The other world…

The world where we live is not the only world…

After they die and leave us…they begin to live another life…with different laws…different feelings …different way of thinking…

They visit us from time to another in our dreams…but why they do so?

Do they miss us…or do they have special messages to be sent to us…

May Allah forgive them all and grant them paradise..Amen..


14 thoughts on “The other world…

  1. SMiLes mY FriEnd So Many DiMeNSioNS
    oF LiFE NoW to ENjOY MoRE FuLLy as
    i rarely
    and behind
    more than A NoW oF Bliss
    For Real iT iS wHat is the reaList
    iN LiFE iS THaT WhO We Give and
    Share LoVE WitH oF CourSE oN CourSE
    of And as GoD LiViNG ALWaYS WiTHIN NoW FReED
    And that Catches me all uPwith an ending Happy PHI
    Day of 6.18 and 6.18.18 For NoW mY FriEnd at 11:44 PM
    oF PaNHanDLE
    NoW STiLL RiSinG LA
    iN LoWeR ALaBaMA too..
    Anyway.. i cannot imagine
    Any Desire to Escape my FriEnd
    but to the NoW STiLL HeaVeN NoW..:)

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