14 thoughts on “Why Allah puts difficulties in our life??

  1. SMiles my FriEnd Sohair as far as a Balance
    of Light and Dark that makes Life
    Heaven on Earth
    i verily will
    not disagree
    with anything you’ve
    Shared in ‘this Video’ today..
    Pity the Poor Human who does
    understand that Greatest Riches
    come from both their ability to Grow in Potential
    out of dark into Light as well as their greater ability
    to forgive transgressions of others in understanding the
    in Human
    Bring us
    to who we are..
    this is a forever now
    Practice in Balancing
    Light and Dark and yes Science
    is even catching up to Sacred Text
    of Old as Sages already intuited a higher
    Force within of Nature yes God.. where it is
    the ‘Cross’ or ‘Thorns’ of Rose that Brings Greatest
    of FLoWeRS
    of Both Human
    Potential and Love
    to Human Being Evolving
    as Soul instead of Devolving
    as Couch Potato eating Chips
    and Sugar Coated Drinks to wash
    it down.. only activating tiny parts of our
    Mind and Body Balancing Soul leaving so much
    more Human Potential out in the cold as we come to
    wonder what is missing in life that we never even tried
    to do
    Nature doesn’t
    let us forget but the
    Clothes of Culture that come
    Painted with all the fats and sugars
    we will eat.. with all the dopamine rush
    of bright lit screens with all the body parts
    of others all lit up to bring us pleasure until
    all we
    is numb
    from avoiding
    any dark in life
    to bring the shining
    lights of Colors that breathe better
    in a dirty room than a sanitized one
    that only means our Auto-immune system
    will have nothing to battle but our body instead
    of invading germs.. smiles my Friend life is all about
    overcoming invading Germs in all the ways that metaphor
    comes and goes still.. haha no matter how many ways Katrina
    makes me
    my Hands
    i find a way
    to get them dirty
    as challenge is always an evolving Soul
    out of dark blessings that brings TRuELiGHT now..
    to flicker to flame to torch to bonfire grow more..
    is just
    a metaphor
    of Artificial Sweeteners
    that Keep our Soul in Diapers
    without a Genuine Smile that
    gives and shares to others for real
    as light sees dark no longer fearful
    no longer apathetic/cynical to really Live..
    to be clear to be slave to any thing is not free..
    Pleasure alone is also a task master that
    will take us straight to hell now.
    When i was a Child i was not
    able to say no to fats
    and sugars
    photos of
    Naked Women…
    i am no longer a Child
    i understand that dark is light..
    Smiles my Friend the Strongest
    Souls are ones who lead themselves
    out of all the Temptations Free to Behold..
    if all the Temptations are Hidden that is little
    at all….
    i am so
    now as A
    World is a Dam
    overflowing Spilling with Temptations
    that only hide the dark of Heaven’s Light..
    so the Temptations become no temptation at all…
    As i See
    DarK as any
    Blind Man may See..:)

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  2. Who destroys the balance of nature is the humans who misuse the resources of nature ..our mother..
    Thanks a lot Fred..dear friend..your opinion is always accepted and respected..😊
    I believe in every word in this video ..Dr.Mustafa is one of my favourite scientists that I like to learn a lot from him.

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  3. SMiLes Sohair Thanks for
    Directing me now to your
    other reply.. Yes Humans
    Truly are the ones who have
    come from Balance of Nature
    to the Tools of Culture we have
    Created starting with Words of Written
    Language Collecting Collective Abstract
    Constructed Concept Intelligence.. where the work
    we did then to make tools to Provide safe and secure
    Subsistence has become Culture the Virus to Destroy
    God’s face yes Living Nature Mother Earth without respect
    And Empathy
    left for
    Face of this
    Beautiful Earth
    That will Be Heaven
    NoW iN A Real Garden
    of Eden for those who live
    in Naked Balance With God
    As God’s Face Mother Nature
    True to Feel and Sense LiVinG
    With God’s Gravity in Balance
    instead of always rising now
    Against God’s Tide of Love
    Giving Sharing
    Hoarding the
    Breath of Life away
    from God’s Balance
    infused into Us that/who live
    a life of dark thru light balance
    as it is true existence is a Snake
    that swallows itself as tale dark thru light it is up to us
    now to consume the rest of Nature again with least harm..
    Giving and Sharing more than Taking and Hoarding now..
    Peace and Harmony as Dark and Light Hold Hands Day and Night..:)

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  4. Jazakallah khair dear friend for sharing may Allah make it easy on you to keep sharing important post that will benefit the ummah . slm

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