5 thoughts on “The miracle of olive oil.

  1. Hi FriEnd Sohair True tHeRe
    iS LiGht in Every HuMan
    that Glows with
    Love Day
    and NiGht
    as Love
    is the
    that ALWaYS
    LivES aS LiGht
    EiTHeR Day or NiGht
    Love is the INViSiBlE
    SuN inside only for those
    who cannot and will not see it
    only for those who will not and
    cannot give and share it.. only for
    Oil is
    no WicK no
    FlickeR no FLamE
    no Torch no Bonfire From:
    oF LoVE oN LiGHT iN FLiGHT to: GLoW..:)

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    1. Yes Fred dear friend you are right…
      May your heart be always full of unconditional love for all humanity as it is the most important lesson I have learnt from my teacher..my smart teacher Fred…
      Thanks a lot dear..
      Your words are always inspiring…

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      1. Hi Sohair.. A WorK oF FearlesS UNconditional LoVE iS
        A Work Of Art aLWays in Progress with the ReaLiTy
        alWaYs That i am Human and May Stumble
        A Little And Have to Pick my sElf uP
        But Truly this is the Price of
        Love the other
        Side too
        For to
        Truly See
        Sun one must
        Also Experience
        Dark Clouds too..
        Love Is The Soldier
        The Best Soldier oF LiGHT
        WiTHiN And Who i Serve Best is God is LoVE…
        Things is and Things Are mY FriEnd This LovE
        oF God Is And the FAct tHaT iT iS More Art that Science
        An eNtire
        Life A Poem
        And Exercise
        iN Dancing and
        Singing A Never
        Ending Poem of
        Love that truly
        BeCoMeS LiFE
        LiFE iS JusT
        A SeRieS oF iNCReaSinGLY
        More BeautiFuL Lamps We
        LiGHT WitH tHe OLive Oil oF God ToGeTHeR All
        tHaT iS TRuLY LoVE At CoRE Best oF All We Am Be LoVE..:)

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