The first verse which was revealed by Allah on the heart of prophet Mohammad was “Read”..

Allah says..

Read: In the name of thy Lord Who createth, (1)

Createth man from a clot. (2) Read: And thy Lord is the Most Bounteous, (3) Who teacheth by the pen, (4) Teacheth man that which he knew not.

Al Alak Chapter..

Peace be with you !!


35 thoughts on “Read…

  1. God by any other name gets us to read …….and in so reading we write and in so writing we learn and in so learning we teach others to read. As letters make words and words make sentences and sentences make paragraphs and paragraphs makes pages and pages make books and books are read and we learn how to teach that’s the circle of life. Amen 🙏’s

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  2. Sohair in portuguese (as you know), is Obrigado!! I’m latin american but speak portuguese. No trouble if you write in “castellano”, ok ?? It’s just a little bit detail.
    Saravá, oops… bye.

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  3. SMiLes.. Sohair.. Dear Friend So Good To ‘Read’
    ‘Y.O.U.’ Today as Himali has brought that Acronym
    of Endearment to me as We May See it also as i Love
    to Say “Why Owe You” too For We Do as All of Nature
    Is Connected In “God’s
    Hands” from
    Light Day
    And Night Clouds
    And Sun And all That
    is to Be Now the Blessings
    the Nature of God Brings Now
    to All of Us True How Wonderful It Is
    To Read For Words Bring Us Laser Focus
    To Guide Us Away from So Many Distractions
    of Life Where Our Souls Within Will Rise More
    Guiding Us in Words As ‘the Christians’ May Relate as
    The Camel oF All Cultural Distractions my Be more Focused
    AS A PiN WHoLE oF LoVE Through A Needle And
    Perhaps Better Put in Metaphor of the Pens/Ink
    That are the Digital Keys Now That
    Allow us to Write our Soul
    To others as i am doing
    With Here as You
    May Write YouR
    Soul Back to me
    As We Both Come to Have
    the Joy of Reading Each Other’s
    Soul In Y.O.U. As Why Owe You in
    the Feel and Sense of All the Humans
    Who Work Together That and Who Bring
    These Tools For Humans to Connect Like this
    in Spirit of Heart as Soul in Mind and Body Balance
    Where Smiles You may Never See My Legs But Still
    Understand through Words that i continue to Dance
    10,808 Miles of Public Dance Now in 66 Months as
    Lord Knows This Last Weekend was one Very Busy
    Weekend of Dance So Far Away From the Written
    Word But Still even though i will Bring Smiles
    to many People through that Non-Verbal
    Communication How Will i ever
    Be Able to Feel and Sense
    A Beautiful Soul Like
    Sohair Without
    Reading Her
    Lovely Words
    And Additionally
    All the Teachings She Brings
    From Her Culture and Religion from
    Her Eyes so We Will Better Understand
    Our Similarities and Differences too for so
    Much Greater Peace And Harmony in the World
    Away from Strife and Discord and Fear and All Things
    Associated With Misery Loves Company in Hate Away
    from Joy Loves Company Now.. Yes this Gift of Reading
    NoW All These Tools Humans Have Held Hands To Bring
    These Abstract Constructs That Allow Us to Communicate
    by Soul and Spirit of Heart Without Even Any Flesh and Blood
    Contact now for All We may Use to Communicate is Avatars of
    Our Flesh and Blood But Never the Less the Art of our Soul Comes
    ExPReSSinG So Well iN Words of Our Emotions And Senses Now too..
    Smiles.. Sohair For True All Any of Us ReAlly Why Owe Y.O.U. Is Love JusT LoVE..:)

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  4. Hi Sohair.. As Always
    So Nice to See You
    Back And i Hope
    And Pray
    Has Started
    Well on Saturday
    For Mothers Never
    Do Get A Day off
    Not even
    My FriEnd
    But True there
    Are so Many Children And
    For A
    Life of Love
    Raise They Need
    The Most in as
    Gift of God
    Love Within
    To Give Share More
    No Matter ‘Veils’ of
    Wish Is to Live
    Again iNCaRNaTE
    Human LoVE
    One to
    Be NoW..🌹

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  5. True..I do not have even one day off..but thank Allah for everything..
    So nice as always Fred..
    Peace be with you my dear friend…
    Smiles of hope..

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  6. Sohair, greetings; hugging u & cheeks kissing like a real “sis.” & sweet friend,
    Who is the Lord to u? I never say, “Lord” myself because I’m not sure which many people say, “Lord”, they mean our Heavenly Father & some others mean our Savior, Jesus Christ. So? I just don’t like to say, “Lord” because I’m confused. So I always rather say, “Our Heavenly Father” & Jesus Christ as our Savior & is an only perfect Man on the Earth. He’s the One who unlocked the gate of eternal life? I’m not sure if that’s correct that our Savior unlocked the gate of eternal life in Spirit World? Smiling… Hugging u again! Always so sweet to be hugged! Many more hugs with my eternal love mwahs xoxo ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

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  7. Smiling from ear to ear…
    Hello my dear sweet friend & “sis.”, Sohair with my friendly hugs & cheeks kissing! U’ve always been so sweet as ever! Smiling… Stay that way eternally. Smiling…
    Hugging u & many more hugs with my eternal love mwahs xoxo ❤ ❤ ❤

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