13 thoughts on “Old Stars ..

  1. “Deeper than being just fading rays..
    We are old stars that takes light from God(Allah)…creator of all…”
    SMiLes Sohair.. Love this Quote You Provide Here.. you know we are
    Like Christmas Trees.. so many potential Bulbs to light up in a life..
    so much light to
    Spread if we
    do not
    it all in one place..
    But True Life can and will
    Put us in only one place if
    we are not careful to keep our
    Wings opening up continuing Flying
    Higher than Lower my Friend.. it’s really
    not Life that puts us in this Narrow place that
    in deed will Exhaust A Soul Evolving Higher
    More Light..
    it is more Culture
    And Culture we restrict
    ourselves to as reducing our Potential
    not only to Light up but Spreading more Light
    God Bless Your Rays my Friend God Bless All Our Rays
    May Sunshine Replenish in Us as Love and Spread More Rays
    to everyone
    we meet less
    Life Tears our Hearts
    out taking our Spirits
    Lower than what Souls Will Come to Be…
    Dancing Singing Higher With Love and Joy..:)

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  2. So much light to spread if we do not keep it all in one place..well said my friend..
    Your metaphors here say a lot..
    Thanks a lot for the prayers ..Amen..
    Thanks a lot Fred..peace be always with you..
    Keep smiling !!

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  3. SMiLes Indeed Sohair
    We All Come from Star Dust
    And Return that way too.. Dust
    to Dust as ‘they’ Dance And Sing too..
    but True
    Sentient Star
    Dust plus we are
    Resurrecting Light From:
    Crucible Fire of Star Death
    Who We Dance Sing Closer to: LoVE NoW..:)

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