Once upon a time a six years old student asked his teacher a question…(Please Miss ..I want to know …why God created us….Has He felt bored and wanted to have some fun….???)…

The teacher laughed and rememberd the answer quickly…

Yes …it was written in Quraan…she told the boy…

(We are created to be fighters…

I do not mean a fighter in wars …no….

You will meet many challenges during ur life journey….if you are not a fighter…you will not be able to go on…)

She continued…(God created both Evil and Good….we are created to fight evil…you can fight it by your good behaviour and by your good deeds….Allah says…

وَلَوْلَا دَفْعُ اللَّهِ النَّاسَ بَعْضَهُم بِبَعْضٍ لَّفَسَدَتِ الْأَرْضُ وَلَٰكِنَّ اللَّهَ ذُو فَضْلٍ عَلَى الْعَالَمِينَ (البقره 251)
And did not Allah Check one set of people by means of another, the earth would indeed be full of mischief: But Allah is full of bounty to all the worlds.(Cow chapter…verse 251)

Peace be upon fighters all over the world…peaceful fighters…who fight for noble issues…for others ….and for the good of the universe….


21 thoughts on “Fighters…

  1. SMiLes mY FriEnd Sohair for the Christian Religion has a Word
    Termed Meek that many folks Mistake for Weak
    However the Truth is in Original Greek
    Definition with additional E-LaBoRaTioN
    by me it means both
    Man and Woman
    in Divine Balance
    NoW of Feminine
    Grace and Love
    As Foundation of
    What Comes Born or Re-Born
    oF Will And Strength Confident
    Enough for Victory of Love’s Hope
    Over Vengeance of Hate’s Fear and
    While it’s True that the Finer Elements of
    A Military Establish A Way for Honor and Integrity
    in Character with Honesty for BootCamp that teaches
    We are a Team that Fights together over binds of bonds
    as True the Military as an isolated institution is a Religion
    Bound by Common Binds of Beliefs too most often in a Patriarchal
    Way of BeinG that also sadly means compartmentalizing the Natural
    Human Aversion to Killing Other Members of our species to allow one
    An ability
    to Kill
    A Brother
    and Sister
    of our species
    no matter who they
    are stone cold dead..
    And it’s true most often
    those who live by the Sword
    die by the Sword and Gun when
    used to fight others over other wise
    Diplomatic Means of Solving Problems
    With Peace and Harmony rather that Blood and
    Guts Spilled from Seas to Shining Shores of Red Tide
    Loss in our ability to even Navigate a World as Human Love Wins
    NoW than
    Fear and Hate..
    anYWay thank Goodness
    i am not suiTable to kill for folks with
    Asperger’s Syndrome aren’t even allowed
    in the Military anyway and Bi-Polar is not
    exactly what one wants in A Machine Designed to Kill
    But True in a World of Guns where ‘normally’ it’s much
    Harder to Kill Another Human Being With a Bare Handed
    Fight when/where those who Fight against each other often Become
    Friends when the Aggression ends that most often comes from Weakness
    instead of Will and Strength that Grows from a Foundation of Love and Grace
    aS it’s true
    most often
    truly Confident
    Men and Women
    never raise a Hand
    over another Human Being
    for it is the feeling of smallness
    in all the ways that comes that most
    often is projected out into Harming others
    when folk’s fears over their inferiorities are
    taken advantage by other folks to pull their
    Heart Strings of Fear and Hate more too..
    Anyway.. i believe it is possible to
    become a Warrior even in a
    Physical Way without
    ever raising a Hand
    to Harm
    Being when
    the Shadow within
    Learns both a Physical and
    Mental Fight of life in actual Martial
    Arts Activities that truly become an Art
    of Emotional Regulation and Sensory Integration
    that can and will be accomplished with no Trauma at
    all.. not even with a Punching Bag for what literally is
    Both a Shadow Strike and Kick of Life where the Target
    of the Fight will be a material instead of living object that
    doesn’t have to be touched for it’s true for one who is comfortable
    in how to use their body if ever really necessary for defense when in
    A World of Laws where folks are arrested and put in Jail for attacking others
    it’s really not likely that one will ever need to be involved in a Fight even if
    they don’t have the confidence to defend themselves.. however.. we are Human
    Beings with Canine Teeth that Means we have a long History of Killing to eat
    as well as the Forage For Berries and the Such as that.. for Thousands of years
    in escaping predator and capturing prey in an invisible-like Quiet way
    TaKinG A Lifelong Practice of Physical Agility of Moving
    through Lands and not making a Sound to do
    what was and still is required to Survive
    for when i say Grace i don’t mean
    just a Gift for what i mean
    is Work the Work
    of Human
    WHeRE the
    Center Point of
    our Flesh and Blood
    is as SmART in Physical
    and Emotional Intelligence
    as what Lives Between our
    Ears that Helps to Direct
    that Physical and
    Balance of Life..
    And Yes this takes Work
    And Actual Physical Activity
    that varies to attain the Agility
    For a Fearless Confidence of life that
    also Speaks Non-Verbal Like the Posture
    of those Military Women that you Picture here
    Sohair.. For a Secret to Life even if one never Joins
    A Military is to never leave Boot Camp from a Youngest Age
    STiLL of Rough and Tumble Play to at Least a Slow Tai-Chi-Like
    Movement of Agility in Latest Years of Life too.. for a Physically
    Confident Human Being is one who possesses Emotional Regulation
    and Sensory Integration from Head to Toe Confidence oF Fearless to
    this to
    as Predator
    no Matter Human
    Mammal or other Mammal
    innately instinctual and intuitively
    understands who is prey and not prey
    just by the way they move in Fearless or Weakness now…
    We are not machines we are flesh and blood and when we
    become the tools we use
    we become
    Science instead
    oF God’s Art in FLight of Being Human..
    And it’s True a Core of Much Human
    Disturbance now are those who
    that all that
    moves us as
    Emotions are
    Real feelings
    And sensations
    that come from Head to toe..
    Seeing A Whole Temple oF God NoW
    And not just an Organ of Words Between the Ears..
    And it’s True too.. A Free Dance with Kicks of Legs
    WiLL Accomplish all of this as a Practice of LiFE noW
    WitH a Song that Affirms a Fearless Loving Dance of Life
    GettinG iT aLL ToGeTHeR mY FriEnd aS God WiTHIN WiLL NaTuRALLy
    FReED AGaiN..
    And SMiLeS AGAiN
    for my Father Worked in
    Law Enforcement 46 Years
    With a Gun and never had to
    shoot someone even though
    he earned an expert
    skill in shooting
    that my
    Friend is a sign
    of Patience and a Patience
    that comes from Confidence and
    Fearless too.. and if somehow even though
    my Father was rarely around.. i iNherited AS
    GreaT A Potential of that from him when i finally
    Found a Practice of Life to make that Happen i surely
    have a lot to be thankful for Father’s Day Still NoW Who
    STiLL Lives within me too.. for it’s True even with an Unconditionally
    Loving Mother my Love Potential was still highly restricted by the Fears
    And Anxieties of Years before and Honestly the only way out of that
    for me was/is a Physical Dance oF LiFE thaT erased all the imbalance
    out of my Body First and them my Mind Second My Friend
    as too
    the Body as
    less than Holy
    And Sacred when it is
    A GreaTesT Gift And Path NoW
    Toward FearlesS UNconditional
    LoVE iN A Dance And Song of Life
    That Works for the Individual and
    the Group as Best as Best WiLL Be aLL Fearless Confident
    i am and ‘them’ i am too For all Human PoTEnTiaL NoWLoVE..
    We Stand taLL ToGeTHeR aGainsT aLL oF Life’S Adversities And Struggles now..:)

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  2. Well said Fred…
    Good morning my dearest one….How have you been and Katrina?
    When you talked about your father….that makes me think deeply about other things in life…the strong is always wise and away from agression…although they are well armed…but they rarely use their weapons to harm even their enemies…the strong is always forgiving easily…your father was really strong and you too Fred…
    Fred talk is always full of wisedom and knowledge…a non stop stream of powerful words …May God bless your steps my friend….and yes I believe that dancing is an outlet of many life pressures….
    Be happy always and keep smiling…life is great…


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  3. Oh my God…that is so beautiful….thank you so much my dear….you always make my day by such beauty….best wishes and best regards….:-)

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  4. Hi Sohair and Happy Friday
    Evening on Your Day off in Egypt
    as i hope you are enjoying a Happy
    Flowered Life there as Katrina is doing
    Much Better Still doing her Physical Therapy
    to regain usage of her Right Hand
    And as aLWays my FriEnd
    i am finding new
    of Life
    to both
    View and Appreciate
    more and true it is when
    Fear Leaves the Room Tree
    Of Life Spreads more than
    ever before within also
    Understood and Felt
    and Sensed as
    God all
    outside above connecting now
    so below and all around more..:)

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  5. Great news about Katrina and you my dearest friend….
    Thanks a lot for the nice comment…
    Have a wonderful Friday:-)♡

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  6. Hi Sohair.. Thanks so
    Much for the Kind Consideration
    for Katrina and always the encouragement
    you bring to me too.. i will be commenting soon
    on your Next two Blog Posts in the last one as
    i am not seeing the
    comment spots
    on the one
    with the
    Flowers or perhaps
    my Notebook is on the blink
    but we will be leaving in minutes
    from the Physical therapy place soon going home
    when i will get hooked back up with my Desktop..:)

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  7. So kind of you Fred my dearest friend….I hope that you will come back home safely my friend…
    The post (life is beautiful) has no comment box ….i did not intend to make it like that but I think it is a wordpress policy….the post contains images from another blog so that they prevented the comment box to appear….
    I am grateful for your support Fred….may happiness be always your companion like you always bring it to me…
    Smiles :-):-):-)

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