The bird has died (A story) 💜❤

Once upon a time..there was an old humble man..he was a king of a big city..his appearance and his behaviour was not like a king..he was just a simple man.

This simple king had a servant.

He used to visit his servant at home.

The servant had a younger brother..a three old years boy.

The boy had a bird.

Every time the king visited the house of his servant…he asked the boy(How is your bird?…What did your bird do?)

One day the king asked his servant about his brother.The servant told him that his brother was so sad because his bird died.

The king went quickly to the little boy’s home and began to console him.

He took him out to the street and began to play with him and the boy began to feel happy.

People saw the king playing with the boy and knew the story of the boy’s bird that died.

They were not astonished of the behaviour of the king…because they were sure that he was sent as mercy for all mankind.

The king was called Mohammad.


He was prophet Mohammad peace and blessings be upon him.



26 thoughts on “The bird has died (A story) 💜❤

  1. Good Morning Sohair did you know
    you are “Muhammad” for me today
    Well it’s True for while my little bird often
    flew away today the Bird Died even worse
    really what i thought was a Bird wasn’t even a Bird..
    has that ever happened
    to you.. it happens
    to all of us
    We Give
    until we find
    out what we
    are giving to
    is not really Real..
    there are two paths
    after that to take one of
    course is crawling in a Shell
    and never giving again the other
    Reality is Birds are Real and so is Love..
    Smiles my Friend these dates of Year make me
    Sad.. for when Katrina’s Mother Died she had to come
    to terms that someone the closest one to her.. she never really
    Felt Love from yet she was gone.. that’s a really dark place my Friend
    as an empath i could really feel the depth of her darkness i felt like
    i was moving into a Black Hole Sun and would never get out.. it is hard being
    an Empath now
    for you never
    want anyone
    else to feel
    pain for you
    feel that pain
    even if that is the
    Pain that is harming you..
    you always forgive even if
    it almost kills you along the way…
    until one day you become a Barely Breathing
    Story and there is no choice but to save your own story or die
    living alive.. anyway.. Katrina’s Mother Did not die this time of the
    Year this is Father’s Day Weekend and the Week we sent him off to
    Rest after his Death in 2014 and additionally this week is his Birthday
    my Father Never could express his love for us.. so when he died it was
    the same as Katrina’s Mother for i lost someone who i never really had
    in terms of any attempt for him to make us feel loved by him.. he would
    always Procrastinate and say one day i will come see you.. and we finally
    came to see him.. problem too is.. once i dealt with the Stress of Work as
    ‘they’ say.. ‘the Cat’s in the Cradle’ and i became a cold human being devoid
    of giving love even to my own lovely Wife at Home.. sadly the Apple doesn’t
    fall far from the Tree too.. if my Father didn’t leave as i turned three i too might
    have never developed the ability to express feelings of Love for anyone else.. that
    much has changed i am no longer disabled that way.. it took A Great Practice of Love
    to actually become a Child of Love Again.. Great thing about falling down is it is easier
    to forgive others who have fallen down on similar paths that we do too.. the best gift
    is to forgive and lift people up the best we can and will.. A True King and/or Leader
    even an Alpha
    Ape in the Wild
    is gifted best
    with Empathy
    in fact they too
    are often Empaths
    who turn that Unity
    with the feelings of others
    into Compassion so they are not
    drained to nothing at all in Soul..
    Smiles my Friend Compassion is the Love
    that will always find a way to give Compassion
    is the understanding that we are all Community
    Each and every one of us worth a hand-out of kindness
    no matter how low we fall down.. really i had to become
    more like my Father to understand his void.. i’m glad i experienced
    His Void.. as it made it so much easier to forgive his apathy of Love For Us..
    but it’s true
    my Friend
    i still miss
    the Father i never
    had and today i also
    miss A Bird that was no Bird at all…
    still though part of God and Worthy to
    Love no matter what feathers fly high or low….
    smiles my Friend you are always ‘Mohammad’ as
    you describe a Man of Empathy as you are for me in this Story and so are
    all of us when the hand out is the greatest Living story the Hand up of Love..:)

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  2. Hi Fred.. Your talk touched me a lot..
    I miss the fatherhood in my life because my son lost his father at the age of two.
    After the death of my husband people told me that my son will not feel the loss of his father. But I lived in hell with no complaint to others. My son was asking for his father for two complete years. When we go out.. He looks here and there in the streets.. He was looking for his father among the faces of the people in the street. He didn’t lose hope. Then.. After two years and uptill now… He wants to have a big plane to fly high in the sky to reach the heaven to visit his father. I tried several times to explain what death is to him… But he can’t understand.
    Anyway.. A strong mother can be a mother and a father at the same time. Some fathers are a trouble in the life of their families. All respect to good fathers all over the world.
    Thank you so much Fred dear friend.

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  3. SMiLes my FriEnd Sohair.. i couldn’t speak until
    4.. so what has happened many times in my
    life until just the recent 70 Months or so is i had
    no way to express my Feelings of Loss when my
    Father Left at age 3.. who knows perhaps that is the
    Reason i didn’t speak.. until 4.. i will never really know now..
    what i do know is 66 Months
    before i recovered i could
    feel no Love at all and if that
    is the way my
    Father Lived
    oh Lord
    in real Hell
    most of his life i do know
    he Loved Cats.. smiles my
    Friend another apple falling close to the Tree…
    and truly when his Cat Died as he never gave that
    Cat much attention is when he actually called us up
    to express his sadness that one day.. the other time is
    when our Child Died he couldn’t express sadness but he
    was obviously upset on the Phone saying oh no when it happened…
    one of the hardest days of my life was when i was in the waiting room
    when my Child Had Heart Surgery.. and my Father Said he will make it
    through he is our ‘Sir Name’ he is strong and then he said make sure you
    raise him like a Man suggesting my Mother Didn’t do a good enough Job
    when he left Her with me.. he always made me feel that way but he never helped
    me in anyway be what he wanted me to be.. i guess he thought i was supposed
    to figure it out on my own and one time he said i should go into the Military for
    it would make me a Man.. hmm.. i eventually had to learn how to be my own Father
    and now i do see a lot of my Father in me now that i have finally inherited the Fearless part of him with no anxiety that i wanted most.. the part that was
    not afraid to be a Cop and get Bar Chairs Broken against his Back i’ve been
    in a few small Bar skirmishes now… i am sorry i got into them but i will not
    lie it made me
    feel more
    like a Man
    that i had
    Spine enough
    Strong enough
    to Stand up and
    Defend myself there
    was no one to teach me
    that but the call of the wild
    from God within as God will teach
    us how to Love and God Will teach us
    how to say no and fight for our dignity too..
    smiles my Friend i don’t have any guns or swords
    but what i did do is make myself incredibly strong
    and finally close to invincibly fearless too and yes
    i found my achilles heel too and it seems i am finally
    resolving that personal battle too.. we all have a weak
    spot my Friend and with me it has nothing to do with my LegS haha..:)

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  4. Yes.. Keep dancing Fred.. Dancing is life.
    Sometimes our parents use harsh words to make us improve.. Or that’s what they think.. Good intention is always behind.
    Have a great evening Fred dear friend with smiles☺🌻🍁

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  5. صلى الله عليه وسلم
    دائما أسعد بتواجدك البناء اختى العزيزة فراشة الربيع
    تشجيعك يدفعنى للمضى قدما
    أشكرك مد البصر 🌷💐

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  6. May Allah grant you sabr, and bless you with strength. And at the same time may he open up a path for you to get married again with a better spouse, because marriage is one of the act of Sunnah. And it is allowed for women to get married after the Death of her Husband (If she wants to, their is no blame on her).. And May Allah grant your husband best place in Jannatul Firdous.. and bless him with Peace and Noor in his Qabr (Grave).. Peace

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  7. Abu Omair the name of the boy
    His brother is Anas bin Malek.
    The bird is called Al Noghair.
    I wrote the reply again because the spelling was not correct.

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  8. SMiLes Sohair i surely have
    been Dancing as 20 Miles
    traveled many Metro Area
    Stores on Sunday.. where i was
    so exhausted i actually slept 8
    Hours albeit a bit of insomnia in between
    as ever since i was a child a Night Owl i’ve been
    and the Longer the Days get the harder i find sleep..
    anyway.. there are so many kinds of Intelligence in life
    my Father Blessed
    with the fearless
    kind but sadly
    so low
    on the
    Empath part..
    on the other hand my
    Mother Blessed that way
    and that’s the gift the inheritance
    i received from her plus her Beautiful
    Singing Voice where folks often turn around
    in Church and ask did you take lessons to do that
    and i say no it’s just a gift from my Mother and Love too..
    oh yes.. my Mother a Published Poet that intelligence surely
    did not come from ‘the Law Enforcement/Priest’ side as true there
    is not a whole lot of Difference Between a Priest.. A Catholic Priest
    at least as my Irish Grandfather did that in his lifetime too.. they just
    Wear Robe Uniforms instead of Policeman outfits my Friend.. anyway.. Priests
    enforce the rules and punish with penance too.. so true they will be Judge
    Jury.. Lawyer and Policeman too.. true i have a propensity for that too.. with
    a Great Memory and an Empath ability to spot lies i too have the River that
    takes me to Quick Judgement of others Lest i do not keep in mind that not
    everyone shares my gifts Innate or Environmentally Loved by a Mother too..
    my Father’s Mother
    was the Kind of
    Mother who
    big on
    crying Babies
    Hugs.. get up with
    and fend for yourself now
    a balance always of fearless
    and Love is surely needed too..
    anyway.. the deficit of that lived on
    with my Father too as Homes become
    God.. Cars become Lover and Money was/is A
    Biggest God of all now An Eve of Destruction for
    his People Loving skills my Friend.. truly a Disorder
    of the so-called ‘American Dream’ of Money and Stuff
    too over a life of Heart and Spirit Rising my Friend in Truth
    my Father became Jealous when i rose to an Administrative
    and Manager Position with the Navy Supervising anywhere from
    31 to 131 folks depending if my Boss was away.. as Father never was
    able to rise in his ranks at work and stay even at Sargent as a Supervisor
    there.. difference is… i never cared for a Position of Status like that or Power
    over others.. as i guess that is how he saw moving up the ladder with bigger
    Homes and Fancier Cars and more Money too.. he actually made fun of the fact
    that i couldn’t do it anymore when i got sick.. i was way too sick to defend myself..
    anyway.. there was no defense as it was nothing i wanted in the first place.. my Father
    was a bit terrified that i might ask him for help when i got sick and could no longer
    work.. but i suppose he was proud of me or perhaps Jealous when i informed him
    don’t worry i saved 6 times more than his entire life savings at 47 versus he at
    75 Years old then.. he asked me how i did it.. i just told him there was nothing
    i cared to buy and i intuited a Stormy Day would come for me one day.. truth
    is i kept the same Home and the same Wife.. His Four Marriages were
    costly and whereas i kept the same Car for 16 Years.. 3 Years was
    about as much Old Car as he could tolerate before brand new
    came again.. smiles my Friend it’s just ‘the American Way’
    at least when/where he was getting raised in the 40’s
    and 50’s of last Century.. it still is according to the
    Commercials on TV it’s Just now that it’s
    not even possible for many
    younger folks
    and likely
    that’s a Good thing my
    Friend.. honestly not all
    Parents have the ability for
    Good Intention my Friend and that
    too comes from both Birth and Environment too..
    true they deserve sympathy too.. for how poor a Spirit
    may be reduced to what one owns and their ‘position’ in life…:)

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