Fitness and Islam🌹

A real muslim is not fat..a real Muslim is fit.

Even if you are a woman and gave birth to some not let obesity destroy your life and your appearance.

Practise walking for an hour everyday.Stop eating sweets and eat fruits instead.Drink a lot of water.

Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, said a strong believer was better than a weak believer.[1] He was talking in terms of faith and character but also indicating that physical strength i.e. optimum health and fitness were desirable, providing God gave us the ways and means of attaining such strength. Islam’s holistic approach to life and thus health offers us the ability to remain strong and healthy. If God decrees that illness or injury are to be part of our lives then Islam provides us with the ways and means of accepting and even being grateful for the tests and trials that envelope us.
This article, the final in a four part series on Islam’s holistic approach to health, will examine what Islam, Prophet Muhammad, and the scholars of Islam have mentioned about fitness and exercise. In a separate series of articles, we will look at how Islam suggests we behave when struck by illness or injury.
Believers in Islam must take care of their spiritual, emotional and physical health. Our bodies, the most complex of machines, are given to us by God as a trust. They should not be abused or neglected but maintained in good order. As previously discussed, diet and nutrition play a big part in maintaining the best possible health, so does a lifestyle incorporating exercise. Islam lays emphasis on a simple diet combined with physical exercise.
Fulfilling the obligations of three of the five pillars of Islam requires that Muslims be of sound health and fitness. The daily performance of five prayers is in itself a form of exercise, its prescribed movements involve all the muscles and joints of the body, and concentration in prayer relieves mental stress. Good health is necessary if one intends to fast the month of Ramadan and the performance of the Hajj (or pilgrimage to Mecca) is an arduous task that requires many days of hard physical effort.
Prophet Muhammad advised his followers, to work, to be energetic, and to start their day early, all of which are conditions for a healthy body. He said “O God, make the early morning hours blessed for my nation.” [2] Obesity or an inadequate diet, laziness and weakness are all afflictions for which we will be called to account. Even though preventing illness or injury is often out of our control, there are many conditions brought on or made worse by our own lack of attention to diet and fitness. Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, said, “Any action without the remembrance of God is either a diversion or heedlessness excepting four acts: Walking from target to target [during archery practice], training a horse, playing with one’s family, and learning to swim.”[3]
The Prophet Muhammad and his Companions were naturally physically fit. Life was tougher, long distances were covered on foot, men hunted and farmed their food to survive, and there were no useless recreations to produce laziness and waste many hours of otherwise constructive time. The 21stcentury contains many distractions and forms of entertainment that encourage laziness and induce ill health.
Although advanced technology has many benefits, it is important that time is not wasted in front of the television screen or game console to the detriment of our health. It has been conclusively proven that obesity in children increases the more hours they watch television.[4] Other studies have indicated that this is equally true for adults. Exercise on the other hand has many benefits.
Exercise increases muscle tone, improves flexibility, enhances endurance, strengthens the heart and fights depression. Exercise also helps achieve significant weight loss. Aerobic exercise fights heart disease and high blood pressure, and reduces the risk of diabetes, while weight training increases muscle strength and reduces fat, increases bone density, fights back pain and arthritis, and improves overall mental health.
Respected Islamic scholar Imam Ibnul-Qayyem stated that movement helped the body get rid of waste food in a very normal way and strengthened the body’s immune system. He also stated that each bodily organ has its own sport (or movement) that suited it and that horse riding, archery, wrestling and racing, were sports that benefitted the whole body.[5]
Exercise and fitness play an integral part in the life of a Muslim, however it should not come at the expense of religious obligations, nor should it infringe upon the time spent with family members. In accordance with the holistic approach to life, which is Islam, every thing must be done in moderation. There is no allowance for extreme or fanatical behaviour. Letting an exercise regime or a sport take over your life is against the teachings of Islam that call for a middle path and a balanced approach. Exercise and fitness should also not involve unnecessary mixing of the sexes or wearing clothing that exposes the parts of the body that should be kept hidden.
Islam encourages anything that promotes refreshing the mind or revitalising the body provided it does not lead to or involve sin, cause harm, or hamper or delay religious obligations. The traditions of Prophet Muhammad undoubtedly encourage involvement in sporting activities as a way to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage brotherly love and family togetherness.
In a narration recorded by Imam Bukhari (a scholar who compiled Prophetic Traditions) it states that “The Prophet passed by some people from the tribe of Aslam while they were competing in archery (in the market). He said to them, Shoot children of Ishmael (Prophet) your father was a skilled marksman. Shoot and I am with so and so.’ One of the two teams therein stopped shooting. The Prophet asked, ‘why do not you shoot?’ They answered, ‘How could we shoot while you are with them (the other team). He then said, ‘Shoot and I am with you all.” In another tradition Prophet Muhammad’s beloved wife Aisha mentions their love of games and sports. She said, “I raced with the Prophet and I beat him. Later when I had put on some weight, we raced again and he won. Then he said, ‘this cancels that (referring to the previous race).’”[6]
A true believer recognises the wonder of the human body and is grateful to the Creator. This gratitude is shown in the care and attention given to maintaining optimum health. Islam’s holistic approach to health covers all aspects of the mind, body and soul. A truly health conscious person blends diet, nutrition and exercise with the remembrance of God and an intention to fulfil all their religious obligations.

Peace 😍


15 thoughts on “Fitness and Islam🌹

  1. A Story of 3 Living Differently Cats Dear Friend as i Quote You here Sohair:

    “A real muslim is not fat..a real Muslim is fit.

    “Even if you are a woman and gave birth to some not let obesity destroy your life and your appearance.”

    “Practise walking for an hour everyday.Stop eating sweets and eat fruits instead.Drink a lot of water.”

    Sadly Reality is no part of many People’s Lives..
    For one thing other than the Resurrection of a Body
    Many Christians believe this reality is not the reality of
    Heaven that will possibly be on Earth when the Teachings
    of Jesus said specifically the opposite of that that the Kingdom
    of Heaven is Within in this Generation at hand.. but of course only
    Kingdom Coming for those who escape the Lies and Deceit of the World
    of Culture and get back to a Mind and Body Balancing Soul Real Now True
    i am taking the Liberty in paraphrasing here but according to the Christian
    Bible Doing John 14:12 and improving on what Jesus did is the Authority he
    Gives to all who believe in Him for the Teachings he brought forth.. These are
    Truly Tough Words many people have become too soft to hear tough words ‘these
    days’.. true when i was young
    and weak when i was a Book
    Worm who did not get out
    with others and exercise
    as much as i should
    then the other Children
    notified me that i was/am too
    Weak and really did not deserve
    to exist that i was not Strong Enough
    inside to ever become a Man.. true i was
    a loving Child for Sure but as Father’s Day in
    the United States approaches this Sunday let us
    not Forget the Necessity to withstand the Struggles in
    Life and Persevere when folks Kick Dirt in our eyes and
    are strong enough to stand up tall for ourselves with a Clear
    two letter word that speaks with no Trepidation N O.. true our
    Cat Arthur even at 20 Years Old frail and only 7 LBS in Weight
    was well respected by Yellow Boy for Yellow Boy remembered that
    Arthur would stand down to no neighborhood cat then to protect his
    Territory for Basic Subsistence and life.. We are part of Nature too
    we have become very domesticated and Soft as there is a story of
    3 Cats too that illustrate this very well too.. Arthur had the Best
    of Both Worlds he enjoyed the Technology from Humans that
    Brought Predictable enough subsistence and Health Care that
    inoculated him From Terminal Diseases in the Wild same as
    We Humans benefit from too.. yet he remained strong and
    Vital standing tall against all reproach of His Cat
    Dignity through out his Life as he lived an active
    Life and not a passive one directed by others
    for only predictable Subsistence.. Yellow
    Boy on the other hand suffered from
    the Wild and Terminal Disease
    of Feline Leukemia
    he lived 10 Years
    with a Terminal
    Illness the Love
    that Katrina gave
    in her lap was medicine
    to him same as the Love that
    extends our lives too as long as we
    do not grow too soft and domesticated
    too.. Moby the Big Big Gray Cat was a different
    story too.. i could have easily become Moby too unless
    the Bullies in School Toughened me up a bit and motivated
    me to get stronger and stronger a never ending hobby in my life
    as even at age 59 My Legs are empirically 3 times Stronger at age
    59 now than 53 when i started my 70 Months of Public Dance now
    rising up to 11,428 Miles.. yes moving in Leg pressing from 500 LBS
    to 1340 LBS now doing that up to 18 reps with a Maximum effort of
    1520 LBS at 8 Reps as well in close to 6 Years of a continuous Journey
    of Dance that mixes Free Style Martial Arts with Ballet For Grace under
    Pressure in Mind and Body Balance Flow yes a different state of consciousness
    too that Science labels as Transient Hypo-Frontality that really is just a fancy
    Phrase for Flow where we escape our Time And Distance and Space maker Neo-
    Cortex enough to light the rest of the Mind up and Body too from Head to toe
    more making our Entire ‘Christmas Tree’ Light up real no myth the real deal
    for what many folks describe as Nirvana and Bliss and So many Metaphors for
    a Kingdom of Heaven within A State of Being where even Science Shows that
    we are able to do Maximum Efforts in Laser Focus where Creativity and
    Productivity may be measured from 400 to 500 Percent more than
    Control Groups even just doing Still Meditation several times a
    Week where Moving Meditation has even more benefits where
    even a still meditation will provide Regenerative Brain
    Benefits in Gray Matter everywhere but the Amygdala
    Fear Center Where Gray Matter is Naturally Reduced
    as a Body Moving in Balance and Grace is not nearly
    as anxious developing Gray Matter in that Area of
    the Brain.. the one place where Less is more as
    far as Gray Matter goes.. true a 50 Year-Old
    Brain Specimen Studied from someone
    who meditates 3 times a week is
    studied with the same
    Physical Health
    of a 25 Year-Old
    Brain so yes an activity
    that brings Mind and Body Balancing
    Soul Whole From Head to toe like this is
    realistically and empirically assessed as a Real
    Fountain of Youth as Meditation is measured 26 Percent
    more effective now than addictive Opiate Pain Killer Drugs
    Meditation in Moving ways will stave off Dementia Diseases
    as Exercise in General is the only proven way to prevent Dementia
    Diseases as what often happens to folks when they retire and become
    so Passive both in mind and body watching TV or just sharing links on
    the Internet never actually Moving Connecting and Co-Creating as we
    are actually evolved to do across the entire lifespan still.. The Body is
    the Temple of the Soul the Temple of God all as same as the Body houses
    the Spirit of Love Unconditionally that we give and share more full of holy
    and sacred purpose and meaning in life full of Gratitude for all of how we
    feel and sense life now.. the Flesh and Blood is in deed the soul too as we
    will either be ‘Christmas Trees’ all lit up or just Christmas Trees Stagnant and
    Old.. well before our older age years.. anyway.. Moby was declawed and forced
    to go outside after being a totally well fed domesticated cat.. he was unable
    to defend himself and developed Massive anxiety by the time we adopted him
    from His Owners.. he medicated himself with Food as the only drug he knew
    and just laid around the rest of His Life indoors.. we watched him doing our
    best to help him.. but he was raised this way the way of domestication
    was ingrained and without claws he could not go outside to earn
    His way of life through challenge and struggle too.. soon
    he could not Jump onto the Table as Arthritis Plagued
    him before 10 Years old too.. then he was diagnosed
    with Diabetes and in his ending days he could
    not even lift himself up enough to go
    to the Litter Box.. smiles my Friend
    it was hard to see him suffer this
    way but it was easier to see
    Arthur Live a Full Life with both
    ways of advantage both inside and out..
    true it was inspirational to see how Yellow
    Boy Survived both Feral And Wild and Loved so
    Long with a Terminal Disease of Feline Leukemia as
    infected by other Wild Cats.. these lessons apply to humans
    too.. as i dance through my Community i prove to Younger Folks
    as i let them all know how old i am.. that as long as you stay active
    you Act Younger and even Look Younger too.. of course Katrina at 49
    is another great example too.. she was raised very poor and had to walk
    every where she went even to school in the cold and rain too.. but sure
    look at her legs now still the legs of a Teenager Girl.. smiles my Friend
    Silver Spoons of Domestication for Humans will be poison too.. on my
    Birthday Night when i told my Long term Young Dancing Friend at
    26 Years Old who i have been dancing with as Friends since 5 Years
    now that i was turning 59 and Katrina was 49 she couldn’t believe
    it as she had been through by my side dancing all those Years and
    i still have not slowed down yet.. true while most folks
    take breaks dancing in a Marathon of Dance i never
    even have to catch my breath as i own my Breath
    as a Breath of Health Real.. smiles my
    Friend to inspire the Saving of a
    Soul one must First Save
    the Seat of our Souls
    that are our Temples
    of the Spirit of God too..
    Weak Bodies Means Weak Spirits
    too.. Fear that Weak Health Produces
    is A destroyer of all that is good in Life Now
    And Love giving and sharing Holy and Sacred
    full of Meaning and Purpose too.. true we need a
    Bit more tough love too.. true.. i was once soft and
    weak and fearful too.. but true too i understand that i am
    only Human and not machine too.. we have needs from head
    to toes.. that include healthy sexuality too.. smiles my friend it
    is not appropriate to address that part here but i surely do in avenues
    that are appropriate for that kind of Human Soul Intelligence as the
    Sufi’s did in their Poetry too.. Heaven on Earth is not only attainable
    but the Norm instead of the extreme amongst the rest of the Animal
    Kingdom Now.. we are below now in reality not above the rest of the Animals
    on Earth our Culture and our Technology Hide just how much we have actually
    devolved in our Mind and Body Spirit Balancing Whole Heart and Soul.. once
    Again.. many People
    Look forward to a perfect
    body after a Dirt Nap never
    fully appreciating the Gift of Heaven
    in Mind and Body Balancing Soul a Healthy
    Body and Mind and Soul Will be NoW oN EartH
    in a Kingdom of Heaven NoW that is real.. moving..
    connecting and creating now.. being more like Nature
    yes God than just the Tools we do make together that
    make us soft and weak and so domesticated away from Free..
    True.. Moderation too.. really that 11,428 Miles of Dance in 70
    Months may Seem like a lot but really it is not for it only Averages
    around 6 Miles a Day and actually a bit less than our Ancestors moved
    just A Century Ago where all life from Break of Dawn to Sunset was moving
    connecting and co-creating then.. yes a Hard Life my Friend but verily not
    a Moby Life Dying prematurely and struggling with Poor Health for Decades
    before.. sadly this belief that this Life and this Body We are gifted with now
    even in the Christian Religion specifically is a great cause of this Nature
    Deficit Disorder and Human Deficit Disorder Disease and truly as far
    as Mind and Body Balancing Soul God Yes GDD God Deficit
    Disorder Too.. smiles my Friend a Monkey will keep
    pressing a Lever for Cocaine until that Monkey Dies
    Give a Human all the fats and sugars they can
    and will eat and sadly the same thing will
    happen to them too.. it depends on how
    we are raised either with a Silver
    Spoon or a Walk in the Rain to
    School as Katrina endured
    every day.. true my
    Friend Real
    may be
    far away
    from Silver Slippers
    that are real.. true some
    days the Greatest Princesses
    are poor with dirty feet and wear
    Sandals too same as any humble Prophet
    who is strong of Mind and Body Balancing Soul True..
    These are the Meek and the Poor of Spirit who grow
    the Greatest Souls the down trodden by bullies who do Hope
    Victory of Love and Human Potential over Vengeance of Fear
    Giving up and Hate my Friend.. Life is not easy but Life is Real
    we have much to Dance and Sing for whether or not we Save
    our Temples of God and they do not sink early with our Souls living dead too…
    Smiles my Friend on our Cat Arthur’s Grave that doesn’t exist still as he
    went into Nature Feeding the smaller Creatures when his day to return
    to Nature came.. there is always a Message on his living tombstone
    that Dances and Sings i lived i am born from dust i return to dust
    From God my Friend..:)

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  2. Beautiful article and the line which I love and which take cares of all muscles is … The daily performance of five prayers is in itself a form of exercise, its prescribed movements involve all the muscles and joints of the body, and concentration in prayer relieves mental stress – I call it Power of Prayers.


  3. Hi Fred dear friend.. Thank you so much for the great talk.. Such a wonderful soul you are..

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