18 thoughts on “life and people

  1. I assume you are very busy but do you mind doing me a little favor? Would you make a short Dua for me? I’m so beyond heartbroken. I was invited to do a little Speech about Islam in front of very well educated Philosoph (Plural) and I got insulted like never in my life before. A silly dog was the most friendliest I heard.
    I’m sad but still I feel so blessed that Allah has guided me and allowed me to become Muslim. Otherwise I would be one of them.

    So sorry to bother you with that. I just wanted to get it of my chest. Make me halal.

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  2. Hello again my dear sis.. You do not bother me of course.. You are my dear sis.. I am so sad for you.. May Allah relieve your pain and fill your soul with peace.. You deserve peace.. Do not worry about cruel people who hurt people with no mercy… Just ask Allah to give you strength to go on.
    Life is a short journey. Our spiritual purpose in life is our aim to go on and on whatever the obstacles are… The obstacles may be hard hearted people.. We should not care for them.. Just pray that Allah may guide them to the right path.
    Sure I will remember you in my prayers…
    May Allah bless you dear sis☺🌷💐🌻🌼🌸🌺

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  3. Barakallahu Fikh dear sis❤️❤️
    I’m kind of fascinated how the devil tricked these people. They are so booksmart and think they are on top of everything but all they can say are actually bad, mean and dirty words. They are so proud of their lifestyle but they are not able to talk in good manners to a woman.
    May Allah guides us all and allows us to die as Muslims and enter paradise.
    Thank you so much for you kind words and support. May Allah always support you in all situations. I will make dua for you as well.

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  4. Hi Sohair.. ‘Life and People’ is a Subject
    That Never Ends for Changing Interests
    Congrats on Your New Blog Site.. i am
    not sure why but so far none of my 3 Computers
    Will not allow me to like Your Blog Post there
    but never the less
    i will still always
    come by and
    Willing my
    Friend and maybe
    Technology on my end
    Will get Straightened out too..:)

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  5. Thank you so much Fred dear friend.. It seems that the site has a problem….. I don’t know.. But thanks a lot.. Your support is always appreciated 🌺💐🌷

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  6. Hi Fred.. Please pray for me.. I had an accident today. I was in the street at nine in the morning.. It was awfly sunny. I felt dizzy.. I fell down.. My right knee was badly hurt with swell and blood. People gathered round me and brought me some juice and they asked a taxi driver to help me go home.
    I am home now.. But the pain is hard in my knee.
    I hope things are going well with you.
    Thanks Fred.

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  7. Hi Sohair.. thanks for letting me know You
    Injured your knee Badly
    This morning.. i pray that
    You will heal soon and
    You will be able to
    Continue with all
    Your Personal Responsibilities at hand
    Better yet i pray that
    People you Love will
    Be there for you to
    Give you Kindness
    A Best Medicine
    Love is to
    Cure all
    Illness God Bless
    You With their Love
    Now And my Love
    too.. Dear Friend Sohair..:)

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