The saviour

Every one of us has passed through a painful,two or more…

Do not search for someone else to treat your pain and relieve it.

Your inner talk to your self is your only saviour.


Pain is like a wild tiger that attacks us with no mercy.

But how pain attacks us?

Pain attacks us when we remember the painful experiences of the past.

When the dark thoughts attack you, quickly kick them out of your brain and begin to talk to your self positively.

Say to your self ( never mind..I trust God..I am sure tomorrow will be better).

Stop thinking in a passive way..

Forget about the past..

Forget about todays problems..

Accept your fate completely..

Your inner soliloquy is your only saviour of your pain.

Your trust in your creator is your only way out..

Think positively…

Open a new page with your self…

Life is good..but we who can make it good or bad.


23 thoughts on “The saviour

  1. SMiLes my Friend Sad it is in the United States
    Culture although we do Great Teaching
    Children how to Brush their Teeth
    at least Twice a Day and Floss
    too.. Little do we
    Do to Truly
    Help them
    Save their
    Soul in Mind
    And Body Balance
    Each Day Where Eternal
    Flow Bliss Now As Heaven Within is
    So Much More Creative and Productive
    too as simply a place within where through
    a Prayer of Moving or Still Meditation throughout
    the Day We may come to Regulate our Emotions and
    Integrate our Senses through the Bio-Feedback of the
    Meditation where the Focus the Will of our Minds
    Generates the Heaven the Bliss of Peace of
    Mind and Body In Harmony of Balance
    Making our Potential for Creativity
    And Productivity so much more
    instead we sit Children
    often enclosed
    in Desks
    Sitting in Front
    of Screens more than
    Ever Before for Every Waking Hour
    of the Day Sadly not even Exploring
    Nature and Making Reality Imagination’s
    Fruition in Sand Castles of the Earth
    As Mud May Become Cities
    of Creativity too.. oh
    Lord so much
    5 inch
    Screens now
    my Friend where
    oh where will the Human
    Soul Fall to next in size
    of Smaller then Ever more outside us
    as we lose the Navigation of God within..
    it could be as simple to be a Savior of our Soul
    as a Free Dance And Song with No Cultural Clothes
    of External to the Internal Soul of God as Creativity
    Springs in every Winter Day that Lives as Human now…
    is a better
    Place than
    Hell within
    at least for Now
    Dear Friend Sohair..:)

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    1. Well said Fred dear friend..
      Children should practise many activities like football or karate for boys and drawing.. Painting.. Parents are responsible for giving such opportunities to their children..
      Heaven verily is a better place than hell within at least for now.. Great quote it is Fred.
      God bless you dear..
      Peace be with your soul 🌷💐🌺🌸🌹🌻

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      1. SMiLes “Heaven is Verily A place Better than Hell within at least for now” yes
        Sohair Thanks for Quoting that Heaven really is best when we don’t attempt
        to own Love and Give it and Share it completely without Fears of no Returns
        so much
        Easier to
        Do for folks
        who are Happily
        Married like me to
        a Wife who is a Friend
        where there is no longer
        the Fear of Romance as People
        Walk on Egg Shells often not to offend..
        Problem with that my Friend is the Truth
        is not Heard and Felt of What We Really are
        as when Seen and Revealed of All of Who We
        Are As Soul fortunately for me.. hehe.. Katrina
        never hid any part of her Feelings or Senses from
        me.. she
        with me
        hehe.. and that’s
        okay Emotions not
        expressed are truly
        A Low Way to Hell now my
        Friend for if Dark Emotions will
        not be expressed Light Emotions Die
        along with Dark Emotions repressed and
        then.. smiles when the Heart is Free Light
        Rises more to the top leaving Dark Further Behind..
        Smiles my Friend one of the Best Feelings in the World
        is to know that someone is telling you the Truth and Hiding
        nothing from You that will rise up one day and Destroy what the
        as Love…
        It’s not always
        Easy to Speak a Truth
        in Integrity of Character my
        Friend it often seems easy to
        mislead and harm people rather than
        confronting the more difficult Truths in
        Life but there are no Lies in Heaven and
        if we carry those Lies too far true Hell will come to speak too…
        In the United States Lies at the top have replaced the Truth
        And Lies
        at the
        are soaking
        up a bit of Hell now too..
        Hopefully Truth will come
        Back and Rule Hearts of Honor
        Integrity And Character iN Beauty’s
        Wisdom of Love in OPeN Truth my
        Friend where nothing is hidden like
        a Snake Just waiting to bite our Ankle..
        Smiles Snakes are Lovely Creatures just
        a Metaphor my Friend.. as that comes and goes too..:)

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      2. Hi Fred.. Send my love and respect to Katrina.. She is an example of the strong woman who stands beside her husband in happiness and sorrow .. May Allah bless you both…

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      3. SMiLes mY FriEnd Sohair
        The Truth is i will
        Have to Save
        the Entire
        to Deserve
        Katrina.. i
        guess i better
        get started..hehe..
        if i ever expect God
        to Return her to me Forever
        now that used to be our Song
        “Forever”and “i’ll be Right
        Here Waiting for You”..
        was another one
        too.. it’s
        how Great a Gift
        God Will Give Us
        when we are used
        to being hurt by others
        all our Lives that when
        We do get that Love it
        Still Feels Unreal even when it is Real..
        Being Human is not easy.. our Hearts are
        not Rational they Do not See life the way
        that Rationality does.. if we do not come
        to understand the Shadows of our
        we again
        will fall
        into an
        Pit of Darkness
        that is the Heart
        that has lost its bearing
        on Truth North to Both Love and God my Friend..
        if we are not careful and Save our Self this way
        in deed
        the ones
        who are lost..
        and never found
        now again at Peace..
        Katrina doesn’t like it when
        i write about her but you know
        what she doesn’t wanna be the
        Center of Attention and neither
        Did i for so many Years.. i still don’t
        but these days i have no choice but to be seen…
        i would
        be so
        if i could
        just be behind
        a counter somewhere
        in a Bowling Center again
        Serving out Shoes that must
        be sanitized where the only money
        to be exchanged are eyes that say
        i am happy to see the stranger same no matter who they
        are.. i’ve lost my way a bit my Friend truly the World i must
        save now is
        my own…
        i don’t
        have any
        one to talk
        to about it
        now this
        is about
        as i can get to
        it for Truly you
        are the person in
        this World now i Trust the most..
        Other than my Wife and Sister you are truly my Friend..
        i thank you for that we truly will always be Friends Friends
        of God Friends
        of Light
        i’m not
        sure i wanna
        even use the
        Word Love anymore
        it doesn’t Feel Like
        God Any more i Believe
        Light may Be a Better Word
        For God For it is too easy for
        Love to become tainted….
        Soiled when it is Light..
        And No way to hide it.. NoW
        Smiles my Friend gotta another
        Bible to finish and just a reminder
        my Birthday is Thursday at this point
        other than my Wife and Sister Your
        wishes will likely feel sincere and remembered too.
        if only one person wishes me a Happy Birthday other
        than them i
        hope it is
        i am
        Another Chapter…
        Bibles come and go
        but Light (God) Stays When Real. Forevernow..
        Forever is Truly Real When it is Love as Light Unafraid to Shine..
        i why
        i muse be seen now
        i am not afraid to Shine..
        As LonG as i AM Loved as Light..:)

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      4. Hi Fred.. Thanks a lot for your real kind feelings for me.. I am so happy.. You also is a precious gift in my life although we only talk through wordpress.. But wordpress is a great window for me to know you and watch the world from near though afar..
        Happy birthday in advance Fred.. On Thursday God willing we will share you of course your party… May Allah grant you a long fruitful life with your pretty Katrina…
        I would like to explain my opinion about the relation between love and pain. Sometimes we suffer from those we love in order to reach to a high rank… The rank of giving up our ego… So when we lose our ego.. We will accept and forgive those we love… We will accept their mistakes and we will love their defects simply because we give up our ego..
        Thanks a lot Fred dear friend

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      5. SMiLes my FriEnd Dark thru Light Lives within us
        A SiGNaTuRE of God is surely Nature that Lives now
        Within Us both Day and Night.. Sun and Stars and Moon
        Resurrecting From Super Nova Crucible Fire Star Burst Death
        Explosions Star Dust Seed of Life We Are for in God’s Garden
        the Sun is not only a Light but a Flower that one day may Spread
        the Seed of Star FLoWeRS Still come to be Like Us and of course potentially
        Much Greater
        in A Potential
        to Love and
        Live with
        in Peace and Harmony
        With Blessings that are
        the Blissings Inherent in this
        Gift of Life When We Give and Share
        Life Free without attempting to own any
        part of the Earth or Each other Setting all
        of God Free as the SiGNaTuRE oF GoD We
        Find God To Be in All of Nature Even the
        Trees the
        Low as all
        becomes Balance
        As Much Light We
        Generate in the Valleys
        of Winter as we will do on
        the Summer Solstice of Mountain
        Tallest Within as Well When We Come
        to Look Within and Find we are the Force
        of a Star Cognizant with Relative Free Will
        to get to Feel and Sense the Potential of the
        God Star Living Within Spreading Love as Light
        even more than we ever thought is possible now..
        i see every Human as a Star Flower a Seed as Well
        of God and Yes a Star with Shining Bright Potential
        too.. i realize too that Stars Shine Differently and there
        are even Black Hole Stars too among us for those who have
        Fallen Away
        From the
        Abundance of
        Fearless Giving and
        Sharing Love that and who
        is not afraid of Scarcity for they
        are Naturally Filled and Feel a Love
        to Give and share overflowing as the
        Sun Will Shine always this Bright on
        Summer Solstice Days.. Summer Sun
        Within on Winter’s Lowest Coldest Days..
        There are Seasons and there are Humans who
        Generate their own Seasons at Will of Relative Free
        Will sure there are Messengers of God that/who come to
        Dance And Sing the Great News that we all hold Hands
        as and with God Living Free Best without attempting to
        own any
        of God’s
        Slave away
        from Free..
        most of
        ourselves Dear
        Friend Sohair.. for when
        we lose our way from the
        SiGNaTuRE oF God when we become
        Lost and Clothed Away from Nature God’s
        SiGNaTuRE so lost in the Layers of Cultural Clothes
        We Veil God With the Ignorance of the Pain We Co-Create
        too the Shallows the Clothes of Culture that Cover the Deep
        of God within us the Star Yet to Shine all the way we are as
        Hands more
        than owning
        each other and
        the Rest of Nature whole
        God Will never be owned
        God is Free and at best so are we..
        smiles my Friend Yes.. the Pain of Relationships
        is fostered by the belief that we own anything in this
        Life other than the Breath we Give and Share for Free..
        but true this Shadow is Part of Nature too.. and yes God’s
        SiGNaTuRE too.. People have to Bond to Have Children it’s
        risky and serious Business this life is of Thorns and Flowers
        of God’s Rose too.. understanding our Shadows and Integrating
        them with the Love oF LiGHT is Marrying the Dark and Honey
        Mooning the Day Whole through both Moon of Night and Sun of
        Day.. Forgiving each other for our Shadows is forgiving the
        Dark of who we are too.. the fear that we may
        have and share of being separated from
        other Loving Humans too..
        the More we Give
        and Share
        the Less
        People have
        to Fear being
        alone my Friend
        and not belonging
        as long as everyone
        feels and senses they belong
        to the SiGNaTuRE oF GoD Whole
        as we all Hold Hands as Humans
        there will no longer be the Need to
        Own God in all things life just the Joy
        of Being Free this Gift of life to Give and Share Free Light as Love
        Where Abundance is the Love We Do Verily Give and Share to Be..
        Our Shadows make this a Challenge but our Shadows Drive
        us forward
        for the
        and the
        Reality of what
        it takes for Life to be..
        Holy Dark Makes Sacred Light
        Smiles.. Katrina’s Father who never
        acknowledged he was the Father of his
        Beautiful Child Captured Her Straying Mother..
        That Shadow
        a Beautiful
        Light my Friend
        if not for that Light
        chances are i would
        not be sining to you at all
        no 11,366 Miles of Dance in 70
        Months… no 7 Million Word Long
        Form Poem Bible.. A ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’
        Written in 70 Months too.. no Katrina and no
        me.. for the Shadows of two People who came
        into the Light to do what Humans do Best to Survive my
        it takes
        See as Dark
        God Sees as Light
        Katrina is more than proof for that…
        There is no evil in Life never ever ever
        even the Darkest Lives will Bring Light..
        as Shadow
        is only
        Wearing Truth
        Still come to be
        Living Light Now..
        Messengers Old and New
        of God DanceSing A MesSage
        THere is No Separation THere
        Is No Escape Do YouR Best to
        Love Each Other And Respect
        LivinG as A Gift MaKinG the
        Dark Light Best We Can and Will
        Together as the Essence of all that is (God) LoVE FReED..
        hehe.. ‘my’ NaMe is EVeRYWHeRE even in FRiEnD i didn’t
        Do that/this alone..
        ALLoNE NoW
        God does IT
        all that is
        Us too..
        mY FriEnd..
        i find it Strange
        That Folks Do Not See
        God when God is all that is..
        they are blinded by Cultural ‘Clothes’
        my Friend as Always We Are Born Now
        ‘Naked’ and Free as God to Live ALWaYS Now..:)

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    1. Yes my friend.. I should have added this information to my topic..
      We have to face our dark side … Our faults and learn from them and never repeat them again… In order to live in heaven whilst we are on earth.
      Highly appreciated dear friend 🌷💐🌺🌸🌼🌻🌹


  2. I can relate to this. Thank you. Sometimes I tend to be negative due to not so good experience for that particular day. And when I think of the future it also scares me and will begin to think of negative things. At least after reading this I’ll fight over bad thoughts and rise to become a positive person in thoughts and in words.😊

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