On his birthday…

Today is a vacation in my country..

Today is Prophet Mahammad Birthday…

What should I tell him???

Should I tell him that the majority of moslems misunderstood Islam and became away of its princeples ?

Should I tell him that our numbers are gowing up but our strength is going down?

Should I tell him that I heard a few non moslems insulting him and I stood still with no word to reply?

Should I tell him about the great pain inside my soul when I see my self weak to even say a word to defend him?

Should I tell him how divided we became and how wars destroyed our Islamic countries ?

Should I tell him about our rulers and presidents and how greedy and hypocrate they are?

Should I tell him how empty mosques are in dawn prayers..only few people go at that time?

Should I tell him how many moslem women get dressed in clothes that do not go with Islam …they just imitate non moslems..and how they lost their identities ?


I will not tell him all above..

I will tell him that inspite of all what is happenning now …I am optemistic…

Because good is always there…

Good moslems are still found. .

They are few and rare …but they will not die…

Happy birthday for you …the strongest and most merciful man I have ever seen …

27 thoughts on “On his birthday…

  1. Words are never needed to speak to the ‘ God By Any Name ‘ as he understands our ❤️ And the feelings for the world as it has become and not as it should be. We are as grains of sand and yet to him that is most holy we are his children and all children make mistakes until they can accept the word and the light of the creator … then we grow and become the one that he wanted Amen 🙏’s For the lost souls …..

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    1. Amen to that..
      Thanks a lot Ian dear friend ..your comments always touch my heart..stay blessed and thanks a lot for the reblog and for reading and commenting !!


  2. SMiLes Sohair A Very Respectful Wish
    You Provide to Mohammad on His
    Birthday in Lieu of How
    Tradition in many
    Religions are
    Steadily Dying
    Around the World to
    All the Options now that
    Are Available to what other wise
    Would Normally Bind and Bond Humans
    Together Hand in Hand in Organizational
    Structures Named Religions that do most Definitely
    Bond and Bind Humans Together For Cooperation in the
    Group Cohesive Social Unit.. Yes.. Bonding and Binding over
    Common Tradition through Years of Trust and Understanding
    in Common Meaning and Purpose that truly Feels Holy and Sacred
    in Existential Intelligences Comfort for a Reality that Makes Better Feel
    And Sense NoW iN Loving Comfort More With Sure.. Laws and Orders too
    For Structure
    for Large
    to continue to
    Survive and Potentially
    Thrive now too and as far
    as the Essence of Meaning and
    Purpose of Religion that one who
    Does Love and Is Love incarnate Will
    Hope to Carry on in Deeper Holy and Sacred
    Ways of Love in Peace and Harmony More for the
    Human Species Hand in Hand.. Well True it is that the
    Nature of Human is far from Perfect this way for when a Child
    is Not Loved and Nurtured From First BLink of Life by Family and Peers
    And through the life Span By Elderly Days through Last BliNK of LiFE
    too a Feeling
    of Lack
    of Abundance
    of Love Within to
    Give and Share with others
    And what other wise might be
    Hands of Comfort Turns in to Arms
    of Discontent.. Frustration.. Doubts Fears
    And the Overall Land of Human Hate the Hell
    HeAr oN EartH NoW Propagated By Power and Status
    And Owning the Earth more than Loving Giving Sharing
    For Free.. what to do what to do Just Love the Way that
    Are Born
    to Do for the
    Truth still evolving
    as Light is Humans are
    not meant to Live in Huge
    Complex Societies where the
    Rules are too complicated for
    the Common Person to Understand..
    Humans are evolved to Live in Much Smaller
    Groups Hand in Hand with Love as the Law and
    the Grade and the Currency of Life in Give and Share more..
    but true once
    Storing and Owning
    Grain in Solos From 12 or
    so Thousand Years ago through
    Raping the Resources of the Earth
    Our Home our Gift from God in so many
    More Taking than Giving ways back.. tHere is
    the Karma of God to Pay now that we have destroyed
    so many more Species of our Ecosystem now and that comes
    in Form and Essence of Third Most Powerful Lowest Pressure
    Hurricane in the Middle of October Where i Live and the Worst
    Fire in Killing and Destruction in California Just a Month after
    That Worst Hurricane in the Panhandle of Florida Ever now true..
    in any month
    of the
    as the Gift
    of the Environment
    We have turned against
    Us More by taking from our
    Home more than giving back
    A Re-Creation of Life Source more
    but true mY FriEnd there is the Individual
    Human Karma of being Mastered by the Tools
    We Create More Than Mastering those Tools for Happiness
    in Giving and Sharing Love more when Front Porches become
    Empty and Sidewalks Lonely with only Concrete in Neighborhoods
    Now.. where Children no Longer Play Now Sitting Still Never Learning
    Now to Regulate Emotions and Integrate Senses in a Play of Life with
    Other Children and even Adults Now in Every Day Life when Screens
    As small as 5 inches and Less Become the Scope of the Horizon of
    Beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets Less when Empathy and Sympathy
    And Compassion along with Cognitive Empathy of Understanding
    The Differences of others Fails more among Folks now True.. where
    no longer are
    we even
    to the ‘New
    Age’ where Humans
    Are More Tools As Machines
    Than SpiRiT oF HeaRT expressing
    MiNd and BoDY BaLanCinG SoUL
    Moving.. Connecting.. Co-Creating More
    in Relative Free Will of Strength on a Foundation
    Balancing of Grace as Love the Law.. the Grade.. the Currency For All….
    SMiLes.. mY FriEnd in a World Grown Insane away from Human Nature
    the Best thing
    anything anyone
    can and will do is
    continue to use our
    Human Less We Lose the
    Human of our Self and Fall
    to Hell on Earth more.. NoW
    Just a Dance
    And Song will
    work for me at Least..
    But True When Instant Gratification
    Rules SPiRiTS of HeART and MiNd and
    BoDY BaLaNCinG SoUL Becomes too Weak to Lift uP LoVE..
    SMiLes.. mY FriEnd.. in Short We Need More Exercises For heART..
    Not Everyone
    is Cut out
    to do
    but at
    Least We Can and Will Try i cry..:)

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    1. Amen to that..for me exercises for heart is when I help someone who needs my help and when I make him or her happy ..this makes me happy also…
      Thanks a lot Fred dear friend..I enjoyed this Fred Talk a lot..
      Stay blessed dear :-):-):-):-):-)♡♡♡♡♡♡

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