Valentine versus the spider :-)

Well …before i say Happy Valentine for all my followers..i just want to share something with u..

Valentine was a priest as u know…I see him as a great person although as a moslem I do not agree with him in one point…he sees Jesus as a God…but I see Jesus as a prophet and a messanger from God…

Why I respect Valentine the priest?

This man knew the importance of the healthy family in building a healthy society…he secretly helped loving couples to get marry…he was killed at the end.

A family built on love is a healthy family indeed.

Healthy society consists of healthy families…a society of good people terrorism…we miss such a society these days..

But what is the story of the spider?????

God says in Al Ankaboot Surah in the koraan(moslem holy book)…

The example of those who take allies other than Allah is like that of the spider who takes a home. And indeed, the weakest of homes is the home of the spider, if they only knew.

So as u see God describes the home of the spider as the weakest of all homes…

Why it is weak?

After marriage..and after she gave birth of her little new born spider a female spider killes her husband and throw him out of the house..then after the children grow up they kill their mother and throw her body out of the house..oh my God…such a bad family…they do not love each other…their family is the worst and their home is the weakeast.

At last…i wish u all a happy Valantine..happy life..

If u do not have a family…do not be sad…ur kind heart is ur is the home of God…it is full of endless giving …

If u do not have a person that loves u a romantic love or any type of not be sad.. cause u have a heart created by God the merciful …A heart that can love even people who do not care or who hurt..

Be happy cause u are still alive…u can love and Give..

Do not stop giving whatever happened and be happy always !!

Happy valentine and may all ur days be happy 🙂


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    The example of those who take allies other than Allah is like that of the spider who takes a home. And indeed, the weakest of homes is the home of the spider, if they only knew.


    14 thoughts on “Valentine versus the spider :-)

    1. I think many American don’t realize that Valentine’s Day is named after a saint. I’ve not heard that aspect of it discussed in many years. Now it is all about flowers and chocolate and dinner out. There is nothing wrong with any of that but I like your thoughts on St. Valentine better, Sohair. Cheers

      P.S. And I don’t want a spider home….no way!

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      1. Ha ha
        Welcome Chris dear friend..i always enjoy ur comments…
        Of course u have a strong home cause u r a nice character…u love ur family and care about them….
        May all ur days be happy and wish u a happy Valentine…
        Cheers and thanks for reading ♧

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    2. SMiLes.. Sohair.. thanks for coming online
      And wishing Friends Happy Saint
      Valentine’s Day away from
      for your Vacation
      from the
      And for me Saint Valentine’s
      Day is a particularly Loaded Day
      of Holy and Sacred Meaning and
      Purpose unique to me for this day
      My Mother Fell to Her Death Bed
      in the Hospital last year with
      news she would not
      be leaving
      for this Day this
      year is Also Ash Wednesday
      as ritual that Catholics Do similar
      to what Muslim’s Do in the month
      of Ramadan as this is more than a month for sacrificing
      some kind of instant Gratification for those namely celebrating
      Jesus’ Sacrifice in their Book until what they name as a Resurrection
      from a Tomb on Easter Sunday that ironically this year also
      falls on April Fool’s Day too for true according to the story in
      the Christian Bible Jesus was presented as a Fool as the
      King of Jews for all he was is a Messenger
      And Servant of Love for the Good
      Cop Message of that
      story that
      is still
      told.. where
      the original Greek Writings
      of the message were changed from
      ‘A’ son of God to ‘the’ son of God for an amazing
      ‘typo’ that surely benefited the imperialistic expansion
      of the Roman Empire by Forcing folks to Worship a God Man
      instead of learning
      from a
      of Love in
      Giving and Sharing
      Loving one’s Neighbor
      as God and self consuming
      no others with Harm Loving one’s
      enemy and even now turning the other
      Cheek as Meek with enough self esteem
      as Woman and or Man Gentile Jew Servant
      Free no more as all are part and parcel of God
      to all that
      is God now as
      we are no greater
      than a grain of sand
      that holds up Mountains
      of Love that come to be Human Love..
      Smiles my FriEnd for i am not afraid of the Truths
      that be for all the struggles it took for all the Messengers
      of Love to Bring a Golden Rule like this alive for true too.. for
      anyone who actually lives as Love they are a fountain overflowing
      never needing affirmation or worship from others for when one lives
      here in this place of Love one understands who and what is as Love and
      God as
      Well beyond
      all human flesh
      and blood living
      within now too.. for true
      10 Years ago i also experienced
      A Spring of 40 days of Lent with 19 Medical
      Disorders including the ones i have related to you
      before.. including Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia as
      a pain actually assessed as worse than crucifixion pain
      for a total of 66 months along with Dysautonomia as other
      Major Health Challenge out of a synergy of life threatening
      disorders where my Blood Pressure no longer synched with
      my Heart rate and the Blood would find it hard to reach my
      brain and every time i attempted to sleep my heart
      would race to take the blood to my head
      and wake me up with a pain so
      horrifying that it is
      literally described
      as the
      disease too….
      1 hour of shallow card
      board sleep through the aid
      of a powerful alpha blocker drug
      to slow my heart while my brain still
      starved for Blood.. for the first 35 of 40
      days and the last 5 where that drug no longer
      would work with no sleep at all.. every day another
      ring deeper as what some might describe as Dante’s
      Hell.. for true this was beyond any word’s imaginable
      beyond pain as eventually all feelings and senses
      went away to a place where A Second was is a
      Thousand years of separation from
      feel and sense from yes what
      one comes to understand
      is God for one
      who and
      God is
      when one is
      separated from God’s
      Nature within Human like this..
      And then Hell fire is a dream instead
      of punishment for to be doused with gasoline
      and lit up is a preferable place than to be separated
      from God as Nature dead as alive for Death is the Greatest
      Pleasure of
      all in
      of Living Hell..
      thing is my friend it was the fear the stress
      the worry the chronic and acute fight or flight stress
      from Work from a Chronic 11 years of stress to an acute
      2 year period of fight or flight constant stress that took me on
      a path to hell truly mostly for i came to believe that what Culture
      decided for me to survive was more important than a Nature of Love
      within in Peace and Harmony for it was me who did not have the courage
      to say
      move on
      to Greener
      Pastures of Love then..
      trapped in iLLuSoRY Fears
      was i and also trapped in the
      Material things i came to believe
      as in Homes and Cars and Stuff
      more important than retaining
      Loving eyes and a Loving
      Touch of Life to give
      it away for a dollar
      bill and some
      to lose my spirit
      heart and soul as servant
      to job instead of Love.. smiles my Friend..
      some lesSons come easier than others.. School
      didn’t teach about this nor were there any warnings
      at work other than physical signs of disorder to come..
      that i refused to listen to and suffered the consequences thereof..
      there is no Life without Love lesson lEarned the Hard way as a consequence
      of the actions of Negativity’s Fear then.. as fruition of hell on Earth for me..
      And true there is no escaping God once one Truly Sees God Face to Face
      by Facing Separation From God in a place for A thousand years in one
      second.. alive as dead.. We all come into this world and go out
      of this world as equals of Born and Dying.. all that matters
      here is
      the love
      we are and
      the love we bring
      for true if that is what
      we do we will take solace
      in that last blink of life that Breathes
      Love into the Peace of Night.. all i care to know
      is Love my Friend and every now is Valentine’s to me..
      in A place with no space no time no distance opposite to
      that other place
      God as Love
      ALL A Highest
      Force Alive..NoW
      no one in this place
      would ever lower themselves
      to be worshipped my friend NoW
      for Love is A Worshipping Force NoW
      of Life to Give and Share to OTHeRS..
      NoW mY FriEnd Sohair..:)

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        1. SMiLES AGAiN Sohair
          And thankS agAin For
          A HeART Shaped Box
          oF Red Roses as A
          Dozen you
          Bring to me
          And Katrina for
          Valentine’s Day
          two days early
          For too.. it’s
          TruE iN LiGHT
          we may now not
          receive any FLoWeRS
          like this from anywhere else
          in our World for it is true to: you
          mY friEnd
          Are From:
          Enough For Love….
          A World We aLL BeLong..
          iN God’s Play thaT iS ReaL anD
          ALiVinGNoW Tree oF LiFE Shedding
          ‘Leaves’ as LoVE LiVES FReEDNoW..:)

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        2. Yes Fred..
          It is matter the distances..time…places..
          No way
          Our dear ones r in their safe home..the heart of course…the house of God..
          Thanks a lot…
          By the way…i tried many times to read ur posts..the three days before…but the download of ur blog is so heavy…do not know why..
          He gives me the message (fetching posts)and takes a long time…then gives me a message (something wrong has happened to wordpress)
          But honestly i will not give up …i will try again and again…i like to visit ur gorgeous theatre to enjoy everything…maybe my mobile phone …or maybe the internet…i will try to fix it inshallah..
          Your words r touching Fred…
          Be happy always ♡

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        3. Hehe.. wiNkS agAin too my FriEnd
          Sohair.. as technology continues
          to do its best to catch up on all
          i bring to the table in
          terms of Mega
          of photos
          and such as that..
          the door is always
          open to you as i’m sure
          you know feel and sense..
          And it’s true in this play for
          God that i am curRently involved
          in it has/is been necessary that i remain
          invisible to most to get the job as is done..
          NoW at least in
          words as
          i am only
          one person
          as we all
          are and too
          allone with God too..
          And for every friend that comes
          my way they will always get the most
          of my attention first.. it’s true my friend
          most folks can’t handle fully unconditional
          love and for that reason and feeling and sense
          the Land we live in is a small eye of a Needle still
          for the
          rest to come in
          for true no one is
          Excluded from: Love
          when Fully to: isReaLNoW..:)

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