution is a medical protection they are applying to their body.
Here are the medical benefits of ablution, the scientists came to know after years of research.

1.Ablution Refreshes Your Body

The Prophet (PBUH) recommended ablution before going to bed. Yoga experts also encourage washing of hands, arms, eyes, legs, mouth and genitals before sleep with cool water for a deep sleep.

Ablution stimulates biological rhythms of the body and specifically Biological Active Sports (BASes) which are similar to the idea behind Chinese reflexo-therapy. It is a treatment which includes hydro-massage of the BAS, their thermal and corporal stimulation.
3.Washing Nose Prevents From Microbic Diseases

After a microscopic investigation, it is confirmed that the noses of those who do not perform ablution were exposed to a huge amount of harmful microbes which can cause many diseases.
4.Washing Arms Activates Blood Circulation

It is also established that blood circulation at the limbs is weaker because they are far from the center of the blood pumping heart. Therefore, their washing activates blood circulation at these remote areas of the body, making the person more vigorous.
5. Washing Hands Prevents You From Pneumonia

A study carried out in Pakistan found that over 50% of pneumonia-related infections in children under the age of 5 could simply be prevented by the washing of hands with soap. Hand washing also reduces respiratory infections by removing infectious pathogens to be found on the hands.
6. Rinsing Mouth Prevents Systematic Diseases
It is to be noted that Muslims wash their hands before rinsing their mouth, ensuring that they rinse their mouth with clean water. During the ablution, Muslims rinse their mouth in order to remove food particles and bacteria from the mouth. Most of them prefer miswak – a natural toothbrush made from a twig or root of the tree which has its own antiseptic properties, for cleaning the mouth before ablution.

According to a recent study published in the Clinical Microbiology Reviews Journal by the name of ‘Systemic Diseases Caused by Oral Infection’, have found a direct link between a lack of oral hygiene and systemic diseases. Systemic diseases include Cardiovascular Disease, Bacterial Pneumonia, Osteoporosis, Low Birth Weight and Diabetes-Related Complications.

In every Islamic ritual, there are numerous hidden scientific benefits on which scientists are working. Muslims are, in real means, blessed with Allah’s undeniable wisdom.



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  1. Hi jrmessi dear friend.. Thanks a lot for the comment and the reblog.. Highly appreciated 🌷💐


  2. Sanitation Removing Potential Infectious
    Bacteria and Viruses from human Contagious
    Contact has Saved More Lives than Modern Medicine
    Will Ever Imagine Doing my Friend Sohair.. hehe.. We
    Even had our House Washed today.. but true too as with
    any thing in life Moderation is necessary as when Homes
    are too Clean And Sanitized Children may Develop Auto-Immune
    Issues as their Auto-Immune System
    Never Really Develops and
    Fights their own
    Body instead
    hmm.. Katrina
    is really OCD about
    Germs quite a bit so
    she is always wiping down
    just about everything i touch
    and that’s okay for i rarely get sick
    now.. i am actually Allergic to Cats
    and Dogs.. so i got sick a lot more when
    Yellow Boy our Cat was around but i’d rather
    have more sources of Love and move though the
    Sick Again.. oh yeah speaking of Injuries too hope you
    are healing well with Your Hand and Knee Injury from
    Your accident Dear Sohair.. i had an unfortunate one that
    could have been avoided with a bit more caution myself last
    Friday as i worked out with barely any sleep and i’ve been slamming
    100 Pound Iron Weights together so long i wasn’t paying close enough attention
    without sleep and caught the tip of my Ring Finger in between too of the slamming
    Iron Plates and i felt fortunate to have anything left of my finger at all the pain didn’t
    bother me but i was worried about breakage and potential infection too.. and now it
    hardly looks like i hurt it all all but yes very Black and Blue Swollen until Yesterday
    my Friend still a bit Tender but working out again today my Friend.. it just will
    teach me to be a bit more
    as mistakes
    will teach
    us so much now too..:)

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  3. Not sure if you can listen to YouTube Videos from the United
    States where you live but i sang this in Church Yesterday
    and thought you might like it my Friend.. not sure
    you’ve ever heard me sing before either with smiles..:)

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  4. Hi Fred..please send me the link of the video…
    Yes ..we watch videos from US I think so..
    I am not sure indeed..
    Send the link here please..
    Thanks a lot Fred my dear friend..
    Today..My school vacation had finished..and I am back to school again ..we are making on the exams of those girls who failed in the exams of May..I hope they will all succeed and have good Marks.
    Have a great day Fred with smiles..😎🙂

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  5. (https: // watch?v=P-MXMO9euGU)

    Smiles Sohair that was actually the link to the Video of me Singing
    that linked Automatically on that Last Post i made and it is only actually
    Audio as i had it sitting facedown on the Seating at Church when i sang it..
    Anyway.. if you are having trouble Hearing it that way i am including the Link
    Above in Parentheses with spaces between a couple of places in the Link so it
    will not automatically link in this Blog Post to the actual Video.. i hope you enjoyed
    Your Vacation as Much as you could considering your Difficulties with Your Injuries too.. and i do hope and pray that the Young
    Women You Teach are successful
    in retaking the exams they
    Failed in May as Well
    as School
    Present so much
    Greater Challenges to
    Some Students than others of Course…

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  6. Thanks a lot Fred.. I will copy the link on utube and I will tell you later on God willing.
    Smiles my dear friend☺

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  7. Hi Fred… Yes I have a utube channel.. It is called Sohair Sohair.. You can find it in the comment box of your videos… I made three comments under your three video… Just click on the commentator called Sohair and you can subscribe. But I have no videos in my channel… I only use it to like, comment and share other videos…
    Your voice is great in singing Fred… And the words of your songs are so meaningful… But the image is only black color… I hope that you can put something else… Like some natural images… Or the images of you and the band.

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  8. SMiLes Thanks Sohair
    So Kind of you my
    Friend would
    Love to see some
    Of your Videos one
    Day too.. hehe that’s
    A Great idea to add
    Nature Photos
    To the Videos
    Sort of like
    i guess i do
    On some parts
    Of my Blog too..:)))😇😁🌺☺️

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