Rules of hospitality in Islam…

In this article we are going to look at the Islamic way to treat guests. Prophet Muhammad reminded us of the high status of one who treats his guest well when he said, “…Let the believer in God and the Day of Judgment honor his guest.”[1] Honoring, or treating a guest well is coupled with two of the most important beliefs in Islam, belief in God and belief in the Day of Judgment. In Islam, the hospitality relationship is triangular; it consists of host, guest, and God. Hospitality is a right rather than a gift, and the duty to supply it is a duty to God.

When a guest arrives at your home, whether he or she is expected or not, if you remember a few simple things it is easy to provide your guest with a pleasurable experience and to reap the rewards attained by pleasing God. Greet the guests warmly, welcome them to your home and show them into a comfortable and appropriate room. Hasten to provide them with food and drink so that they do not have to ask for these things. Prophet Muhammad showed respect to his guests by offering them the choicest food and delivering it in a timely manner.
The guest also has responsibilities. One of them is to announce his or her visit in advance whenever possible. Another is to hasten to taste the refreshments and to pray for and ask blessings upon the host. After seeing to the initial needs of his guest the Muslim should take interest in his or her conversation. However, if the guest should speak about or engage in unlawful activity, the Muslim has every right to ask him to refrain from doing so.
It is the host’s duty to make the guest feel comfortable. One way of doing this is by identifying his or her possible needs in advance. It is better to offer a guest something before he or she has the chance to ask for it because a courteous guest may hesitate to mention any need. Out of his or her thoughtfulness, such a guest would even try to prevent the host from offering anything. The Quran offers the example of Prophet Abraham anticipating the guest’s needs and hastening to fulfill them.
Has the story reached you of the honored guests of Abraham? Behold, they entered his presence and said: “Peace!” He said: “Peace!” (and thought: “They seem) unusual people.” Then he turned quickly to his household, brought out a roasted fattened calf, and placed it before them. He said: “Will you not eat?” (Quran 51: 24-27)
In another tradition Prophet Muhammad said, “Whoever believes in God and the Last Day, let him honor his neighbor; whoever believes in God and the Last Day, let him honor his guest as he is entitled.” It was said, “What is his entitlement, O Messenger of God?” He said, “[The best treatment] for one day and one night; and hospitality is for three days, and anything after that is charity bestowed upon him. And whoever believes in God and the Last Day, let him, speak good words or else remain silent.”[2]
Prophet Muhammad also said, “…And it is not lawful for a guest to stay with his host for such a long period as to put him in a critical position.”[3]Again the responsibility of the guest is to bear in mind the conditions of his host and not burden him with what he cannot afford. Everybody has various duties and obligations that must be attended to, many of which may not be obvious or visible to the guest. By prolonging one’s stay one might inadvertently put his or her host under unbearable pressure.
One of the great Islamic scholars of Islam, Abu Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Ghazali (1058–1111 CE) wrote a beautiful paragraph in one of his books about the generosity of Prophet Muhammad to his guests. “(He) used to honor his guests; he even spread his garment for a non-relative guest to sit on it. He used to offer his guest his own cushion and insist on him to accept it until the latter accepts [sic] it from him. No one came to him as a guest but thought that he was the most generous of people. He gave each one of his companions sitting with him his due portion of his attention, so he directed his listening, talking, looks and attention to all his companions. His meeting [sic] were characterized by modesty, humbleness and honesty. He used to call his companions by their favorite nickname to honor them…”[4]
The companions were eager to emulate the ways of Prophet Muhammad. A verse in the Quran was revealed highlighting the hospitality shown to a guest by the companions Abu Talha and his wife Umm Sulaim. Abu Talha welcomed a hungry traveler into his home even though they had very little to eat. Thus he asked his wife to bring whatever provisions they had and give it to the guest. As the guest ate his fill, they pretended to eat in the dim candlelight. The following day Prophet Muhammad gave them the great news that God had revealed a verse about them and their generosity.
“…but give them preference over themselves, even though they were in need of that. And whosoever is saved from his covetousness such are they who will be successful.” (Quran 59: 9)
A guest enjoys a special place in Islam. Honoring the guest is tied to the faith of a true believer. Our righteous predecessors understood that and toiled hard to implement it, even the poorest of them, sometimes causing their own personal deprivation. Across the world you will find Muslims doing their best to offer hospitality to the guest in their home or their community. Entertaining a guest is important – it signifies the respect and concern of a host towards his guest and towards God. Hospitality in Islam is a triangle that links God, the guest and the host.

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41 thoughts on “Rules of hospitality in Islam…

  1. Welcoming Someone with Full Attention And
    Respecting them As they Leave our Attention even
    with a ‘Proper Greeting like Hello and Goodbye’ is such
    a lost Art of Humanity of Tradition in our Modern Age..
    even just a look
    up from a Phone
    when Folks are Getting
    Paid to do a Job in Customer
    Service but a way of Life that
    has become acceptable in a World
    of Divided Attention as we become
    More Tools than Humans Connecting
    With Each other caring and respecting
    of our Humanity with each other.. i
    noticed when i first started
    dancing with ‘Millenials’
    as opposed to Newer
    Generations even
    close friends
    will come
    and go
    without a so long
    or even see ya later
    or yes even Good Bye too..
    it is truly Wonderful to even get
    a Hello and Good Bye in one conversation
    in our Modern Age but it is simply a New Tradition
    just not enough attention to give our Full Being to
    another Human Being.. smiles my Friend it literally
    Hurts me inside not to respond to people who meet and
    Greet me.. can’t say i’ve never made that mistake but when
    i do and recognize it it hurts me to think i would be so cold
    as to not greet with a hello and see you later full of respect
    of the
    i am
    with Odd it is that
    i am the one Diagnosed
    with an Autism Spectrum
    condition.. but of course mine
    is one of Super Empath rather
    than no Empath at all my Friend..
    it does appear that our lifestyles either
    plus up our empathy or drain it depending
    on if we interact with Humans or Machines more
    and of course it is easy to discard the Human Condition
    when all that is left is text of it to begin with my Friend..
    i too notice and have always noticed how you provide each
    And every person with the Greatest of Hospitality as if you
    were Greeting God as the Indian Cultures say in a Namaste
    Way as even our Atheist Friend gigoid would say God in Person
    of God
    A Child of
    God Within my Friend..
    all i can say is feel sad for
    the darkness within when Humanity is lost this way…
    and honestly it is usually stress just stress that takes it away…
    where sometimes folks just don’t feel human at all as i surely
    can relate
    to 66 Months
    of Feeling that way
    never the less i always
    returned every call no matter
    what that took even in the depths
    of pain and numb of Emptiness my Friend..
    just because i knew deep down it was the only response to do..;)

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  2. 5years and 6month of pain.. And you are still giving Fred.. U r a fighter indeed..
    I want to ask you a question.. Which is more difficult.. A physical pain or a spiritual one??
    U know I feel that my blog is my house… So hospitality is required here also..
    When someone delets my comment in his blog I feel that I am insulted and 😵🤕😢😵🤕😢
    Hospitality is required in many fields of life not only at home..
    Thank Allah you always welcome me at your blog Fred.. Thanks a lot dear friend..
    Keep going! ☺🍁🍀🌿🌱🌱🎄

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    1. SMiLes my Friend Sohair.. yes i am very insulted too when someone Deletes
      my Comment on their Blog Without Explanation when i am only trying my
      Best to Be Both Kind and Share Wisdom with them.. hehe.. i usually never
      Go Back to Comment After that Happens unless they Provide an explanation
      Why.. that happened yesterday and it wasn’t just any Blogger it was a very
      Dear Friend..
      Smiles my
      i will never
      just shut someone
      up i will ask questions
      first and i will never Leave
      someone’s side without explaining
      Why.. for it’s true a Spiritual Pain is much
      Worse than a Physical Pain.. if we keep our
      Spirit Chained it may go away and never come back..
      And yes of course our Spirit is in the way we Feel and
      Express our Emotions and Senses.. yes that Pain i had
      is called the Suicide Disease.. Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
      and as i’ve mentioned before it is worse as assessed by the Medical
      Literature associated with it than the actual Torture of Crucifixion as was
      carried out on an Individual still in our Modern Age in Saudi Arabia not too long
      ago.. the thing is yes.. there is A Worse Pain and Torture than the Pain of Crucifixion
      A Woman with some pain just scoffed at me when i told her that at a Family Get
      Together Recently when i told her that
      the Worse Pain known to Humankind
      like a Dentist Drill in my Right Eye and
      Ear from Wake to Sleep for a full 66 Months
      That no Drug Would touch was/is Child’s Play
      in comparison to the Numb of Losing all Emotions
      For there is no reference point back in the total nothingness
      of Existence in that place where every second is equivalent to a
      Thousand Years of Hell.. it is impossible to Describe it in Words but
      i will tell you this one will rather wish to Douse Their Self With Gasoline
      And Pray to be Burned to Death Forever and wish any pain back one will feel
      at all.. my Psychiatrist
      Said it is extremely
      rare for any
      to Visit
      that place..
      sure.. most of them
      don’t make it out to
      the other side oF Light
      i take my Mental Health Seriously
      and i am not going to Hell again.. NO…
      so i take the Measures that work not to go
      there again.. and that might not be all together
      pleasant either for the folks who hear the part of
      me that refuses to die inside again.. smiles my Friend
      Katrina Survived the Devil in me for 66 Months for i was
      not even a Living Human Being then.. smiles.. she hardly
      aged God
      who the real
      Heroes are in
      Life and Rewards
      Accordingly there is
      no one who will ever
      Harm her now.. not even me Thank God..
      of course i mean in a Spiritual Way as it is
      no fun living with the living Dead…..
      i will
      not die
      alive i
      Will Live with
      And As Love no
      Matter what that takes my Friend..
      except for Harming Others not on purpose at least..:)

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      1. Thanks a lot.. Just click on my profile image and you can see all the posts.. I hope you will enjoy ❤


  3. Hi would you mind stating which blog platform you’re working with?
    I’m looking to start my own blog soon but I’m having a hard
    time deciding between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal.
    The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking
    for something unique. P.S Apologies for being off-topic but
    I had to ask!


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