My birthday…

Today is my birthday

I don’t know what to say

Should I feel happy

Or should I be sorry

Time passed quickly

Days lie to me

Thank Allah for His gift

And hope better for the rest…

Today is my birthday..

Sad or happy is not important..

What I gave is the most opulent..

Forgive me if I did wrong..

I am a human and not strong…

Best regards..


77 thoughts on “My birthday…

  1. Hi.. Sohair.. Thanks for Letting us know
    that it is your Birthday on May 12th and
    Happy Birthday to you although you are
    arriving now in the Morning of the 13th
    in Egypt as today is the Celebration of Mother’s
    Day and Happy Belated that day to you too as i understand
    Mother’s Day is Celebrated on March 21st in Egypt but i’ll wish
    you another Happy Mother’s Day Just for the Joy of the Wish anyway
    hehe.. anyway.. again i hope you did have a Happy Birthday my Friend for
    i’m sure
    your Children
    appreciate the
    Gift of you as Mother
    and sure your Students too..
    if you gave them good grades for
    their end of the Semester Tests.. hehe.. so
    Off to the Next State over are we taking Katrina
    to some more Routine Treatment for her hand as we
    Celebrated Church a Day Early on Saturday for we will be
    on the Travel Road Early in the Morning to make it to Sunny
    Mobile Alabama as i am getting very used to traveling there now..:)

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      1. SMiLes.. mY FriEnd.. Sohair.. any comment by
        you any place is a Great Comment my FriEnd
        And regarding Mother’s Day.. last Sunday After
        Your Birthday and True you are Loved my friEnd
        by many Friends on Word Press Judging
        by the Kind responses
        here but yes
        on that Mother’s
        Day in the Hospital
        after Katrina already received
        One White Carnation on the Day
        Before on your Birthday on Saturday
        Church Services.. Sun Day arriving in Mobile there
        was An African American Woman Seated at the Security
        Desk at the Hospital.. so then i asked her.. you know i am
        From a Military Area and we always Celebrate the Veterans
        on Veteran’s Day who are living and those who gave their life
        on Memorial Day too.. but let me ask you FriEnd.. who do you think
        has the Bigger Job.. the Veteran for Wars of Blood or the Mother who
        Raises her Children
        And then as God’s
        Hand of Nature will
        Have it sure enough
        i asked the Correct person as
        this Woman was a Military Veteran
        of Active Wars and a Mother Too and she
        said the Mother Job as she related to me that
        yes not only is the Mother Job More important
        for Love and Freedom but A Most Difficult Job
        of all.. For True Every Woman is Sacred my friEnd for a
        Job is
        to Water and
        Garden Love in the
        World to Nurture from
        Birth but True not only is it
        the Job of a Father to Grow a Son
        who is Fearless and Lobster Claw Straight
        And Tall for any Potential Fight For Life iN Will
        And Strength but until that Lobster has a Foundation
        of Love and Grace the Lobster will Never be all that a Lobster will be..
        And the Lobster Meme is currently a popular one in the United States for
        what it means to be a Man per the Philosophy of a right leaning Philosopher
        And Psychologist and sort of a Theologian Dude named Jordan Peterson too..
        but sadly he
        believes that
        Humans are born
        ‘Chimpanzee Bad’ instead of innately
        ‘Bonobo Good’ but of course he is a Clinical
        Psychologist/Teacher who has seen more of the
        Darker Shades of what Humanity may struggle
        through as Life as People in Law Enforcement also
        WiLL Be colored by too.. Sacred Love is Fearless my friEnd
        Full of Grace as BaLanCinG WiLL iN Strength and True it does come
        Best With A Loving Will Full in Strength as Graceful Mother and Father too..
        but without
        A Mother
        And the
        Love and
        Grace that usually
        Comes with That.. Will
        And Strength is often lost…
        in Vague Abyss.. my FriEnd.. in Fear and Hate.. More… STiLL now
        Out of Ashes Love Rings ALWayS A MoTHeR’s Day SonG oF Peace..:)

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      2. Yes ..well said Fred dear friend…may love and peace spread everywhere…I enjoyed reading ur comment Fred…
        Thanks a lot for being you…keep giving and keep going my friend…life is good…smiles β™‘:-):-):-)

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    1. Hi Fred dear friend…thanks a lot…happy mother’s day for all women all over the world…even if they do not have children or lost their children…a woman is a mother by nature…
      Send my peace and love to Katrina dear…I hope she will be better soon and the pain will travel away and never come back again..
      Best regards Fred…have a wonderful day …keep smiling β™‘

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      1. Do not be sorry July…I am just kidding:-)
        I will not edit your comment…it is my pleasure indeed…
        Have a great day πŸ˜€


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