20 thoughts on “Black and White !!

  1. Hello and Happy Friday Evening to you Sohair and i do
    like this Philosophy of the Koran and Muhammad
    that suggests that by birth and child of God
    and Nature too that no being
    no matter melanin of
    skin or other
    is more superior
    to the other as far as
    the integrity of God who
    lives within all that is.. true
    though we see differences.. some of
    us fear differences and change more than
    others and still others come to hate differences
    and change even more.. And this is where the Laws
    of Cultures and Religions come to hand.. a hand up to
    those who would otherwise lose a way to living life in
    both survive and thrive.. true too there is no superior way
    more than Love
    for Love
    lend a hand
    up together instead
    of separate my friEnd but
    true too while there is positive
    empathy there is also negative empathy
    when folks bond together against the different
    along with change.. and that too is part of Nature
    that can and will be accommodated through the power
    of Unconditional and Fearless love.. sadly though of course
    not everyone comes to this truly God-like way of Being so what
    that means is those who love will be patient with those who have
    not climbed
    the top of the
    Pyramid of Existence
    yet in this kind of bliss for
    all that is truly the courage of kind..
    to hold the Hand of Love is no color alone
    For Love is all colors who join hands toGeTHeR.. mY friEnd..
    As ‘they’ say there is no greater material gain than holding hands..
    For True too
    We are aLL
    People’s of God
    that who in War
    and Peace do Bleed
    the same Color of Red with heART..:)

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    1. Well said Fed dear friend.
      And yes I liked the phrase ( people’s of God who in war and peace do bleed the same color of red with heart…)
      Your thoughts r always creative and logical.
      May Allah bless ur steps dear.
      Be happy.

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      1. Very Kind of you to say in both
        Blessings of Steps as Dance
        And SonG of Creation Activity
        WitH Logic
        too.. yes.. mY
        FriEnd Sohair
        A BaLanCinG ForCE
        oF LiGHT is what i do
        Attempt to Create as Art as me too..
        Sure.. WitH
        a little
        Mixed in
        FoR ‘MeASuRE’ as
        ‘they’ do say to do too…:)

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  2. You pose an interesting question Sohair within such a simple but misunderstood by many statement …. Those and l am one never see racism as existing … But know it does …. So to my answer I never judge or condemn any man or woman, as God by any name is a belief of the free will and anything that comes from the free will should not be argued as right or wrong but that persons version of their truth and in so doing by acceptance God will show us the real truth of people’s โค๏ธ’s Amen ๐Ÿ™

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