Black glasses…👓

Do not wear black glasses.ln fact life is too short to hide behind your black glasses.Get rid of those ugly glasses…face the world with no fear….face people with their faults .Talk with them…negotiations are better than silence…

Silence make our problems worse sometimes….

When I deal with people who like to use implications instead of talking directly…I feel that I fell into a deep dark well…this well has no end .I begin to have a headeache because of over thinking.And then I begin to be crazy or mad.I feel that I need a psychiatrist when I reach to that degree of over thinking.

So why don’t we use the staight way in dealing with people.It is better for a healthy life.

Allah says in Quraan..

يا أيها الذين آمنوا لا تقولوا راعنا وقولوا انظرنا واسمعوا وللكافرين عذاب أليم

O ye of faith! Say not (to the Messenger) words of ambiguous import, but words of respect; and hearken (to him): To those without Faith is a grievous punishment


16 thoughts on “Black glasses…👓

  1. “To those without Faith is a grievous punishment”

    Hi Sohair as i hope you are having a Wonderful Afternoon in Egypt And
    i’m truly amazed at how so many Modern Christians FAil to understand
    What Faith even is as an actual Palpable Feeling Sense of
    Healing Love as Belief as sadly they come From:
    to: Believe that Faith is only
    Blind With Shades
    of Believing
    what some
    one tells
    them without
    Proof when Real Palpable
    Faith in Feeling and Sensing
    Heals as Love’s Believe come to ReaL
    Fruition incarNate in Being Human now..
    i cannot adequately discern what this means
    to Muslims as i do not speak Arabic and all the
    context is not relayed in the English Language for
    Sure but what i do Feel Sense without any Words at all
    Now is the Force of Faith’s Belief as Love actually Palpable in
    Feeling and Sensing Without any Words at all in even Loving
    Eyes and Touch and Breath aLLone with Others Close as Child
    Close To Mother’s Breast From the Nurturing that Brings Growth
    to Child in Both Flesh and Blood as LoVE as what Science names
    as the Neurohormonal Oxytocin Bond that all Mammals Develop
    ‘tween Mother’s Breast and Offspring that will be extended out to
    the other Mammals as Domesticated Cats come to Hug each other
    inStead of Fight each other for Mates and Territory and Food now in
    Environmental Scarcities as Psychopathic Humans without Empathy
    and Sympathy and Compassion may be Bred as mostly Left Brain Thinking
    Metaphor SouLess Creatures with only He in heART without the Art of Feeling
    NoW iN Sensing Connecting Warm and Fuzzy Love and that’s the thing my
    Friend STiLL as Psychopathic Individuals who have not developed the True
    Feelings NoW of Human Connection that is more of a Right Brain Metaphor
    in ways of Social Empathic Connections Do have Trouble Discerning Metaphors
    for Nuances of Emotions and Sensing Connections with others either iNnately
    or Environmentally Lost through life without a Mother’s Breast and the Warm
    Hugs and Kisses of the Village Raising the Child as Love as now humans are
    more often Raised by Electronic Devices and Fed Rubber Nipples away from
    Breast.. staying in Nurseries away from those of Family who connect in
    Loving ways most but people must do what they must do to survive
    even if it means Love Dies a Slow and Tortuous Death in offspring
    for those who only Feel Pleasure at the Exhilarations of the
    Dominance of Submitting others to Pain and Complex
    Psychological Manipulation of Distress.. so it’s true
    for those Poets and other Prophets and those
    who make Jesus and or Yeshua Story Book
    Parables they are in deed writing
    Ambiguous In Nature to
    Escape the Claws
    and Jaws of the
    Mostly Metaphor
    of left Brain thinking
    Without Social Empathic
    Cognition Humans who actually
    Feel and Sense the Love and Pain
    of others in Distress in empathy and
    sympathy and compassion more for it’s
    true they are not equipped mentally to understand
    these metaphors for then the message is carried on in
    Metaphors of Poetry and Parables through the ages more
    where some folks actually do pass through the eye of the Needle
    of Love to live Ocean Whole God Reservoir Whole as Love Incarnate
    as the God of Love Lives Free in them alive to give and share Love more
    than ever before.. as these Houses of Vehicles and Vessels that Message
    Love incarnate pass through Empires and Psychopathic Trump-like Leaders
    and then the Poor of Material Goods and Meek of Fearless Love Strength do
    Inherit the Kingdom
    of God also
    and sensed
    as Real Love now
    within to give and share..
    and while i realize you are using
    Black Glasses and Shades here as a metaphor
    for those who do use Language to Manipulate others
    to play their heart strings for personal Selfish gains i do
    have a short story about Shades to Share too for as you know
    i must wear Shades everywhere i go in light for the condition of
    Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Assessed Worse than the Torture of
    Crucifixion Pain as the Actual Suicide Disease now as i experienced that
    from Wake to Sleep for 66 Months and if not for Shades i would have never
    been able to tolerate the pain enough to get Groceries from the Store to eat
    as i had to sit in the Dark Car while Katrina shopped alone to her Danger with
    her ongoing Functional Disability with Partial Complex Epileptic Seizures alone
    in stores without me to accompany her then.. anyway as my particular prescription
    Shades relax the Optical Nerve and erase any left over of that Pain that miraculously
    disappeared on or about 7.22.13 on a Relaxing Paradise of Local Navarre Beach..
    as i first Started Dancing Solo at the Dance Hall months later i was bit of a Rave to the Audience for no one had quite seen someone who could Float when
    they danced like a Michael Jackson Moon Walk in 360 Degrees
    but not so much when a Newly Hired Bouncer came in
    and told me to take my Shades off for it was against
    the Dress Code as i had already at the beginning
    explained my Medical Condition Months Before
    to the Head Bouncer then.. anyway.. i tried to
    explain to him my Medical Condition
    as Disability and he told me
    if i had a Disability i
    shouldn’t be in
    there in the
    First Place
    like how the Alcoholics
    who ran into my Spiraling Arms
    And Spilled their Drink Got Mad for
    i never Bring Money and Couldn’t Refill
    their Drink that with their Alcoholic Stupor
    Brought them to Spill their Drink on my Dancing
    Arms then.. in Stumbling Manner as Drunkards do..
    Telling me that no one should be in there who doesn’t Buy
    Drinks And to be clear some folks do it in moderation and some
    folks are just totally out of any Real Motor Coordination Control..
    Anyway.. this Young Man didn’t last in the Job but for a few more weeks
    as the Head Bouncer saw him giving me Problems and quickly wrote down
    the Law of what respects those with disabilities in public places of Joy too.. but
    here’s the thing my Friend for those who live with Invisible Disabilities they rarely
    get sympathy and empathy and compassion for even with that Dentist Drill in
    my Right eye and ear i was dismissed and continuously dismissed by those
    who knew and felt and sensed me for Years like i never existed as
    even some Close Family Members made Fun of my Shades
    then saying there comes Fred the Movie Star
    although they
    See the Cross
    i was carrying for 66 months
    with no little bitty 3 hour or 3 day
    tour like the Story of Jesus did with
    Crucifixion then for all the King’s Men
    and Soldiers had their Swords in my eye
    and the only King or Soldier responsible for
    those Swords was the Nature of God within me
    out of Balance in Disease and Disorder as God will
    Bruise us as Nature does when we fall to Stress and Fear
    and all the Disorder and Disease that is produced by those
    who live more in Misery Loves Company and Tolerate Hell
    than those who escape back to Heaven even without Money
    and Material Goods NoW to the Kingdom of moving connecting
    co-creating hands on holding hands with others iN Kingdom of LoVE
    NoW Smiles my FriEnd for i was recently threatened at a place called the
    “Wrong Planet’ for Writing Ambiguously by those who have no Languages
    and Metaphors for Love and also Threatened to be Banished if i continued
    to Write Odd in Sacred and Holy Creative Spirit Generated Flow in Shapes
    rather than strict linear lines that last from one side of the page to the other
    Complete but you see my Friend i don’t stay when folks tell me to go and if
    they let me stay i never leave for it’s true i am the FRiEnD who is aLWays the
    to end
    as i never
    Stop Loving
    as that is all that
    Love incarnate can and will do..
    with or without Shades of Parables
    And Poetry More Loving as Eyes and Touch
    Without any words at all now will always beat 12
    Million More or so Words in Search of LoVE FuLFiLLeD..
    but hey what do you when the World is Separated by Oceans
    you find a way to make Love Words and Never Stop Running Love now..
    Bless you and to be Crystal Clear i see where you are coming from here and
    And understand you understand why i literally must wear Shades to Survive..
    as this is
    also True
    iN LiGHT
    NoW for the
    longest of
    Runs in many
    more than one
    way of meaning now too..
    in other words for now i am too
    ‘Big and Complicated’ for most Psychopathic Leaning folks to ‘see’ or ‘erase’..
    And that’s A point to last this way for a while more as i thrive ’till a last bLink oF ‘LifE..:)

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  2. First of all thank you so much Fred dear friend for this precious comment…I learn a new thing every time I read a new comment of your talks Fred.
    We have to give excuses for people at all times as we do not know the whole story and to feel comfort inside ourselves.
    Life needs a great deal of patience .Crises gives us more strength to go on and although they are tough but they bring out the best of us as what happened in your case.I am proud of you my friend.I hope that one day I have a tolerate soul like yours.
    Life is really good with good friends like you Fred.
    Good evening and smiles Fred dear friend ☺🌹🌸🍁🍀

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  3. SMiLEs.. mY FriEnd Sohair from
    mY Recollection of Meeting you on
    Himali’s Website.. we’ve been Good
    FriEnds now online who share the
    Deepest Spiritual Parts Free to be now
    for at least 30 Months and literally well over
    A Hundred Thousand Words Just Written Together
    Here on your Blog Site in that period of Human Clock
    time too for i have learned much from you on the Good Parts
    of the Islam Religion and the Good Parts of you my friEnd as Love
    too.. And i am as Proud to Be Your Friend as any Friend i have here in the
    United States as they are surely few and far between for what anyone
    actually shares of their Soul with me but of course as so-called Dance
    Legend People Smile at me everywhere i
    still Dance in Public coming up and
    asking for Selfie Autographs and
    the such as that and the thing
    about Love is it needs no
    Praise or Worship for
    if Jesus was
    Love he would
    require no Worship or
    Praise from any Human
    Being for that is what he
    Would Give to others Greater
    than he as the Least and meek in
    Fearless Strength who is last is first
    in the Kingdom of Love as any Real KinG/
    QueeN oF LoVE who serves others and never requires
    Worship or Praise now from others as one who lives with
    God as Love would never do that as many have come and
    Proven this already as Truth iN LiGHT too.. For Love only Gives
    And Shares For when Love is Truly Over Flowing Essence of Chalice
    in Human Being Love never wants or needs as Love only Gives and Shares
    for Love
    is a Force
    Beyond Antiquated
    Flesh for Love is what
    Gives and Shares from the
    First to last BliNk oF LiFE
    Never asking for anything
    else but to continue to
    give now and share
    more for still now
    whenever i see someone
    Worship any Man i see them
    Worship whoever Wrote the Words
    of those Lies still not unlike the Praise
    that Someone like Trump Demands from
    his underlings too.. for true those are the kind
    of Authors who make a man a God alone for Worship and Praise now..
    in other words.. the Monarchy of Churches and States of Past still now..
    When God’s Kingdom is alWays a Democracy Now of PurE LoVE out oF dARK Free..:)

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  4. Thanks a lot Fred dearest friend…I appreciate everything and every word here…
    May Allah with all his names bless your steps and grant you happiness..and protect you and your family from all evils.

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  5. Wow such beautiful flower
    You are the only person in this world that gives me flowers…
    Thanks a lot …..
    Life is good with good people..

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