Allah is the peace for our souls which were killed during the civil wars of our inner conflicts…


16 thoughts on “Allah..God..

  1. “Allah is the Peace for our Souls which were killed during the Civil Wars of our Inner Conflicts”.. oh my Goodness Sohair these Words are so wise for the Paths thru Dark
    to Light Within those of us Fortunate enough to resolve our Inner ‘Demons’ to
    Find the Higher Force of God Within us the Pure Energy of God’s Love to
    Surround us a Powerful
    Love Force
    Shield to
    Heal us and others
    with the Light of Love
    Shining Forward And Above
    yes below within inside outside
    and All A round too.. Each Human
    Must find their own Personal Path with
    God where God Becomes the Best Friend of All
    Within hand-in-hand Never Separation Ocean Whole Love to be i am as Us..:)

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  2. Yes…Each human must find their own personal path with God where God becomes the best friend of All..
    I am always inspired by your kind wise words Fred..
    Roses of joy for your soul my dear friend..keep praying..keep smiling ♡:-)

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  3. SMiLes Dear Sohair for over 3 Years you surely have inspired many
    many yes even over One Hundred Thousand Words from me yes many
    of which are still on Your Blog my Friend.. Thanks So much for the Roses
    of Joy for my Soul Truly You Always Bring Joy to my Soul as Dear Friend..:)

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  4. Thanks a lot Fred my dear kind friend…I am about to go to my school…
    You made my day by your nice talk…
    Bye for now..
    Take care ..
    Smiles 🙂

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