18 thoughts on “Try to have a project….

  1. All my love goes to your spirit, Ali Banat, so visible in all the Love you managed to express, and in your beautiful, soulful lotus eyes. And after the needed rest in Allah’s arms, please come back soon among us in a new, stronger body.: the Earth needs people like you, for becoming faster a better world… ❤

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  2. For those with Meaning and Purpose
    aLWays Holy and Sacred Striving
    HeLPinG OTHeRS NoW
    iN Give
    A Paradise
    is in the Love that
    Sprouts out my FriEnd
    And Holds Hands wHere the
    Young Muslim Man surely takes/gives
    Love As Heaven WiTHiN HiM also too my FriEnd..:)

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  3. True mY friEnd.. Sohair iT Ss NoW
    THaT Everyone has the potential
    For HeaVeN inside but
    unless one comes
    to Tame
    GeT aLonG
    with the ‘Shadow
    Self’ Hell is surely
    A Potential of WiTHIn
    NoW too my FriEnd.. Yes..
    And of course that Shadow
    Being all the Fears and Lusts
    and Aggressions of Life moving
    Away from Hope And LoVE MoRENoW2..:)

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