A vacation :-)

Dear friends..I will take a vacation for some time..I need to travel with my family before the second school term begins..

So forgive me if I am late for your posts or if I am late to reply for your comments..

Thanks a lot for your support…

Keep giving..


29 thoughts on “A vacation :-)

  1. SMiLes Sohair Hope You Are Having
    A Wonderful Vacation With Your
    Family And Only If one Day
    The World Sees Everyone
    NoW As Family And
    TRuLY A
    KinGDoM oF LoVE
    For All but until then
    i Will Art Heaven For Me at
    Least Free iN Essence oF Love
    NoW With Everyone iNvited
    From: NoW
    to: A PArty
    oF HeaVeNoW
    aS oNe Will Be i am Love..
    ToGeTHeR aS onE Too For
    All Who CoME NoW aS iN LoVE..:)

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  2. Hi Sohair.. Hope You Are Still Enjoying
    Your Vacation With Your Family as i remember
    Last Year You Brought Kind Valentines Wishes
    to Everyone Here and i wanted to Return that Favor
    to You Again this Year by Wishing you and Your Family
    A Very Happy Valentines Day in Egypt.. I’m not sure how
    And even if that is Celebrated Where You Live in Egypt
    But Love of
    Course is
    A Virtue
    Worth Celebrating
    Now in Giving and
    Sharing Ways With others..
    So.. Again Happy Roses and Chocolates to You
    And Your Lovely Family Too with Prayers and
    Best Wishes for Many Blessings And Blissings to Come Your way..:)

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  3. Good morning Fred my dearest friend..I am so happy to begin my day with your blessed wishes for me and my family on the love day..so nice of you as always you are a nice person..While I was reading your comment I felt that tears are about to come out of my eyes…a great feeling it is to feel that some one remembers your among this busy cruel life..so beautiful and kind of you my Friend…I wish you a happy Valentine Love day for you and Katrina and all your loved ones as they are blessed to have you in their life and me also.
    In my country people celebrate this day with red flowers and red pandas…mostly young couples…shops buy a lot of red presents at that day…
    May all your days be full of love and content my friend..
    You are the first person to congratulate me today…I am so happy…
    Smiles :-):-):-):-)

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  4. Again.. Some Roses for You and Your Family
    Dear Friend Sohair How Wonderful it is to Give
    love And Receive Love and Appreciate Love Graciously
    As the Rose of You Consistently Does Without Fail for
    All of Who You Meet and Greet In Life Friends Like
    You are Gold For Lord Knows and Feels and
    Senses in me at Least i Will Never Leave a
    Friend Even when they Leave
    my Side in Always Hope
    And Faith in their
    Return and
    Most of
    All the Love
    That i am so blessed
    As Gift of my Mother to
    me Most as when She Went
    to Her Death Bed 2 Years ago on
    this Date and i sat by Her Side for
    8 Days watching Her Breaths as she
    Wished to Go with No Medical Help that
    Meant no Food or Drink Fed From Tubes..
    i realized the Gravity of the Gift of Love she
    Gave to me and that Force that she Put in me
    As a Wonderful Seed from all those Years then she
    Loved me Unconditionally Even When i Screamed
    to the Dark Ceiling of Her Room Wishing With All
    that was Left of my Soul for God to take me away
    from all my Pain/Numb she was the Rock by my Side
    Who Did Not Waiver Ready to Accept Whatever May Come
    Will Be She Promised me ‘This Will Pass too’ For Then After
    All my Hope and Faith and Love Was Gone She Remained
    in me therefore
    my Friend i will Never
    Ever Leave the Side of a Friend
    no matter What for i am my Mother’s
    Love and Her Love is the Essence of God that Lives in/as me too..
    Smiles God is too important to Leave Behind God is the Essence of Love
    i Do Now
    Hope one
    Day that is
    one Day we
    All Will Now Be
    Able to Agree Upon
    For The Entire Family
    of the World to Become One..
    For Sure Wherever Whenever Whoever Two or More Folks
    Believe This Way As They Do LoVE NoW Become One As God’s LoVE..:)

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