Congratulations ♡♡

I just want to say Congratulations for all the couples who celebrate their engagements or weddings at the end of the year and at the beggining of the new year..

May all your days be happy and fruitful…

May Allah grant you healthy children who fill your life with joy and happiness…♡:-):-)..



21 thoughts on “Congratulations ♡♡

  1. Engagements And Marriages in Connection of Love
    Are Such Beautiful Gifts of Life When True Two People
    Love Each Other with heART and With Choice
    Make that Connection a Vow
    of Lifetime through
    Sickness and Yes
    And Financial
    Woes and Just about
    Every Disagreement that
    One doesn’t think about
    When they are So So in Romantic
    Love that ‘they’ Say Lasts about 18 Months
    or So.. So to make that Work Folks Really Have
    to Work Work Work And Practice Getting Along as
    Friends for True Marriage Based on Just the S Word is
    Neither Intimacy or Something that will Ever Last Truly
    Last as
    A Life
    Where each Member
    of the Couple Raises each
    other up in Human Mind and
    Body Balancing Soul Potential with
    SPiRiT oF heART True too.. Oh God i Love
    Being Married even more than when i first Got
    Married as the Environment of Love is in the Home
    even when my Love is separated from me in the other Room
    For Love
    Like a Flower
    More Truly in Eternity
    Now when Real this Way
    So Much that i really Believe
    Even the Aging Process and Disease
    Grows so Slow that a Wife may Even Look
    Like a Twenty-Something Year-old Friend at Age
    48.8.. hmm.. With SMiLes let me Check My Blog For Proof
    of thaT AGaiN or Perhaps Just the Person who Looks that Way
    Every Morning
    when they
    First Get
    up and
    the Mirror Says
    this is getting rather
    Boring of Course you are the
    Fairest of all after all is said and done
    You Married Fred didn’t You with Recognition
    That God Rewards those who Stand by their Men in Hell
    For Love
    is no
    but Love
    And Life is a Rose
    Equally Sprinkled with
    Thorns and Red of Blood With Love True….
    When someone
    Sees/Feels/Senses You
    in Hell when someone
    Bangs their Head against
    The Wall in Frustration cause
    you cannot get out and no Doctor
    Offers You a Prognosis of Possible Recovery
    is the Definition
    the True Definition of
    Love and Marriage After
    The Loved is Gone and
    the Love Refuses to Leave…..
    People who Do Not Believe
    in God Have Not Been to Hell
    (Total Pain and Numb) And Got out….
    After That You Understand Who You
    Owe Most The Rest Of All That Is
    Real.. Love….
    And then
    iN Do it
    Fearless Free
    Never Ever With Regret or Shame…..
    Just my Opinion.. Thanks for the iNSPiRinG Post
    Sohair.. Everything Works ToGeTHeR When LoVE…
    It’s “Very Very
    but nah..
    i will
    True Credit
    For Nothing but
    What i Give and Share…..
    For ‘All’ oF ‘Those’ Preparing A Way..:)

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    1. May your love for your pretty wife lasts for ever Fred dear friend..
      And yes Katrina looks like a Twenty years old girl…maybe because her heart is pure like wonder..she is the wife of that man whose manners are like angels..who loves people unconditionally..and this is an important lesson I learned from you Fred…
      Thanks a lot Fred dear friend..
      Stay blessed..
      Smiles ♡:-)

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      1. SMiLes my FriEnd i truly Believe the More We
        Give and Share of our Love the More We are Gifted
        By God as Love as Those who Become Love Shine Brighter
        And Brighter as God’s True Stars Forevernowmore.. As that
        is what You
        do Here
        too my
        FriEnd Sohair
        Always Kind Now
        to People Who Cross
        Your Paths as always Now
        When We Humans are Kind to
        Each Other We Light the Tree of
        God up Even More as All That is Love..
        This Way no
        Doubt Within my FriENd..
        And SMiLes i gave Your Twenty Year-
        Old Compliment to Katrina too and it
        is True When it comes to Service to others
        Katrina is the Pure Definition of Love For Sure..
        As She Says Thanks
        to You
        mY Star
        Brighter this
        way too as My FriENds
        Sohair and Himali and gigoid
        Found as Treasures on Himali’s Website
        And Rafiah and Shawna And Frank and
        Xenia too as my Online Friends are So Very
        Special to me.. Pen Pal Friends Yes Forever my
        Friend and
        True part
        oF A Real
        Bible too
        Personal Fred
        Style initialed by L.O.V.E.
        to the Best of my ABiLiTy AS HuMaN
        mY FriEnd Each Day A Practice for the Star of Love..
        iN A Real
        mY LiFE
        ReaLiTY SHoW Style..
        “Going Down For Real” as Some Folks say…
        United Arab Emirates Dubai through Egypt through
        Pakistan through India through Scotland.. California
        And by God Alabama Just a Bit North of LA Lower Alabama
        Also Known and Felt and Sensed as the Panhandle of the FLoWeR
        State Florida that Ironically Looks Like A Hand Gun in Geography where
        i am
        in the
        Barrel Firing
        Love at Will Wherever
        i Go in Song and Dance True…
        iN LiGHT Fearless Free as GaLaXieS oF LoVE
        Will Shine Spiraling Around BLacK Holes oF DARk..
        oF LoVE SHiNE MoRE LiGHT..:)

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