Yakeen يقين

What is Yakeen?

I tried to translate this arabic word into English..I found some meanings like( certainty…sureness..certitude..etc.)

But I think it has another meaning..

I will try to explain it in my simple words and through my experience in life in general.

Certainty is the thing that can help you to differentiate between a believer and a disbeliever.

I am not talking here about Islam or Christianity or whatever.

I am talking about the belief of the one creator of all.

If you have a strong belief of our creator…you will have a strong belief in the massages that He sends you daily.

This is Certainty or Yakeen

Yakeen is to believe every massage sent by God to you…to believe in your own intuition.

Yakeen is not only to believe God’s massages…

But to believe all the messages of God in spite of all the bad conditions and circumstances around you.

I will tell you my personal story.

Before God granted me my two children..I stayed seven years after my marriage with no children.

People around me and my husband began to deal with us as if we will stay like that to the end of our life.

But for me..no…I was sure that I will give birth to some children..simply because my God told me that.I had yakeen in his daily massages to me.

I bought clothes of different ages for my children before I have them…then I put them in the closet although at that time..I didn’t have any children.

Also I was careful to watch T.V prgrammes that talks about how to bring up the children in a healthy way.

My neighbours were laughing at me and treated me as if I was dreaming of something impossible…But I didn’t care for them because I had Yakeen.

Yakeen is my friend in this life indeed.

When God sends me a massage I believe it in spite of all the bad circumstances or conditions or fears.

When Prophet Moses was running away from the king of Egypt and his strong army….The people around Prophet Moses looked behind and found that the pharoe’s army is coming and when they looked in front of them…they found the sea.They were sure that they would be killed by the soldiers or drown in the sea.

But Prophet Moses had Yakeen In God.

He said…”No….my God is with me..he will guide me and protect us”

Then the miracle happened…and Moses and his people were safe and the king of Egypt and his army drowned in the sea.

There are many stories about Yakeen in the divine books.

My massage is..

(Whatever happens to you….Do not lose your Yakeen……believe the daily massages of God…..Do not believe your fears or worries…follow your intuition.)

Peace ☺


28 thoughts on “Yakeen يقين

  1. This reminds me of my mother in law. She got married and had no children for many years. Her neighbors were very very mean and cruel to her. She didn’t talk back and just trusted Allah. Later she gave birth to seven children. More than all of her neighbors.
    And luckily I was guided by Allah to be married with the youngest of these children. 😊

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  2. Hello Soul Sister Sohair.. The Feeling And Sense i get
    About Arabic And Urdu is both Languages Speak so Much
    More About the Inner Universe of our Spirituality as Children
    of God.. ‘Yakeen’ Sings so much more About Faith than the Word
    Faith alone as that is described in the Christian Religion as it’s almost
    like ‘they’ Decided one Man Is THE God then Said Worship Him and that was
    really all that
    is important
    to do to get
    to Meet God
    in any life this
    one or after whatever
    Life Continues.. to be..
    Yakeen is 100 Percent
    Faith as Hope That’s Love
    That Carries Us through all Dark
    And LiGHT Yes Night And Day Not
    Many Folks Experience Yakeen they are
    too busy worrying about Deadlines and Time
    And Distance And Space and Illusions Like that
    “Yakeen” is beyond all that yes God’s Breath Living
    As Spirit Within us Now Eternally NoW.. “Yakeen” Yes
    to Repeat is the Force of God NoW Beyond All Distance Space
    And Time and Human Words as Small as iNFiNiTY TRuE NoW
    in DarK oF LiGHT MoRE.. “Yakeen” is more than A Word or
    Magic Recipe like ‘Romans 10:9″ To Get to Meet God one
    Day After a Dirt Nap and such as that.. “Yakeen” IS A
    Face in Face Experience With God NoW ReaL…
    SMiLes Always Happy to ‘See’ that other
    Folks in So many other Cultures More
    totally Get what Many Folks
    Are Almost totally blind
    in Ignorance NoW
    to iN A Geographical
    Culture Where i Live
    as once Again “Yakeen” is
    No Nation No Religion no Culture
    alone as Essence of course it is Arabic
    but any form that Pays Justice to the Face
    of Faith Hope God Love In Us 100 Percent
    Always Now with No Doubt Surely Works
    Fine to me in some aTTempt anyway
    to SParK those who are Lost to
    Be found again in God’s
    Face (LoVE) Living in
    Us oh yes so much
    more than Just
    A Facebook Now
    of God.. the Spirit is
    on Fire so much more
    than a Word When the Fire
    of God Lives Within Us Real
    yes all intuitive That Guides
    Us to “Sainthood” Life Well before
    Death With Angel WingS iN the Empathy
    of all Positive PurE LoVE To Give and Share
    Free too.. this is Freedom This is God Living Within
    Free with
    No restraints
    No Doubts God Exists
    Within This Way Dear Soul Sohair..:)

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  3. Thank you so much dear for taking the time to read and share your thoughts here… Highly appreciated 🌷

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  4. Hi Fred.. Happy Friday for you and your family… You are also my soul brother.
    I lost my brother 5years ago.. He died at an early age… I don’t have a brother… But God granted me a soul brother.. His name is Fred.
    Thank you so much dear friend.. Your talks are something unique in my life. God bless you🌷💐🌺

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  5. SMiLes my Friend Sohair i have Less than a Handful of Family who Show any Real Interest in my Humanity it is
    Surely Worth it
    To travel to Egypt to
    Find A Soul Sister there
    Is No other Religious
    Label i Feel or
    For this
    Yes thank
    You God
    For Granting
    My You in this Life🌺🌹🌼

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  6. Religion is only a book that guides us to the right way… But what really connects us is that we worship a one creator.
    Thanks again Fred☺

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