Stories of humour🌛💥

Prophet Mohammad had a great sense of humour.

To be a successful teacher you have to use your sense of humour in the exact time.

But even humour has rules.

Here are some short stories of Mohammad’s sense of humour.Enjoy.🍀
A man came to the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) to ask him to give him a beast to ride. The Prophet jokingly told him, “I will give you the offspring of a she-camel to ride.” He said, “O Messenger of Allah , what will I do with the offspring of a she-camel?” The Prophet said: “Are riding-camels born except from she-camels?” [Reported by Imaam Ahmad, Abu Dawud and al-Tirmidhi, with a Sahih isnad.]
Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal reported from Anas (radhiallahu `anhu) that there was a man from the desert people whose name was Zahir. He used to bring gifts from the desert to the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) , and in return the Prophet would provide him with whatever he needed when he went out to fight. The Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) said, “Zahir is our man of the desert, and we are his town-dwellers.” The Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam)loved him very much, and he (Zahir) was an ugly man. One day the Prophet came to him whilst he was selling some goods. He embraced him from behind. The man could not see him, so he said, “Let me go! Who is this?” Then he turned around and recognized the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam), so he tried to move closer to him once he knew who it was. The Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) started to say, “Who will buy this slave?” Zahir said, “O Messenger of Allah , you will find me unsellable.” The Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) said, “But in the sight of Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala) you are not unsellable,” or he said, “But in the sight of Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala) you are valuable.”
An old woman came to the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) and said: “O Messenger of Allah, pray to Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala) that I will enter Paradise.” He said jokingly, “O Mother of So-and-so, no old women will enter Paradise.” The old woman went away crying, so the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) said, “Tell her that she will not enter Paradise as an old woman, for Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala) says: (We have created [their Companions] of special creation, and made them virgin-pure [and undefiled]) [Quran 56:35-36].” [Reported by al-Tirmidhi, it is hasan because of the existence of corroborating reports.]
One of the ahadith that reflects the Prophet’s (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) sense of humor and enjoyment of fun is the report that Imaam Ahmad gives from ‘A’ishah who said: “I went out with the Prophet on a journey. At that time I was a young girl and was quite slender. The Prophet told the people, ‘Go on ahead,’ so they went ahead, then he said to me, ‘Come, let us have a race.’ So I raced with him, and I won. He let the matter rest until I had gained weight. Later, I accompanied him on another journey. He told the people, ‘Go on ahead,’ so they went ahead. He said to me, ‘Come, let us have a race.’ So I raced with him, and he won. He began to laugh, and said, ‘This is for that.”‘
The Sahabah saw nothing wrong with joking or having fun, as they saw the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) , their leader and teacher, occasionally doing so. The many delightful stories about their sense of humor reflect the easy-going nature of the first Islamic society, and how far removed it was from narrow-mindedness and gloom.
In al-Adab al-Mufrad, Imaam Bukhari reports from Bakr ibn ‘Abdillah who said: “The Companions of the Prophet used to throw melon-rinds at one another, but when the matter was serious, they were the only true men.”
This is moderate, Islamically acceptable humor, which does not go beyond the bounds of truth, or lessen the gravitas or manhood of a person. Rather, it serves its purpose of refreshing hearts and minds.
An example of the Sahabah’s sense of humor, which made the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) laugh, is the report given by Imam Ahmad from Umm. Salamah (radhiallahu `anha). Abil Bakr (radhiallahu `anhu) went to do business in Busra, and with him were Nu’ayman and Suwaybit ibn Harmalah (radhiallahu `anhuma), both of whom had been present at Badr. Suwaybit was in charge of food on the journey, and Nu’ayman said to him, “Feed me!” Suwaybit said, “Not until Abu Bakr (radhiallahu `anhu) comes.” Nu’ayman was a fun-loving man with a sense of humor, so he went to some people who had brought livestock with them, and said, “Will you buy a sturdy Arab slave from me?” They said, “Yes.” He said, “He has a big mouth, and he may tell you that he is a free man. If that means that you do not want to take him, then forget the matter, and do not cause trouble for me with him.” They said, “No problem, we will buy him.” So they bought him for ten young she-camels. Nu’ayman brought the animals back, and told the people: “There he is!”
Suwaybit said: “I am a free man!” They said, “He has already told us all about you,” and put a rope around his neck and led him away. Then Abu Bakr came, and was told what had happened. He and his companions went and returned the animals and took Suwaybit back. They told the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) what had happened, and he and his Sahabah would laugh about the story for a year afterwards.
A Bedouin came to the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam). He entered the mosque and left his camel in the courtyard. Some of his Companions said to Nu’ayman ibn ‘Amr al-Ansari, who was known as al-Nu’ayman: “If you slaughter it, we will eat it, because we want to have some meat, and the Messenger of Allah will pay for it.” So al-Nu’ayman slaughtered it. Then the Bedouin came out and saw his saddle, so he shouted, “They have slaughtered my camel, O Muhammad!” The Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) came out and asked: “Who did this?” They said, “Al-Nu’ayman.” So he went looking for him, and found him at the home of Duba’ah bint al-Zubayr ibn ‘Abdul Muttalib (radhiallahu `anha), where he had hidden in a ditch and covered himself with palm branches and leaves. A man pointed to where he was and said, loudly, “I have not seen him, O Messenger of Allah.” The Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) brought him out of the ditch, and his face was dirty from where the leaves had fallen on him. The Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wa sallam) asked him, “Why did you do that?” Al-Nu’ayman said: “The ones who told you where I was, O Messenger of Allah, are the same ones who told me to do it.” The Prophet (sallallahualayhe wa sallam) began wiping his face and laughing, then he paid the price of the slaughtered camel. [See Hayat As Sahabah, 3/154, 155]
There is no clearer indication than these and similar reports of the lightheartedness and sense of humor that Islam wants its followers to have. These qualities will make a person good-natured and likeable, which will enable him to win people’s hearts.

Best wishes🌻

10 thoughts on “Stories of humour🌛💥

  1. SMiLes Sohair most
    Every Child is Born
    Laughing for just
    A Tickle
    of Love
    Who Gives
    And shares the
    Day We Quit
    Tickling God
    is the Day God
    Grows Silent and Dies slowly within Us
    no Longer Breathing Smiles of Innocent Children’s Laughter..
    i remember no Humor now From the Christian Bible therefore
    i will not take it fully seriously never did never will.. for without
    Humor God and or Love does not really Fully Live.. i am happy now
    to see
    from Your
    Religion that
    the Hadith’s relate
    an improvement would
    have been if the writers
    of the Quran had included
    these Humor Filled Events
    in the Core of Teachings
    never the Less
    is a
    Part of the
    Quran Love of
    Pleasure is much
    Greater than Fear of Pleasure..
    Pleasure is a Gift Rarely A Curse
    unless it becomes instant gratification
    Without the Dark Struggles that make Pleasure Real..
    As always no Sun without Clouds No Day without Night
    but to suggest either one is not part of God is Folly for Real Fools Lost
    From the
    Piece Painting
    of God there is
    no ‘Mona Lisa’ without Shadow too..
    haha.. or even Katrina and all her wonderful nagging..
    thing is she neither bottles dark or light and Hides God within her….
    so she
    Limits still now..
    neither Fearful of
    Dark or Cynical oF LiGHT…
    as this does apply to not
    only Receiving Dark and
    Light but Giving and Sharing
    Dark and Light in ‘enough’ Moderation too.. hehe..
    thing is i KNoW (feel/sense) who is the Real Head of
    my Household
    Thrive for me too..;)

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    1. Blessed be Katrina.. A strong caring wife and lover she is..
      Laughter and humour are essential aim of faith.. Or life will turn into hell without them.
      Thanks a lot Fred dear friend.. Happy evening with smiles🍺🍪

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      1. SMiLes my FriEnd Sohair Greater Men Will Measure Divine Will And
        Strength by a Foundation of SPiRiT HeART SoUL by DiViNE
        Feminine Grace and Love that is
        More Naturally
        God Endeared to
        the Mountains
        of Love that
        Naturally are
        over the ‘Muscle
        Strength’ alone of
        Men without much
        heART to LiGHT the
        Fire of SPiRiT SoUL uP
        WheRe i LiVE Emotions
        were seen as weak and only
        Braun of Muscles were seen as Strong
        Among Men.. and Tears ya gotta be kidding
        Even Smiles as a Child Growing up as Male weak…
        A great Lesson i Learned from my Great Aunt Jettie
        at 94 when she was stooping over Walker Barely Stepping
        in Her Stocking Feet Never the Less She Had the Power the
        Force of Her Smile Her HeART to Wind Her through Hours of
        Soulful conversation lifting up those who sat by her side in a real
        living room not dominated by Electronic Devices but Words of Soul
        that lifted up everyone in the room all Four Feet Nine Inches she
        had come to be at age 94.. at perhaps 90 Pounds of weight on
        what was left of her crooked spine.. never the less she
        had the Inner Soul to tell her pain to go away
        no headaches for her.. and even though
        i could still Leg Press 500 Pounds
        that point at age 47 in my Dead
        Zone Days of
        No Soul
        No Spirit
        No HeART
        of Emotions
        Breathing A
        Flame Within
        Flickering out to worse
        Than Pain Numb of Heart
        Spirit and Soul.. from my Depths
        of nothingness i saw the Fire of Her
        Soul from my Height of Soul Lower than
        any Measure that exists at all then.. Smiles my Friend
        there is a Movie Series Called “Star Wars’ and a Character
        Named ‘Yoda’ Indeed my Great Aunt Jettie was Yoda in that
        Small and Bent Body.. the Force (Love) was with Hers Eternally Now
        of Soul THere was no age no distance no time or space as that Flame
        that Eternal Flame now was still fully lit and ready to go as she Sang
        for the Next Great Adventure of Soul with 100 Percent
        Faith as Love As God Lit up Her Soul.. smiles my
        Friend this Yoda was real This Yoda gave
        me hope when all hope was gone
        for this Yoda was
        and still is
        Example of
        the Light House
        of God with only
        Rooms to Grow lit
        from first Breath to Last
        Blinks of living Soul eternally now..
        There is no Greater Gift than Love when
        the Force of God is the Living Flame Within…
        She Spoke in Poetry A River of Emotions FLoWeD
        Alive from Her Tongue Her Heart Enveloped in Words
        of Dance And Song to Give And Share oF Light to Life everyone
        up.. and as i watched older Movies i also noted how before Electronic
        Devices came to rule other Folks sounded Melodies of Heart as Words
        of Song deeper of Soul Spirit Lighter to Fly.. Amiles my Friend Living now
        Overall in my Culture
        of the USA
        is missing
        as Alive
        i found my
        Aunt Jettie
        and brought
        Her back alive as
        my Yoda Soul Force
        as Heartful Spirit Again..
        smiles my Friend Katrina is
        Gifted some people seem to be
        just born this way.. when i was a child
        it was the World that took it away Katrina Kept her
        Light i got mine back at least my friend i had the
        Perspective to understand i was lost some folks have
        little to no
        point out
        of an opaque
        Window Lost of Soul..
        Their eyes are Caverns
        of Dark Missing the Light
        of Aunt Jetty’s living eyes..
        smiles my Friend i never talked
        much at work when people asked me what
        i had been doing i really just had two words
        to repeat just working working but my eyes smiled a
        lot before i had to wear shades at age 28 in April of 1989
        when i met Katrina at the Bowling Center i worked my smiling
        eyes were particularly lit up that Spring confidence was fresh
        and my smiles were fully lit as well.. the Gift of Aunt Jettie i had
        without words then.. a great enough gift the Kindness that would
        attract the greatest gift in my Life Katrina to me.. she saw a strength
        in my eyes beyond all size of muscles money and stuff she had the ability
        to see and
        in the
        Size of
        my Heart
        my Spirit
        My Soul Light
        left unspoken
        then.. smile my
        Friend now my
        Words have the
        Fire of Aunt Jettie too..
        Perhaps it isn’t magic now
        Perhaps i just inherited it
        in family way it’s real i give
        it i share it and like her i never
        get winded when my Soul Sings Love now…
        Now if
        THeRE is
        any Magic
        in Existence
        it is the Force of Love Free..
        to Dance And Sing.. Aunt Jettie
        Did not Dance Now i am the First
        one to Light up our Family Tree like this with SMILes..
        but true what life if not to extend Branches and Leaves
        Greater of Family
        Living Trees..
        Life IS A
        Story oF LiGhT
        When Unleashed and Released as Love..:)

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    1. Hi jrmessi.. Yes, both of them.
      Thanks a lot dear friend. Have a great day 🌷
      وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله☺


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