99 Names …Part (1)…

As I told you before ..my blog is to teach people about Islam…

Today I want to teach you about Allah…the creator of all..

In Islam Allah has 99 attributes…

But why?

In order to know more about your creator …you have to know his attributes…

Of course I will not mention all of Allah attributes in one post…but I will mention them in several parts to give the chance to the reader to understand those names or attributes..

Part 1


1. Allah
* Allah, He who has the Godhood which is the power to create the entities.

2. Ar-Rahmaan
* The Compassionate, The Beneficient, The One who has plenty of mercy for the believers and the blasphemers in this world and especially for the believers in the hereafter.

3. Ar-Raheem
* The Merciful, The One who has plenty of mercy for the believers.

4. Al-Malik
* The King, The Sovereign Lord, The One with the complete Dominion, the One Whose Dominion is clear from imperfection.

5. Al-Quddoos
* The Holy, The One who is pure from any imperfection and clear from children and adversaries.

6. As-Salaam
* The Source of Peace, The One who is free from every imperfection.

7. Al-Mu’min
* Guardian of Faith, The One who witnessed for Himself that no one is God but Him. And He witnessed for His believers that they are truthful in their belief that no one is God but Him.

Have a great day:-)


28 thoughts on “99 Names …Part (1)…

  1. Hi Sohair as it is surely difficult to Understand a Person
    if we do not understand what they Believe in Ranging
    from Random Soup To God but true even ‘Thomas Campbell’
    Who did not invent Campbell Soup By the Way Will Then Say
    We come
    With the Divinity
    Within Expressed
    As Some Folks are
    Rather Hero and some are not too..
    Anyway these are Nice Shares of
    Wisdom You Bring from Islam and
    i for one enjoy all you have to
    teach here as after all
    That there is more
    To Dance Sing
    And Sure
    Now More..
    Anyway on this End
    Yellow Boy is finally
    Succumbing from Feline
    Leukemia for his Lifetime
    Stint of that for 10 or 11 Years
    as Tomorrow Morning will be our
    Last Morning with Him as we continue
    to Celebrate Light And Not Let the Dark Disappear..:)

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  2. Hi Fred…How are you dear…thanks a lot for your talk…but sorry …who is that yellow boy…great that he is healed…
    Thanks again my dear kind friend 🙂

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  3. Its difficult in this world where religion is twisted to the rule and image of man and woman and a God by any other name has the true word twisted to a political end. So good there are people like you to bring the truth about Islam to the people … you are a true disciple of God Amen 🙏’s for those still to see the light of the world

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  4. Hi Ian dear friend…thank you so much ..you are always giving me a push to go on..thanks a lot dear…your support is highly appreciated..God bless you dear friend ♡:-)

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  5. Hi Sohair.. Yellow Boy is the Yellow Cat Who Has Played
    A Star Role in all of my online Blogging Adventures since
    2013 and Even Before that since 2011 as He came to
    Be my FriEnd When i was shut-in ill Back in 2010
    After about a 2 Year Stint in Hell as Yellow Boy
    the Cat was born Just about the time i Fell
    iLL Back in 2008 according to the Vet who
    Determined that he had Feline
    Leukemia when we had
    Him Checked Keeping
    the Once Feral Wild Cat inside
    And Fixing Him as such so he would no
    Longer Have such a Reproductive Drive
    to Spray our Home Up and stuff like that..
    Anyway.. i Found Yellow Boy Crying under my
    Shed And Eventually Tamed Him with some Food
    After He had been Wild.. in the Woods at the Back
    of our Home for about 2 Years as he Learned to Love
    Again and Be a Lap Cat Similar to when He was Nursing
    His Cat Mother When He was born eventually as i returned to
    the Best Kingdom
    of Heaven Yes
    Love Within
    too.. to Give Freely
    And.. Share Freely
    As Any Part of God’s
    Creation Suited to Love
    From Birth Will Verily Do..
    And as i Celebrated My Father’s
    And Mother’s Life After they passed
    Away along with Several Other Pets and
    Many Relatives in the Last 11 Years Since Yellow
    Boy’s Birth.. Now.. i will Dance And Sing some more
    For Life is the Gift and Never the Guarantee Worshipped
    Best as God as Nature’s Love Given To Us Freely Enough
    Yes to
    back the
    Favor to the
    Nature of God
    to fulfill all of our
    Human Potential Each
    Day and Do Love as We
    Are Gifted True to Do too Always Now..
    But anyway there is a bit of a Space in the
    Home And Yard as there has always been at
    least one Pet of a Cat here where i Live Nearly
    Since we Moved in our Home in the Year ’93
    So this is Just one more Day of Relatively New
    Territory For me and the Dance and the Song is my Rock of Love..
    Thanks Sohair For Asking my FriEnd Have a Wonderful Evening in Egypt too..
    Smiles Yes too as
    i understand
    Cats are
    in Egypt too my FriEnd..:)

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  6. Yes they are popular here..but I feel terrified of them..do not know why…
    But they deserve to be kindly treated and also all animals should be treated with care because they can feel and love..sometimes more than people…
    God bless you Fred 🙂

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  7. SMiles mY FriEnd Sohair.. as i believe
    i remember You telling me before that You
    Are Terrified By Cats and i may have also replied
    then too that until i fell ill at age 47.. i had always been
    Severely Allergic to Cats in any Home where i almost Couldn’t Breathe
    at Night when i visited
    my Father’s Home
    As He had Two Cats
    there and now my Sister has
    7 and it does seem like my Nasal Passages
    are unusually open today.. but still Yes the Love
    What Pets Will Give and other Animals even Wild
    Life too will and even be used to help Folks as Service
    Pets now in Stores as that becomes more and more common
    as Folks Suffer with Anxiety and Depression Disorders more and more..
    Yes.. Animals.. Particularly
    Pets are often Head
    And Shoulders
    Above Human
    in the Intelligence of
    Love as We Simply come
    to become more the Tools
    We Create Than the Potential of
    All Agape Love to Give and Share more..
    Best we can and Will Do Now and that reminds
    me when we first moved into our Home after we Built
    it in ’93 a Gray and White Cat Started Coming Around and
    Katrina would let me Feed the Cat a Sardine a Day out of a
    Can but she would’t let me touch it with more than my Shoes
    as she was afraid the Cat might Have some kind of Germ to give
    to me.. But true back then we did not have Cats to Teach more about
    Love with SMiLes.. Somehow Just another Miracle Happened when i get
    Sick as without Cats i might not have made to the other Side of Hell so my
    Allergies went away in Hell as that was one benefit there.. didn’t seem like
    Much Help then but i really recognized the Value when i got into Heaven with
    Some Cats to Pet on Earth..
    i feel very honored
    to Pet a
    Lion and
    take care of it too
    as truly Cats are the
    Last Pets to be Domesticated
    And some just about Refuse to do it..
    Our Brown Tabby Cat Arthur was surely
    one of those inside outside Tom and Alpha Cats too.. 🙂

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  8. Who knows..maybe one day I will be a friend of a nice cat..people change…and change is what makes life beautiful…and life is surely beautiful with kind nice friends like Fred…thanks dear…keep smiling 🙂

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  9. Hi Sohair Now Again as Perhaps the
    Nicest Thing About a Cat Pet is of course
    the Pet and the Purr and plus they are very
    Low Maintenance Pets in General as far as the
    Hours in a Day needed to Pay Attention to them
    as they sleep for about 18 Hours a Day Versus a
    Dog that may Need Almost Constant Companionship
    So True How Life
    Changes as We
    Do as each
    Comes but
    True Good Friends
    are a constant that we
    will all be very blessed with
    when Real and of course that is
    What Kind of Dear Kind Friend You are to
    me With Thanks For Your Friendship Dear

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  10. Hi Chris..thanks a lot dear friend..sorry for the delayed reply…Your comment was in the spam box..do not know why..but great that I checked it..thanks again!

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