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  1. Hi.. Soheir.. Good to see your Blog Public
    Again for it seemed to be showing private
    earlier in the week.. but hehe.. i didn’t give
    up.. so i checked back and here you are again..
    with Wonderful Quotes ranging
    from keep up the
    and don’t
    die a copy
    in making life original
    through cognitive empathy
    of listening and understanding
    the differences of others through
    a non-judgmental attitude in interacting
    with people as well as life is fully holy and
    sacred full of meaning and purpose and nothing
    is really random in life for the Entire Play of God
    is like a Grand Story and Master Peace Painting harder
    to see for full tapestry Beauty of DARk and liGhter Brush
    Strokes but Mona
    Lisa Beauty is
    easy to miss
    if one only
    looks at
    Art like that
    through a Science
    Microscope with no SpiRiT
    of HeART that spells SoUL iN
    Much Bigger Painting View and
    Being the Brush and Paint and Master
    Peace Painting too.. hehe.. yes.. i improvised
    a bit but as ‘they’ and you say too with these
    Quotes too.. be an original and not just a copy
    Cat that and who refuses to do something new
    in life as moving connecting co-creating more
    of Beauty
    and Wisdom
    for the Master
    Peace Painting
    Ocean Whole Waves
    as us spreading Shores
    endlessly with no start
    or end just beginning now
    As Art Will Grow More as SoUL…
    Anyway.. Happy Saint Paintrick’s Day
    From the State of Florida Panhandle
    Meadows of Green and of Course.. FLoWeRS too..
    As that is just about over as Midnight Approaches
    here where morning is rising soon in Egypt now for you..:)

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  2. Hi Fred dear friend..yes happy Saint Paintrick’s Day to you all..I think I have to search on the internet about this celebration..they do not celebrate it in my country…
    I agree with u . There is nothing random in life…everything is planned by God…so true my friend..
    I felt happy when u told me about my blog being personal..then public….yes Fred…I made my blog personal just for a few hours..I told myself…will anyone notice that …will anyone in that great space ask about me…and i did not expect anyone to notice that really….but when you told me that you noticed it…i felt happy…I have got a true friend here. …so honest he is…a gift of God…thank you so much Fred. I appreciate that a lot…
    May all your days be happy…
    God bless you dear…
    Now I will search for some pretty flowers to give you in another comment…see you:-)

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  3. SMiLes.. Sohair.. Saint Patrick’ Day originated in Ireland.. the Land
    my Grandfather was born in that makes me only second Generation
    Born away from that European Country as i may have told you before
    he was a noted Catholic Priest and Ex-Catholic Priest..
    of course.. getting excommunicated for getting
    married making a way for my life to
    eventually come too.. also.. a noted
    Author he was where his most popular
    book he wrote was “Behind the Dictator’s”.. where
    he showed.. Historically.. how the Church was associated
    with Dictators of the 30’s and 40’s of Last Century.. He was Made
    the Black Sheep of the Family too.. no longer welcome to the Point
    where we didn’t really know for sure that he was actually even Born
    in Ireland until those Relatives in Ireland contacted us in 2016.. True..
    though.. there is also German.. French.. Spanish.. And Sioux and Cherokee
    Native American Indian in my full Ancestral Heritage that makes me rather
    Hard to pin down as many folks are in all the different Connections of Heritage
    they Bring to an Ancestral Table of Life.. anyway.. it’s a day attributed to a Saint
    Patrick.. who supposedly converted Pagan Ireland to Christianity where a
    Shamrock was a Three petaled Plant that was used as a symbol
    for the ‘Trinity’ as that was established as a doctrine by the
    Roman Empire in 325 AD.. lots of folks were slaughtered
    over that doctrine.. including folks from Ireland too.. yes.
    so.. sure.. i dressed as a Leprechaun of Mischief today
    as it’s also true when it comes to the Nicene
    Creed at Church with my rather Poetic
    Voice.. i skip over those parts
    for realize that Jesus
    was just a man
    Promoted to a King
    of A Universe from a rather small
    patch of Land in one area of our Earth
    where there are about a Quadrillion or so other
    Stars and so many more Planets where God exists
    in all that is too.. it wasn’t really fair to give what Paleontology
    indicates is about a 5 Foot 1 Man somewhere around 106 LBS
    or so who was just a Humble Messenger of God to help folks find
    the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth now.. where God is Love and we
    JoiN Hands with God as Love when we become Incarnate as Love
    through a life Long Practice of that from first blink to last blink of
    life where we learn to love all fearlessly and unconditionally now
    always now.. interestingly it seems the Catholic Church is coming around
    slowly to see who Jesus actually was as a Teacher and Humble Man as already
    indicated in the New Testament away from the Myths established in addition
    by the Roman Empire and Constantine in 325 AD.. for today at Church the Priest
    told a story where an Angel came with a Torch in one Hand and a Bucket of
    Water in the other Hand to Burn Down All the Golden Mansions in Heaven
    And.. Put out the Fires of Hell so folks would finally Love God
    Presently now as Gift as all that is an no longer
    be separate from God as all that is not Love
    moves Farther From God is Love
    resulting misery Loves
    Company and Gnashing
    of Teeth and Wailing and all that
    stuff that is not Love and God is LoVE NoW..
    It’s as simple as Love and as Complex as Love in that
    for some reasons.. Folks say God is Love and only Rarely
    Follow Through as God iS LoVE iN Action too.. Love is the
    Force that can and will Heal All and Love is always reborn
    when Loving Additional Connections ‘tween Human Friend
    Ships continue to Sail the Ocean Whole were no longer is God a
    Father that is a Ship of Love as the Ocean that folks pass by never
    becoming LoVE NoW aS iNCaRNaTE as full Child of Love comes to
    be Kingdom
    as isREaL NoW..
    SMiLES mY FriEND
    while this might seem
    straight forward as a practice
    of Life of an actual Verb of Fearless
    Unconditional Love as a Being Way of Life
    Hand in Hand with God.. this is no God oF FeaR
    oF Hell Fire now or Golden Mansions somewhere else
    that is a Material Mansion of ‘Bliss’ Versus A REal Nirvana
    And Heaven as Kingdom Come LoVE WiTHIN to Give and Share
    Forevermorenow.. Heaven is unmistakable when one Becomes Love
    for When Heaven comes.. all folks are viewed as Loving Friends whether
    or not they Fearlessly
    LoVE aLL NoW..
    It’s true my FriEnd for all
    practical intents and purposes i
    am even more of a Black Sheep as
    my Grandfather refused to refute the
    Trinity as it’s as plain as day that any man
    who would suggest that God Forsakes him
    is not God alone.. just another man like us looking
    for Pure Love with Forgiveness for all those who trespass
    against him.. the most outrageous heresy oF aLL was worshipping
    Jesus over Love is God as just a Form and Idol on a Cross often Leaving
    the Essence
    oF LoVE
    in an attic
    of forgotten in
    Human Being now..
    Not all have Forgotten Love
    mY Friend for those who are really
    Christians as followers of a Man of Love
    that becomes us.. will be known and felt and
    sensed as Real Christians by their Love and nothing
    or less than LoVE now as A GreaTesT FoRCE oF GoD now
    that and who exists as us too.. If only people would not just
    talk about God is Love but actually act upon that Essence now as Love
    as a Force oF LiGHT within in Feelings and Senses that is thE LiGHt
    THaT and wHo Refuses
    to Give thE LiGHT oF LoVE
    up in all the Forms LoVE CoMeS AGAiN..:)

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  4. Thank You Love
    For the Bouquet
    oF Roses wHeRE
    Love Lives NoWaS
    BoTH THornS anD
    FLoWeRS HuMaN
    iNCaRNaTE aS LoVinG
    aLL THaT iS God NoW iN
    As All thaT iS Real aS Rose
    oF God NoW
    iN uS
    aS iS ReaL
    Tree oF LiFENoW

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  5. Wow…thank you so much Fred for the knowledge you put here….it is so generous of ….i think Mr.Google could not give me more than that great information.
    You are the second person I know here that has origins in Ireland …it seems that Irish people are all nice ones…aren’t they?;-)
    Thanks a lot Fred dear friend…be happy always and keep smiling 🙂

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  6. sMiLeS AGAiN Sohair For aLL oF Freedom
    of Expression allows us to better understand
    Global Differences and Similarities
    too.. for True it’s a Wonderful
    Day now To Feel Like a Global
    Citizen wHeRE aT LeasT
    Online is a Place
    With fewer
    gates and
    oF Fear and Hate..:)

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