Another God..

There is only one God in this creator of all…

But we humans like to worship other Gods and make them control our life .

When you make everything that pleases those you love and forget about yourself..your dignity…your entity…you will gradually lose will worship them with God.

Love your children…but do not forget about yourself…your needs…your hobbies.

Love your husband..but do not let your care for him takes all your time…leave a space for yourself to live your own life as long as you are not doing a thing that can make God angry.

We are like birds…God created us free..,do not let any one to steal your freedom in the name of love..

Because at last you will lose your self trying to make the people you love happy…and they will stand still doing nothing for will be a slave for them…you will worship them instead of worshipping Allah our creator.

Allah says.

فَلَا تَدْعُ مَعَ اللَّهِ إِلَٰهًا آخَرَ فَتَكُونَ مِنَ الْمُعَذَّبِينَ
So call not on any other god with Allah, or thou wilt be among those under the Penalty.

The poets chapter 213

Peace 🌷💐

18 thoughts on “Another God..

  1. SMiLes Sohair Introspection to the DiVine Within of God
    is becoming increaSingly a Lost Art of Love to Connect
    To God Soul of
    Us now
    So Many
    of what used to
    Be a Species in touch
    with the Divine within so
    Blessed are all the other Beasts STillnow
    to Feel and Sense God so cursed humans
    Clothed With Culture Separating Us So Far..
    For they Willingly Do Co-Create in Separation even
    more From the Nature of God’s Breath Living Free Within…
    Smiles my Friend
    if it wasn’t already
    enough to please
    others With SMiLEs
    of God Now there are all
    These Cultural Clothes so many
    Screens oF Light HiDinG LiGHT
    Generating From Within the Source
    of all that is God.. as we become more our
    Tools yes our Cultural Clothes than even Beings
    oF LiGHT we are born from Star Death Dust Crucible Fire
    theNow of Super Nova Explosions Iron at Core of Mother Earth
    Nature as Expression of God Essence Form Flowing Now through
    Our Blood Streams too as Stars are Flowers Seeding God’s Nature
    of Us Standing Tall Sentient Star Dust Plus Us Now Fully Alive to
    in our
    Eyes for All
    Stars Above We Below
    Are Human Flower Seeds
    Below Our Sun a Star Flower
    one Day Seeding potential Love
    even more.. as God Will Come to Smile
    even more With God’s Children as Star Flower
    Seeds come to Life Resurrecting From Light Even more..
    We are
    oF Light
    to Cover the
    Light is to Cover
    God God Will Never
    Be Covered At Essence
    Real for God is Light God Is
    DarK God is All God is Real Now..:)

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    1. Hi Fred my dear friend.. Well said and amazing talk as ever..
      Today is a special day..
      Happy birthday my dear friend..
      May Allah grant you happiness here and in the hereafter..
      Roses of joy to you and To your soul twin Katrina.. And to your nice cat.

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      1. Good Morning from Florida to Your
        Afternoon in Egypt Dear Friend Sohair
        Thanks so much for the Birthday Wishes
        and the Prayer for God to Grant Happiness Here
        and in the hereafter for i surely believe this is where
        God takes us when we Live by Fearless Love Unconditionally
        For all and do our best to forgive transgressions against us Harming
        no other best we can and will do understanding differences and similarities
        of Love in Viewing Perspectives of all our Realities Similar and Different too..
        Thanks too for the Roses of Joy
        for Soul Twin Katrina too..
        and sadly Yellow Boy
        our Cat Passed
        Away from a 10 year
        Hard fought battle with
        Feline Leukemia Love is always
        A Best Medicine for any Disease
        plenty received of that as Lap Cat of
        Katrina too.. as we grow older as this
        is my last year in my 50’s we face the reality
        of the Darkness of Death typically more and more..
        And in my case at least the Potential that if we provide a
        Forever Home for a Next Great Catfriend that Cat may indeed
        Live in a Forever Home with Katrina Longer than me although it is
        True Longevity runs long on both sides of my family now in the 90’s on
        my Mother’s Side and my Father’s Identical Twin Brother edging closer to
        90 as he lived longer without smoking for close to 6 Decades of that slow
        premature death killer then for my Father.. we learn to cherish Friendships more as Family
        Grow Lower
        and Lower..
        or sadly
        in some
        cases in Countries
        Like Japan the Elderly
        are often found Dead where
        ‘Clean Up’ Crews Sadly Clean
        up the remains of Humans who
        have no contact with other Humans at all..
        Smiles my Friend this is no advanced Civilization
        Where Skyscrapers Hold Isolated Humans like this
        While Technology of the Machine Age of Hearts Hums along
        with No Soul at all.. thing is my Friend even if people do not reach out
        and touch us.. as it’s true when i was ill for 66 Months very few people
        reached out to me and many People who i thought cared more about me
        more than a useable commodity at work for decades didn’t prove that through
        once i became ill.. so then in that place of Shut-in Existence what i learned is
        if folks do not reach out to me.. i will reach out to them never worrying
        if they do not reach back.. Hence 11,396 Miles of Public Dance where
        it’s true a few people have said words of Thank You but so many
        others have used my Dance in Social Media to use me as
        a Source of Entertainment to connect to their Friends
        but never the less when one Feels and Senses
        God as all with no Separation their
        Smiles are
        Still my
        And God’s Smiles
        Same my Friend now
        this is truly a Beautiful
        Way to Live when Giving Smiles
        is the same as Receiving Smiles
        Thank you my Friend as you
        Return Smiles
        to every
        You meet here
        without Fail and
        you often offer Flowers
        for Humanity all as Children
        of God Soul Flower is who you
        Are Star Flower Friend for Sohair Means Star too..:)

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      2. Oh.. So kind words you always give me Fred.
        In fact the power to give is only granted for strong people.
        To be strong is to pass through so difficult experiences. Then after suffering you become strong… Then you will have the ability to give unconditionally. And that is what happened with you Fred dear friend ☺
        Thanks a lot🌷

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  2. Beautiful post may God reward you greatly for your works in remembering him and making an awareness for the oneness of God too 🌹


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