Orphans in Quran…

A true believer is careful when treating orphans because he/she knows that Allah ordered us to be fair with them..

Allah says in Chapter 4 of Quran ..(The women)..


إِنَّ الَّذِينَ يَأْكُلُونَ أَمْوَالَ الْيَتَامَىٰ ظُلْمًا إِنَّمَا يَأْكُلُونَ فِي بُطُونِهِمْ نَارًا ۖ وَسَيَصْلَوْنَ سَعِيرًا
Those who unjustly eat up the property of orphans, eat up a Fire into their own bodies: They will soon be enduring a Blazing Fire!

Peace be with You .

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23 thoughts on “Orphans in Quran…

    1. Hi Chris …
      First I apologize for the delayed reply…
      My health is a problem these days..
      Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting…
      Best regards..:-)

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  1. Hi Sohair.. And Happy Early Sunday Morning 7.15.18 in Egypt for
    you as it’s a Minute ‘fore Midnight for me soon to be
    7.15.18 too.. Orphans Lost From Parents is surely a
    Tortuous Affair for Child and Currently
    the US through Initial Government
    Instruction has been both
    Torturing Parents
    and Children
    this way
    as there
    are still around
    2500 Separated like
    this where evidence of
    Child Abuse and Neglect
    is Already With Government
    Hands of Soulless Individuals
    including even a So-called News
    Channel that says it represents a
    Christian way calling this Torture
    A Summer Camp and an Attorney
    General who has used the Bible
    Verses in his Interpretation to
    Justify this Torture of Children
    Separated From Parents too..
    True ‘they’ will Feel ‘we’
    are Christians by our
    Love for that’s
    all Christianity
    is at Core by the Good
    Cop Jesus Teacher Love at
    Core in us to share with others
    Fearless without harming others too..
    This is no Christian Country and it never
    has been close in so-called Republican Hands
    of Slavery in So many ways of Humans who are
    not Old Angry White Men put into a Separate Category
    less than being Human as Orphans without a Loving Country
    too to meet their rights to life liberty and a pursuit of full Happiness
    too.. in Establishing a Kingdom of Heaven within of Love for each
    and everyone.. anyway.. my Grandfather was an Orphan and this
    Lone issue as Child is probably a Large Feeling of Outcast
    that Drove him Toward the Catholic Priest Hood as Yes
    the Best Cop Version of Jesus portrays someone
    who Champions the Outcasts in life
    as of course Orphans can and
    will feel loneliest as
    Being Human
    from Loving Parents more
    Never Coming back now to be
    but true there is the rest of us to
    Fill in and sadly the most numb kind of
    Orphan oF aLL will be the Human Being
    Separated From the Force of Love Incarnate
    For without Love we lose the ability to all Naturally
    Heal ourselves and Help Heal others in all ways of
    Mutual Loving Prayers.. true.. one will also find many
    of these Orphans Within the Walls of Church too for the
    Total Eclipse of the heART SPiRiT and SoUL Away From LoVE
    is a National Epidemic of the worst kind of Nature Deficit Disorder
    as the all Natural Force of Love that Can and will be a God Deficit
    Disorder For God is Love too.. i aTTempt to help folks where i leave
    gain some view of what it looks like to Dance with Fearless
    Love and some folks see it and some folks are as
    Soul Blind as they are to Love.. Orphans away
    from Love will be any Age any Color any
    Nationality and any Religion or other
    Categorized Label of Difference
    now too other than yes
    in Being Human
    when Wings now of
    this Butterfly Come Free
    from all the Cocoons that Cover Love in PriSons
    of Minds who see Cars as Lovers and other Structures as
    Essence LoVE
    For True LoVE
    Will Be an Empty
    Word too.. without that
    Essence of GoDLoVELiViNGWiTHIN..:)

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    1. Hi Fred my dear friend…I apologize for the delayed reply …my health is a problem these days..forgive me…
      Thanks a lot ..
      Smiles of hope..:-):-)

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      1. Hi Soheir.. i will keep you in my Prayers for the Problems
        you are having still with your Health.. i am Glad to See
        You Back again here and yes.. i most definitely
        can and will relate to more one sided
        Love for some of the Places
        online i’ve given my
        all to attempt to
        help folks
        as i might
        as well be a Ghost
        From a Different Time
        all together with Love but
        more about that in a few on
        the Next Post you shared as that
        Reminds me too of a ‘Lonely Boy’
        by Andrew Gold an American
        Song where a Boy thought
        he was an only Child
        but found
        out he
        Had a Sister
        and seemed
        to Feel even more
        Lonely with Her in the Picture
        but it seems like the Boy Basically
        Just Suffered from Melancholy but any
        way off to visit your Next Post to continue there…:)

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      2. Hi Fred…
        So sad to see a brother or anyone of a family feeling strange or lonely amongst his family…
        When my daughter sometimes complains of her brother because he sometimes treats her badly..she tells me(I wished I had a sister not a brother) …he is cruel sometimes…but she is delicate…when I hear her words and wishes…I tell her to thank Allah just because she is not lonely..I tell her that when he becomes older…he will change to the better because he will understand life more and more…
        Brotherhood is a gift indeed…
        And you are a gift Fred…
        Thanks a lot my dear friend for your precious comments…
        Smiles and Good morning..

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      3. SMiLes Soheir.. yes as they say in the US Sugar
        and Spice and everything Nice for Girls and Snips
        and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails for Little Boys
        as it is so True Generally Speaking
        the Female and Male
        Nature is worn
        in Both
        and the way
        Environment raises us
        too and it will be very Difficult
        as of course you understand as
        a Widow for a little Boy and Girl Not
        to be raised with Male Influence but
        of course in your Family other Male Relatives
        may be fitting in fine for that influence in Life
        for it’s true
        little boys
        and even
        little Girls
        will use some
        more Rough and Tumble
        Play as Refereed by the Elder
        Males in their Life for it is equally
        important to Master Love as it is the
        Aggression Part that is also all Natural
        and a Requirement to Make it Successful
        in Life to stand up on Two Feet and just say
        no too.. as always a Balance of our Higher and
        Lower Parts too as there are Lower Frequency
        and Higher Frequencies and Different Vibes
        in Vibrations of Life that do allow us to
        more Strive and Thrive too before
        the entire Story of Life
        is done
        it was really Hard
        for me as there was no
        Male Influence to Speak of
        in my Family Growing up and
        a Visit by a Father on a Weekend Twice
        a year is just about nothing at all but of course
        much better too than nothing at all for at least he
        then offered the required Monetary Child Support
        True though not nearly the same as Father Support..
        took me a long time to become my own Father but it’s
        another adaptation one has to make through Loss that’s Real..
        as truly eventually we must learn to be our own Mother and Father
        and Brothers and Sisters and yes even Friend too for if we live long
        that is
        who we
        may face the
        most and of Course
        the Higher God Nature
        of us that is Loving our self too
        as that Deeper PArt that is God in
        Dance of Steps and Song of Words
        Truly Helps me with that as it is a Practice
        that must continue across the Lifespan less
        we lose either Fearless Hope or Loving Grace
        in Will and Strength that Brings the LiGHT to
        the potential DArkness of our Life now that’s True iN LoVELiGHT..:)

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  2. Treating orphans right is important. I wouldn’t say for all orpahans, dead parents are a bad thing. (Some parents can be abusive and in that case, they might not care.) Even if they do or they don’t miss their dead parents, they should be treated right regardless.

    They are just as human as everyone else.

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