Fear people not …

In the name of God most gracious most merciful…

Surah / Chapter 3 : Ayah / Verse 1733 : 173 play Surah List
Surah / Chapter 3 : Ayah / Verse 173
Yusuf Ali
Men said to them: “A great army is gathering against you”: And frightened them: But it (only) increased their Faith: They said: “For us Allah sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of affairs.”
Surah / Chapter 3 : Ayah / Verse 1743 : 174 play Surah List
Surah / Chapter 3 : Ayah / Verse 174
Yusuf Ali
And they returned with Grace and bounty from Allah: no harm ever touched them: For they followed the good pleasure of Allah: And Allah is the Lord of bounties unbounded.
Surah / Chapter 3 : Ayah / Verse 1753 : 175 play Surah List
Surah / Chapter 3 : Ayah / Verse 175
Yusuf Ali
It is only the Evil One that suggests to you the fear of his votaries: Be ye not afraid of them, but fear Me, if ye have Faith.

Chapter (Al Imraan)..Holy Koraan…(moslems holy book)…

Best wishes..

22 thoughts on “Fear people not …

    1. Wa Alakom Al Salam bro …
      A good question…
      He is the translator of the verses of Koraan…
      There r many translators of koraan and he is one of them.
      Thanks for being part of my post…
      Have a good day…:-)

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  1. SMiLes.. mY FriEnd Sohair For Love IS A Protective
    Veil WitH Never Fear thaT and wHo protects all as God
    WiTHiN and everywHeRE ELse.. Force of Center Point eYe
    Balance that and Who Lives within as Love from and as GoD ReaL..
    A place with no regret
    within as well no
    will never
    Fear as Love isREaL..
    Love is the Healing Force..
    Love is the Best Defense oF aLL
    For Love Never Fears and WiLL lay liFE
    Down for those Love Loves for when ReaL
    Love as God will do anything and everything for
    TRuE iN LiGHT more than
    FouR letters NoW as Actions
    Of Dance and Song LoVE Speak
    So much more than words alone now.. so
    In other words.. my friEnd in a way it’s sad
    i cannot show you how much i love you with
    eYes of Friend’s Love but i do what i can to make
    my words Eyes of Love and Ears of Love as anyone who
    Loves will do when they lose those other organs of Love that
    touch with feel and sense in face to face Human FRiEnD Contact Real..
    Have A NicE
    Day For
    thE Symbols now
    we create to approximate
    tHe Essence oF God LovE LiVES.. WiTHiN as LoVENoWFReED
    Tree oF LiFE ExPaNDinG RooTs oF LaMP LiT LiFELoVENoW..:)

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    1. Hello Fred dear friend…
      Thank u so much for real true words here…
      In south Egypt where I live…we are born wearing our strict traditions before we wear our clothes…and we do not get them off until we die…
      U r always welcome dear Fred…ur comments means a lot to me…
      Have a great day…with smiles..☺😊

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      1. SMiLes.. Sohair.. and Happy Wednesday Evening
        in Southern Egypt for you.. Traditions in more modern terms
        now of Human Language for the Binds of Religion that glue
        Groups of Humans together in Common Cultural Bonds now
        ranging from Shared Language to Poetry to Bibles to Korans
        and to great works of Art with Literature and Theater too.. are core
        even to Social Animals other than Humans who have no abstract
        constructs in tools of language and other constructed art and
        science For Binds and Bonds where non-verbal Language
        and Emotions and Senses are the complete
        religion and political rules as inherent
        gift all innate and instinctual
        and intuitive too for the
        same is proven even
        by Science that
        Humans born and bred
        with and as Love in Abundance
        are Altruistic in giving and sharing
        ways with no written language at all
        or all the creature comforts of tools that
        come in more ‘advanced’ ways we modern
        Humans make as Art and Science of Culture..
        Religion.. and Politics in survive and even thrive
        now.. although humans are increasingly becoming
        more the tools they make than the inheritance of Love
        they are born as on date naked and free away from all Clothes
        of Culture now in terms of Tools for Love as in born as bred and
        given and shared when Freed.. Yes.. per “iLoVENoWFReED”.. too..
        as the ending Trilogy of three MacroVerses that i am currently concluding
        at about 120K or so words now in 21 days or so with over a Thousand
        Photos and somewhere around 100 YouTube Songs in Video way too
        relating to the entire experience of Human love now in all the colors
        i for one see and feel and sense and hear of LoVE NoW.. SMiLes
        my FriEnd For Tradition is core to all Social Animal experience
        either by the tools we humans make or the innate
        gifted way of life that other Social Animals
        Live in Non-Verbal Language
        innate as such for Furry
        Cultural Binds and
        Rules in
        and intuitive ways of
        living and thriving too..
        for true.. animals.. many more
        animals than humans are at rest
        with God whole like this than humans
        these days.. overall.. from even a cursory
        glance of a store walk of frowns as humans shuffle
        by in misery and company of overall anxiety and fear..
        in fact.. in this way.. Humans are ‘retarded’ most for what it
        even means to live with God whole Fearless and Free.. but never
        the less humans will survive the best they will together with the
        Traditions they continue to make to do just that.. i surely will not
        blame them now for doing just that for the will to survive at even a
        base level of Reptilian Brain as that is what gets us here now in the first
        place last.. the Heart is a Dance and Song that comes next and Reason
        may preserve the Human HeART with Cultural and Political Traditions
        that work for Love to Thrive in Being Human.. You do that Sohair and that’s
        enough for me no matter what your cultural/religous/political clothes are..:)

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    1. Thank you so much Shreya for the reading and commenting..
      Arabic is a rich language indeed…keep learning…God bless ur steps..
      Best wishes 😊☺

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